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Changes for Season 52 and Some Important News

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Changes for Season 52 and Some Important News

English 08.06.2023 20:00:04
As some of you requested, before they are already implemented, here are all the changes and news we can share with you for season 52 and for the future as well! ;)
Hey everyone!

As we've been doing lately, here's your seasonal My Racing Career article with all that is coming in the near (and immediate) future. We have been working very hard in the first semester of this year, which means we have a lot of things to tell you. Let's start!

As you might know from the season 51 news article, we have been working for the last 6 months on a new design for the user interface of the game. We can tell you that around 60% of the job is already done, which is basically the most important screens and our newest addition, an interesting update to the broadcast pages. We've begun with the qualification screen, which I can briefly show you with a screenshot.

As you can see, this one feels much more modern, with HD graphics and, if you take a look at the bottom, three buttons to adjust the speed at which you want to watch the session, which was a very requested feature for a lot of time. Apart from this, you can now see the intervals from each sector in the top right corner. The basic version will have the F1 graphics or similar, although as time goes by, the idea is to have similar graphics to the real ones for each Season Series. But these are obviously very specific and small details, so they will be polished in the future. This new broadcast system is already a significant step since it will allow us to make changes more often than with the current one.

In any case, having this doesn't mean everything is ready. Before the start of the beta testing phase, the next things need to be developed, in order of complexity (and priority):
- Races broadcast
- Rally broadcast
- 'Series' screens
- 'Racing clubs' pages
- 'Formula 1' public page (F1 team management will be available from the old game version in the beginning)
- Livery shop
- Super license info + payments

Apart from this, some features are not that important, so they will be only available in the old game version at the beginning and will be added to the new GUI later.

In the last article, we told you that the beta testing program would probably begin between seasons 51 and 52. You can tell that it hasn't started yet :) but the idea is to start it at some point in Q3 2023, while the full release of the new version of the game would happen in Q4 2023. It's just a matter of the MRC Team making their final efforts and a matter of you users waiting a little bit more!

There has been a lot of discussion going on about career paths, some of it defending that they should be respected as they were designed, while others prefer to let them exist but not 'obey' them at all. This is why we have decided to introduce subpaths. This means that it will not be possible to participate in Season Series suitable for different career subpaths, but racing in Single Races, Custom Series or Rookie Series will be possible. For example, all CIRCUIT drivers will participate in the Formula 4 Rookie Series.

Apart from this, as lots of managers have been abusing the existent void, career path change will be possible only once per driver's career, and career subpath will be possible only once per 3 seasons. This is the division we've created:

* SUBPATH - ENDURO (future)

Take a look at every entry list from the national F4 series. You will quickly notice that there are very few young drivers in the 'top 5' and even sometimes in the 'top 10', making it very difficult for new drivers to have chances on those series until they have been trained for one or two seasons. This is why, since day 1 of season 52, we've decided to implement a U21 age restriction on every Formula 4 National Series, which will be applied for lineups of season 53. If this works well (and if it is needed), age restrictions would be also applied for F4 regional series.

At the same time, drivers of age above 30 will be disabled to participate in the Rookie Series. If the manager does not find a place for the driver in any series, he will basically not participate in any season series at all.

The old and beloved Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) is back and coming to My Racing Career! With all its peculiarities, this will be a Season Series only available for veteran drivers. Our idea is to make it for over-30-year-old drivers, but the age minimum could be modified before being released. It will be available for all career paths, without restrictions.

Taking advantage of this situation where we implement a currently non-existent series in real life (sadly), we will allow YOU to participate in the elaboration of its calendar. The plan is to take the whole 'battery' of CART tracks ever used from 1979 to 2003 and choose between 14 and 16 from there. We think this is a nice idea to make the community involved, and if it works well, we would extend it to other series, such as National and Regional F4 series.

Right now, when your driver turns 22 or 26 in the middle of the season, U21 and U25 custom series, respectively, are automatically blocked. This modification will apply the same rule used in Nations Cup races (if the driver is 21 on day 1 of the season, he will be able to race on U21 custom series for the whole season).

Until now, track records and trophies from retired drivers couldn't be seen, whether the user was the manager of the retired driver or was simply another user with Superlicense. This was a feature designed for the new UI, although it will be developed for the current design as well.

As you might remember, in the season 50 news article we announced a revision of the rally racing game mode. Due to the advanced stage of the new UI and also new features coming, we've decided to delay the implementation of such changes until this new UI comes out. Everything has already been designed and planned, but developing it will take much more time, the reason why we think this is the best decision.

Last but not least, we have performed a few changes to adapt them to real life in some cases and improve the game experience in others:
- Indy Series point system = all races will score the same now, with no double points in Indy500. This will come into effect before the finalization date of applications to those series.
- Nations Cup will contain four different standings (full classification with all the drivers, and then senior, sub25 and sub21 separate standings with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on).
- In the creation of new private series, you will now be able to reduce, change or keep the selected points system on 'inverted grid' races, just like it is done in Formula 2 or Formula 3 races.


And this is all for today. We hope you like these new features and we are very excited to bring you so many new things much more often than previously. Would you change or add anything? You can give us your opinion and thoughts in the comments section.


Day 72
- F1

Day 73
- Indy
- NASC Gold Cup
- World TCS
- TCS Europe
- Formula E
- Formula 2 World
- Moto 1

Day 74
- Indy Junior
- V8 Supercars
- World GT
- 911 Supercup
- Superb Formula
- Moto 2
- World Rally Series

Day 75
- F3 World
- Moto 3
- Moto E
- NASC Silver Cup
- World Rally Series 2
- Superbike World

Day 76
- F3 Continentals
- F3 Central European
- F4 Regionals
- TCS Regionals
- Moto 3 Junior
- World Rally Series 3
- World Rally Series Junior
- Superbike British & USA
- Rally Continentals

Day 77
- All remaining series not already mentioned

If you have not applied for any of the above for Season 52, then your driver will automatically be entered into the Rookie Series of their chosen path.


In case you want to help the game and have some advantages such as free Super License use as well as coin rewards for a job well done, we have a few vacancies in the MRC Team:
- Translators for Slovenian, Mandarin Chinese, Belarussian, Romanian, Indonesian, Hindi and Greek languages.
- Community helper for the Russian community.
- Two socialmedia managers for Twitter, one for Facebook, one for Instagram and one for Reddit.

For the translator and community helper vacancies, you can contact the MRC Team Leader, beltmann.
For the social network positions, please send a private message to nicorz, leader of Social Media and Promotion.
Article is also available in these languages:
Беларуская Català Čeština Dansk English Español Suomi Français Hrvatski Magyar Indonesia Italiano 日本語 Latviešu Nederlands Português, Brasil Polski Português Русский Svenska Српски 中文
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09.06.2023 13:58:18 - Poland komanch - Reply
"Career path of second driver MUST be different than career path of first driver" - will this rule still apply?
09.06.2023 14:00:07 - Portugal ClaudioMonteiro - Reply
Nice to have CART coming for older drivers!

I'd suggest Surfers Paradise as one of the selected tracks for the calendar.

Great stuff!
09.06.2023 14:13:03 - United Kingdom Mobeer - Reply
These driver path restrictions are making rally and moto even more of an irrelevance for me. Before you could try those series out, now they are meaningless.
09.06.2023 14:21:57 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
"if you take a look at the bottom, three buttons to adjust the speed at which you want to watch the session"

What about PAUSE when I'm watching later, not just in real time?
09.06.2023 14:30:37 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
It will possible to have two drivers with the same carrier path, but different subpath?

09.06.2023 14:39:46 - Hungary Boczy - Reply

What about Rating Points restriction except U21 age restriction?
I mean, if my driver is older than 35-36y and his skills are too low to be competitive in major series.

My plan was to going back to Hungarian F4 when my driver is around 39-40 y old and race in my national league at my carrier's late times, then retire from there.

For example:
Rating Points restriction for national F4 Series will be 3.000 rating points. The best U21 drivers are around this level.
I think that would be fair enough.
09.06.2023 15:34:29 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 13:58:18 - komanch This post was edited - 09.06.2023 15:34:29
Yes, of course, that is basically the only reason for career paths...

EDIT: but I meant subpaths must be different, path can be the same
09.06.2023 15:03:15 - Poland komanch - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 14:21:57 - Boczy
Yeah, PAUSE button +1
and the same set will be requested for the broadcast of the race
09.06.2023 15:05:28 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 14:00:07 - ClaudioMonteiro
My personal preference would include Cleveland circuit on the Burke Lakefront Airport...
09.06.2023 15:10:05 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 14:13:03 - Mobeer
We`d work for some reasonable rules how to make moto and rally attractive. Maybe third driver available, or make second river in other subpath free (not only for superlicense holders). And yes if the interest in motorcycles or rally will drop, then ok, we can remove some of the series over there.
09.06.2023 15:14:02 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 14:21:57 - Boczy
Those buttons at the bottom are there temporarily for testing purposes for now... Although it is planned to add those to the broadcast, but in better way... PAUSE button is a sure thing.

The idea of subpaths is to allow manager to have two drivers in circuit racing. So yes. As mentioned above, maybe we will allow non licensed managers to create second driver, but in different path, to fill the series.
09.06.2023 15:22:27 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 14:39:46 - Boczy
Look at it from my perspective - what is worse?
1. unhappy experienced manager with old and weak driver who is not able to place him to national series
2. demotivated young manager whose young driver is regularly beaten by old veterans in national series which is (even in real life)

The idea of CART series for veterans is to find place for old fading drivers... The age limit will be adjusted in the future to serve this goal.
09.06.2023 15:23:08 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 15:14:02 - DebiK
But you answererd to komanch differenty:

- "Career path of second driver MUST be different than career path of first driver" - will this rule still apply?

- Yes of course, that is basically the only reason for career paths...

Or I'm not understand clearly.

That would be nice, if I have a driver in Formula E and the 2nd driver in V8 Supercars at the same time, for example.
09.06.2023 15:23:55 - Austria PaleRider - Reply
Great additions, thanks MRC-team!
09.06.2023 15:33:33 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 15:23:08 - Boczy
I messed up.... Career subpath must be different.
09.06.2023 15:38:33 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 15:33:33 - DebiK
So the Career path can be the same, but subpath must be different.

That's nice, thank you.
09.06.2023 16:47:54 - Spain radekdeboktor - Reply
Congratulations to cheaters. The same user who wrote in forum asking for path limitations exploited a bug to break that limitations. But they are VIP, so they are called smart instead of cheaters
09.06.2023 17:05:49 - Hungary Nonó - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 16:47:54 - radekdeboktor
They show us the bugs and loopholes in the game, so these cheaters can called developers too, hahaha!
09.06.2023 17:12:04 - Finland Sir_ErikSalama - Reply
Love these new improvements you guys have made. Time to fast forward the live qualifying broadcasts
09.06.2023 17:53:56 - Poland beltmann - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 15:05:28 - DebiK
I will vote for this circuit on condition that you do setup and race strategy for the round on it
09.06.2023 17:58:20 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
In the CART series, there must be Motegi and Surfers Paradise tracks.
09.06.2023 18:08:45 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
Everyone can participate in Formula 1, regardless of career paths and subpaths?
09.06.2023 18:13:49 - Poland beltmann - Reply
My private list:
Must have - Motegi, Donington
Nice to have - Montreal, Long Beach

09.06.2023 19:03:39 - Canada Keiyote - Reply
That's all fair, and a good compromise in my opinion, I'm not as interested in Rally or Moto at all right now really. It's not MRC's fault in design, but we don't have much to watch of either in my neck of the woods, dirt racing on an oval is probably bigger on this side of the world lol, but I'm happy enough to have an open wheel driver and a stock car driver.

I really like the age restrictions on rookie series and lower level F4 too. If an older driver doesn't have the skills to drive in any other series the manager should be retiring them and starting with a new rookie anyway. Cart racing would provide another option for them though if their having trouble letting go
09.06.2023 19:31:19 - torbar4life - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 15:22:27 - DebiK
In my opinion, CART should be for drivers that are 35+.

Here is my perfect calendar:
1. Surfers Paradise
2. Phoenix
3. Long Beach
4. Indianapolis 500
5. Milwaukee
6. Portland
7. Cleveland
8. Toronto
9. Michigan
10. Mid-Ohio
11. Vancouver
12. Road America
13. Laguna Seca
14. Pocono
15. Nazareth
16. Detroit/Belle Isle
09.06.2023 19:37:57 - Spain nicorz - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 19:31:19 - torbar4life
The initial idea I had for this was +36, but there have been opinions of +30 (current one), +34, +38, etc. It's very likely that we increase the minimum.

And the calendar will be decided in the forum next season just like it's done in iRacing for their series.
09.06.2023 19:55:00 - Portugal Alexthebest - Reply
Nice about the Career and subpath!
And well done for all the other improvements!
09.06.2023 20:02:15 - Canada EugeneBellamy - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 19:31:19 - torbar4life
I second that calendar.
09.06.2023 20:22:08 - Canada EugeneBellamy - Reply
With the subpath commitment, will there be any editing of series ratings to create parity between the subpaths? At current, each subpath varies. For example, the maximum rating in open wheel (excluding F1) is 2.4, stock car is 2.2, moto is 2.4, and rally is 2.0
10.06.2023 10:18:30 - torbar4life - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 19:37:57 - nicorz
For me, 34+, 35+ and 36+ are all acceptable.

If you put the limit at 30+ than you dilute other 2.x series. Even now, MRC's biggest problem is that most series are not competitive, and adding another 2.x series will just make it worse. At 30 drivers also haven't even reached their prime, so it's hard to call them veterans. At that age, very few are even competitive in F1.
10.06.2023 10:23:09 - torbar4life - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 15:33:33 - DebiK
If you have one driver in OPEN WHEEL subpath and the other in TOURING CARS. Wil lit be possible to switch them around?

Because the way thing work now, you need to switch one driver's path twice to achieve this.
10.06.2023 17:39:48 - United States chzbrgr - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 14:39:46 - Boczy
I had the same idea. My driver is 20 at the moment, so he's got a whole life ahead of him. However, I had this dream that he would age gracefully and have a nice retirement tour in Formula 4 before he calls it quits. With this new rule, there's little to no reason to have any kind of sentimental time once a driver passes his peak.

There is a driver in the French F4 series, Alexander Bugatti, who is 52. I had a lot of fun competing against Bugatti as a teenage driver, and it was fair on speed.

I appreciate the idea of keeping 25-year-olds out of F4, where they can lap the entire field, but there should be some way to allow aged drivers who are past their prime to drop back down and run with the young guns for another season or two.
10.06.2023 22:31:03 - Canada EugeneBellamy - Reply
Reply to: 10.06.2023 10:18:30 - torbar4life
I’m not sure that we would see a dilution of the 2.x series. Consider that circuit racing is the most popular path and there are many that will make that choice given that moto and rally are currently more competitive at the top end than most circuit series's.

Further consider that not every 30+ driver will make the choice to move to CART.

I think your point is that if you make this series unattractive with the rating, you will keep the early 30 drivers in the other series, but why not open the choices, and creating ratings parity certainly would achieve this, as well as adding another dimension of strategical choice to the game.

10.06.2023 22:51:17 - Canada EugeneBellamy - Reply
Reply to: 10.06.2023 17:39:48 - chzbrgr
Why not simply restart your driver and participate in the revamped albeit watered down U25 F4’s? If that’s where you ol’ boy was competitive with the teens, what do you have to lose? There are currently so many F4 series that it should not be hard to find one where a rookie lands on a podium. In my mind, it really brings up a question of whether some of these series should be pruned but if we want to see user growth in the game, enabling success at the early levels is important

11.06.2023 11:33:16 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 16:47:54 - radekdeboktor
If you mean those who set up their driver paths to be accepted to a series at the beginning, then change it to a different path and change the path of their second driver to be accepted to the same career path so they can be accepted to another series of the same career path... Then yes, you are close to the truth.
Although this is a relatively meaningless "cheat", it does not cause disadvantages to other managers, so I would rather call it a loophole in a system that is against the original idea.

Although the current status is not satisfying to me, it is obvious that our current managers tend more to play in the circuit career path, so we are going to adjust to this demand and completely remove options to use this cheat/loophole.
11.06.2023 11:41:05 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 19:31:19 - torbar4life
Your calendar looks great. However, I tend to be in favor of going more international.
There is Australian Surfers Paradise.
Another famous international CART race was the japan Motegi race.
And one more is the German Lausitzring race.
11.06.2023 11:50:14 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.06.2023 20:22:08 - EugeneBellamy
Tough question. We would look at the popularity of the series worldwide, and see. I think pushing for example rally to the same level as F1 makes nos sense. These drivers are not as popular and respected worldwide, in the real world, so I think the difference is ok. The question is, should we put NASCAR on the same level as F1? Should we put TCR or GT on the same level? I do not think so. So we will consider all pros and cons and see whether it makes any sense to do any adjustments... There will be also a discussion about where to place Brasil Stock Cars, Australian Supercars, or Argentinian series.
11.06.2023 11:53:15 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 10.06.2023 10:18:30 - torbar4life
Speaking of series competitivity. We are planning to improve strategies of bot drivers from default to more advanced. For example they would start on more suitable tyres based on weather or in case of rally based on surface. So it should be a bit more challenging. They should not beat good drivers with good strategy, but at least it should not be so easy to beat them.
11.06.2023 11:54:55 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 10.06.2023 10:23:09 - torbar4life
This is the key information.
"career path change will be possible only once per driver's career, and career subpath will be possible only once per 3 seasons"

So change will be possible, but not to create loophole...
11.06.2023 11:59:52 - torbar4life - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 11:50:14 - DebiK
Supercars are considered to be a touring car racing series.

11.06.2023 12:03:57 - torbar4life - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 11:54:55 - DebiK
This is why I asked. Maybe there could be some other kind of mechanism, like swapping drivers subpaths with one click.
11.06.2023 15:25:01 - Canada Keiyote - Reply
I think he's saying no u won't be able to switch them in one click cause it's too close to the loophole he just closed. I'm ok with moving around the 3 circuit series with my drivers. I will admit MRC got me more in to touring cars which I had no interest in before, so who knows maybe one day I can say the same about Rally or Moto, but not till I've been everywhere and done everything in circuit racing.

I agree V8 Australian Supercars should be touring, and I think the Brazil and Argentinian series are stock cars. Maybe the Argentinian ones a bit more up for debate.

Maybe I missed this part but what about F1? Do u have to be an open Wheel driver? Or any type of Circuit driver?

My main driver is getting to that age and ability so I wouldn't mind a heads up before choosing this coming seasons series.
11.06.2023 16:46:31 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 15:25:01 - Keiyote
There is an attempt by us to minimize "non-natural" restrictions. Honestly, the career path is one.

In the case of F1, we do not need any standardized rules on how to accept and handle participants. F1 team managers decide what is best for the team.

Obviously, a driver from Motorcycles or Rally who have a lot of training in F1 with meaningless attributes like balance, or drifting, is not the best choice, because these would have been better for F1 if trained in those attributes important for F1 instead.

SO for now, I do not see real need for such restriction.
11.06.2023 16:47:39 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 12:03:57 - torbar4life
I do not think this needs any kind of more user-friendly system as it should be used rarely.
11.06.2023 19:34:19 - torbar4life - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 16:46:31 - DebiK
I think we do. Otherwise, managers with F1 drivers have a huge advantage when developing their 2nd driver, as they are not limited when choosing a sub-path. This is actually why managers started to complain in the first place.
11.06.2023 19:54:21 - Slovenia Clunker - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 16:47:39 - DebiK
When will we be able to select a subpath?
11.06.2023 21:35:31 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 19:34:19 - torbar4life
What exactly do you mean, when talking about the disadvantage?
So your guy became an F1 driver. Is it a problem that at that time you will be able to switch his career path to something else and create a new driver in the open-wheel subpath? But that F1 driver cannot return back to the open-wheel subpath. Is it a problem?
11.06.2023 21:40:31 - Canada Keiyote - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 21:35:31 - DebiK
lol I said the same thing quietly to Nico, I didn't want to upset anybody by saying it out loud. Technically u could have 2 open wheel drivers that way if u have an F1 driver, at least till he leaves F1, but I'm trying to figure out if there is any actual advantage there.

I can't see one yet other than having 2 in the same sub path breaking the so called "spirit of the rule" again, but probably good to talk about it now in case it does bother ppl and that one needs to be shut down too.
11.06.2023 21:46:33 - torbar4life - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 21:40:31 - Keiyote
There is advantage to be had. And it's not only the ability to have two-wheel drivers. This is why I pointed this out. But I am not going to say exactly what it is here on the open forum.
11.06.2023 21:59:06 - Canada Keiyote - Reply
Reply to: 11.06.2023 21:46:33 - torbar4life
lol uh ohhh, of course u spotted it already, better tell Debik quietly at least then and see.
29.08.2023 01:38:49 - TerryWilson - Reply
One thing of note is that you cannot really change career patrhs if they are swapping. that takes 2 paths changes for 1 driver and 1 for the second driver. this is due to no driver being able to occupy the same path at the same time. This may seemed minor before this change. But now with only 1 career path path per driver driver. you have to retire a driver if you do not desire to race in that other path.

If your only desire is to make drivers to race at the highest levels of one career path Like F1. The second drivers now can only be moved into That career path after spendind X amount time in outside career path where they will be at considerable disadvantage earger quickly in thier career
Add comment!

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English 14.05.2024 - Now you can experience the thrill of racing in style with the iconic colors and designs of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team right in the palm of your hand. These exclusive liveries will make your virtual race car stand out from the pack. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Fire up your engines, download the liveries, and get ready to race like never before with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team! Link:https:... the file, then apply the file to your car from garage, just remember to take ri... Show full release

MRC Season 56 F1 Preview

English 25.04.2024 - Everyone better brace themselves as the dawn of a new MRC F1 season awaits us as we anticipate yet another thrilling season in the top racing category, whether you are a massive follower of the series or a new spectator I'm sure you would be interested about hearing everything involving the teams and drivers, the familiar faces and new comers alike, so buckle up as we explore everything Season 56 has to offer in the pinnacle of motorsports Disclaimer : Anything that comes off rude or anything... Show full release

Superlicense for free from Porsche Racing? Is it legal?

English 14.04.2024 - You might wonder why I am writing this press release. Am I against such an approach? Am I trying to demotivate people from accepting this deal with Porsche Racing? Check the full story... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Superlicence for free

English 10.04.2024 - Many seasons ago we have decided to start rewarding our supporters that help us with their activity/voting point donations, and we will continue to reward our supporters in the future too. In fact, we have increased few seasons ago. By regularly voting and logging in daily our supporters can earn enough points to get enough points to buy themselves a superlicence for the entire season. If you don’t know how to vote, you can check the video tutorial we’ve made: - https://www.youtube.... th... Show full release

Bad crash in Marina bay singapore: Anderson left with career impacting injuries.

English 04.03.2024 - After a major crash in marina B\bay in an f4 race, that saw Cal Anderson skid upside down on his roof into the wall and have the roll hoop cave in on his, with debris flyin everywhere, one piece hit his right eye. Anderson has been reported to sustain a broken wrist and blindness in his right eye along with internal bleeding, and a hemorrhage to his brain (least of the concerns right now). They say Anderson went into a coma. Anderson has yet to wake up but is very likely to survive. The race was... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 23.02.2024 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 54: ArtisMAKANS ...... coins) darklestat .... coins) JMC123 ........ coins) LionKing13 .... coins) UrošJelenko... 3.845 * - Porsche Racing shareholder We will continue to reward coins for your donations for season 54 too: - all donors of 1500+ voting points will receive 120 coins; - all donors of 1250 to 1499 voting point... Show full release

Future Of Mercedes F1 Team

English 30.01.2024 - In season 55 Mercedes F1 Team´s drivers are going to be JJ Lehto Jr & Oiva Haveri. [URL=http... 55 is going to be painful season to witness as this will most likely be our teams worst season since season 49, but it´s not the end of the world as if you want to focus on long term success in Midfield or higher Midfield, then after every Rule Regulation changes for smaller teams (Coin Flips which decide do you have to build new part completely, automatically means that next season at least is... Show full release

Aston Martin Fan Championship - Season 5

English 22.01.2024 - With the fifth edition of the “Aston Martin Fan Championship” having just ended, it is time to summarize what it was like. [b]Felipe Campolargo[/b] won his fifth title (obtaining 7 wins, 6 poles and 9 podiums) the newcomer to the Aston Martin Fan Cup [u]Ash Bee[/u] came 2nd (2 wins, 1 pole and 8 podiums) and [u]Vladimir Romadov[/u] came in 3rd (3 poles and 6 podiums). In 4th place was [u]Julianna Risko[/u] (1 victory and 2 podiums), [u]Noé Nogueira[/u] finished 5th (2 podiums) and [u]Jamie Th... Show full release

NASC driver fined for helmet antics

English 03.01.2024 - Spike Lundberg’s helmet hit his rival’s car three times before bystanders managed to pull him away. The three strikes netted him a $10,000 fine. Lundberg was taken straight to the NASC officials hauler at Daytona International Speedway, where race officials kept him for more than two hours after a NASC Silver Cup race ended. Lundberg finished in ninth place, a lap off the pace of winner Vaclav Raketa. Lundberg was involved in four on-track incidents, including one with Tsuyoshin Nakamoto that... Show full release
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