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MyRacingCareer.com Creators

Creator of MyRacingCareer.com

This is the original creator of the game idea, one of a kind in this game.
Slovakia DebiK debik@myracingcareer.com


Developers create the game. They design and implement new features, solve bugs and improve the game parts.
Slovakia DebiK Team Leader debik@myracingcareer.com
Finland Arskap arskap@myracingcareer.com
Romania ArkyROU  
Ireland Emerald emerald@myracingcareer.com
Spain JordiMontané  
Indonesia kacinoman  
Czech Republic Koruzi  
Portugal CarlosAndreMarques  
Brazil jeansapia  
Australia LittleMLO  
Brazil lovixj  
Spain JordiMontané  
Slovakia mikisocka  


A Gamemasters main task is to keep the game clean from cheating. Their aim is to find managers who break game rules and punish them accordingly.
Czech Republic FBednar  
Denmark sl2208  

MRC Team Manager

This person is responsible for promotion, community, social media and translation teams and also hires new MRC team members.
Czech Republic wandaL wandaL@myracingcareer.com

Game Promotion

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The Promotion team members search for advertising opportunities and create promotional campaigns to boost new registrations.
Czech Republic wandaL Team Leader wandaL@myracingcareer.com

Game Community

The Community team helps newly registered managers, moderates forums and helps the community grow.
Poland beltmann Team Leader  
Hungary Boczy  
Portugal ClaudioMonteiro  
France CyrilleL  
Poland Damek2196  
Slovakia deka96  
Canada EugeneBellamy  
Australia Fontainbleau  
Czech Republic Ludwei  
Russia OlegShigorin  
Finland Petu92  
Brazil Rogerius  
United States TerryWilson  
United Kingdom ThatFPM8Guy  
Italy torak  

Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers are responsible persons of the game's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).
Spain nicorz Team Leader  
Spain nicorz - TWITTER  
Portugal toturi - FACEBOOK  


Translators create more available language versions for the game.
Latvia Andito - Latviešu Latviešu  
Latvia ArtisMAKANS - Latviešu Latviešu  
Portugal bornelas - Português Português  
Italy CarmineLuce - Italiano Italiano  
France CyrilleL - Français Français  
Croatia daniel00cro - Hrvatski Hrvatski  
Slovenia Darac - Slovenščina Slovenščina  
Sweden darkwater - Svenska Svenska  
Hungary David7 - Magyar Magyar  
Ireland Emerald - English English emerald@myracingcareer.com
Czech Republic FBednar - Čeština Čeština  
Spain felson - Català Català  
Finland FinnishGuy - Suomi Suomi  
Serbia GoranPešić - Српски Српски  
Brazil jeansapia - Português, Brasil Português, Brasil  
Spain JordiMontané - Català Català  
Indonesia kacinoman - Indonesia Indonesia  
Norway killex - Norsk Norsk  
Poland komanch - Polski Polski  
Belarus listerstorm - Беларуская Беларуская  
Russia LtNEMO - Русский Русский  
Ukraine MaxAndrews - Українська Українська  
Poland MSJ2000 - Polski Polski  
Spain nicorz - Valencià Valencià  
Hungary Nonó - Magyar Magyar  
France OlivierBroc - Français Français  
Finland Petu92 - Suomi Suomi  
Netherlands Pollie - Nederlands Nederlands  
Slovakia richardlotusracing - Slovenčina Slovenčina  
Slovenia RobertGrager - Slovenščina Slovenščina  
Austria Shikilicious - Deutsch Deutsch  
Denmark sl2208 - Dansk Dansk  
Russia Somebodystopme - Русский Русский  
Japan TatsuyaMizobuchi - 日本語 日本語  
Portugal Tigerman - Português Português  
Spain WarpER - Español Español  
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