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MyRacingCareer.com Creators


Developers create the game. They design and implement new features, solve bugs and improve the game parts.
Finland Arskap arskap@myracingcareer.com
Slovakia DebiK debik@myracingcareer.com
Brazil DiegoAlmeida  
Ireland Emerald emerald@myracingcareer.com
Indonesia kacinoman  
Australia LittleMLO  
Portugal MiguelFreitas  
Slovakia mikisocka  
Russia Nightwolf13  
Netherlands Pollie  
United Kingdom thedonz  

Marketing Experts

Marketing Experts are responsible for the marketing of the game. Their main aim is to find ideal ways to advertise the game and negotiate with possible partner websites.
Austria edis10  

Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers are responsible persons of the game's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+).
Spain nicorz - GOOGLE+ - INSTAGRAM  
Portugal toturi - FACEBOOK  
United States Tysendragon66 - TWITTER  

Ambassadors for Country

Ambassadors are the official leaders of their own country community. They decide their own country team members and their main task is to increase the number of managers in their own country.
Slovakia deka96 - Slovakia Slovakia  
Austria edis10 - Austria Austria  
Czech Republic wandaL - Czech Republic Czech Republic  

Deputies for Country

Deputies are Ambassadors helpers. Deputies help their fellow country users, while increasing the number of managers in their own country.
Hungary Boczy - Hungary Hungary  
Portugal ClaudioMonteiro - Portugal Portugal  
France CyrilleL - France France  
Poland Damek2196 - Poland Poland  
Canada Deuce - Canada Canada  
United States LoyalW - United States United States  
Russia OlegShigorin - Russia Russia  
Slovakia olilongi777 - Slovakia Slovakia  
Brazil Rogerius - Brazil Brazil  
Netherlands Rossdale - Netherlands Netherlands  


A Gamemasters main task is to keep the game clean from cheating. Their aim is to find managers who break game rules and punish them accordingly.
Czech Republic FBednar  
Denmark sl2208  


Translators create more available language versions for the game.
Slovakia AdamPilo - Slovenčina Slovenčina  
Croatia AgramGP - Hrvatski Hrvatski  
Latvia Andito - Latviešu Latviešu  
Brazil Andreh - Português, Brasil Português, Brasil  
Latvia ArtisMAKANS - Latviešu Latviešu  
Portugal bornelas - Português Português  
Slovakia Cako88 - Slovenčina Slovenčina  
Italy CarmineLuce - Italiano Italiano  
France CyrilleL - Français Français  
Croatia daniel00cro - Hrvatski Hrvatski  
Slovenia Darac - Slovenščina Slovenščina  
Sweden darkwater - Svenska Svenska  
Romania DoRuF1 - Română Română  
Ireland Emerald - English English  
Czech Republic FBednar - Čeština Čeština  
Spain felson - Català Català  
China G1234 - 中文 中文  
Serbia GoranPešić - Српски Српски  
Germany havox - Deutsch Deutsch  
Japan hibushi262 - 日本語 日本語  
Hungary ImJustDrunk - Magyar Magyar  
Brazil jeansapia - Português, Brasil Português, Brasil  
Spain JordiMontané - Català Català  
Indonesia kacinoman - Indonesia Indonesia  
Norway killex - Norsk Norsk  
Poland komanch - Polski Polski  
Belarus listerstorm - Беларуская Беларуская  
Russia LtNEMO - Русский Русский  
Ukraine MaxAndrews - Українська Українська  
Poland MSJ2000 - Polski Polski  
China NicolaSinE - 中文 中文  
Spain nicorz - Valencià Valencià  
Hungary Nonó - Magyar Magyar  
Slovakia olilongi777 - Slovenčina Slovenčina  
France OlivierBroc - Français Français  
Finland Petu92 - Suomi Suomi  
Netherlands Pollie - Nederlands Nederlands  
Slovenia RobertGrager - Slovenščina Slovenščina  
Austria Shikilicious - Deutsch Deutsch  
Denmark sl2208 - Dansk Dansk  
Russia Somebodystopme - Русский Русский  
Japan TatsuyaMizobuchi - 日本語 日本語  
Portugal Tigerman - Português Português  
United States Tysendragon66 - English English  
Spain WarpER - Español Español  
Italy Yato73 - Italiano Italiano  


Moderators keep the forums clean and fair. Anyone found breaking the forum rules will be punished accordingly.
Hungary Boczy - Hungary Hungary  
Slovakia Cako88 - Slovakia Slovakia  
Portugal ClaudioMonteiro - Portugal Portugal  
Slovenia Darac - Slovenia Slovenia  
Sweden darkwater - Sweden Sweden  
Slovakia deka96 - Czech Republic Czech Republic - Slovakia Slovakia  
Canada Deuce - Canada Canada  
Austria edis10 - Germany Germany  
Czech Republic FBednar - Czech Republic Czech Republic  
Indonesia kacinoman - Indonesia Indonesia  
Poland komanch - Poland Poland  
United States LoyalW - United States United States  
Slovakia olilongi777 - Slovakia Slovakia  
Finland Petu92 - Finland Finland  
Brazil Rogerius - Brazil Brazil  
Netherlands Rossdale - Netherlands Netherlands  
Denmark sl2208 - Denmark Denmark  
Russia Somebodystopme - Russia Russia  
United Kingdom thedonz - United Kingdom United Kingdom - United States United States  
Portugal Tigerman - Portugal Portugal  
Spain WarpER - Spain Spain  
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