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Changes for Season 48 and Season Series Deadlines

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Changes for Season 48 and Season Series Deadlines

English 08.08.2022 11:12:19
Season is ending and as usual we bring you the Series Deadlines as well as some new things!

- F1 Tanking Adjustments
New tanking adjustments, as highlighted last April in this post, are coming into place this season.

- DTWS and GT Adjustments
Just like in real life, DTWS races will now run to one hour time limit, and the fuel tanks will be reduced to 60L in order to make drivers stop once per race. This has been done so to mimic real life DTM rules, where a mandatory stop is required.
As DTWS and GT series use the same cars, the 60L fuel tank will apply to World GT Series as well, but tyre wear is so high it shouldn't change strategies there.

- Lapped Cars Fix
In the past, all cars in a race completed all the laps in a race. Even if someone was 5 laps down, he theoretically drove those 5 laps after the winner had finished, and a driver retiring on the last lap would fall behind all the lapped cars.
This will no longer be the case. Whenever the winner ends the race, lapped drivers will not complete the laps lost, will appear as "LAPPED" on the race standings and will not pass drivers who retire on the last lap.

- Clubs Series
The test period for the Clubs Series has ended. Series races will count for rating and trophies will be handed at the end of the season. Both challenge and series races will count for overall Club rating.

- Supercars Tweak
Changes have been made to Supercars series in order to make passing easier and more realistic. It is a small tweak and we expect feedback on this change, to see if it needs further adjusting.

- Calendar Changes
Just the introduction of Red Bull Ring MotoGP for all relevant Moto series, and a small tweak to F4 Hungary.


We are aware that we haven't been able to introduce all the proposed changes yet, but we will get there. Hopefully this season will see some test races for Endurance Club races.
For the future, we are also working on automatically rotating calendars for the lower Season Series, custom U25 series, more options for private series, the much-awaited Rally overhaul and more!


Day 72
- F1

Day 73
- Indy
- NASC Gold Cup
- World TCS
- TCS Europe
- Formula E
- Formula 2 World
- Moto 1

Day 74
- Indy Junior
- V8 Supercars
- World GT
- 911 Supercup
- Superb Formula
- Moto 2
- World Rally Series

Day 75
- F3 World
- Moto 3
- Moto E
- NASC Silver Cup
- World Rally Series 2
- Superbike World

Day 76
- F3 Continentals
- F3 Central European
- F4 Regionals
- TCS Regionals
- Moto 3 Junior
- World Rally Series 3
- World Rally Series Junior
- Superbike British & USA
- European and Asia Pacific Rally Series

Day 77
- All remaining series not already mentioned

If you have not applied for any of the above for Season 48, then your driver will automatically be entered into the Rookie Series of their chosen path.
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08.08.2022 12:32:46 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Nice to see!

I'm very happy that B15 Racing will get all the Club Series trophies at the end of season 47, I hope they will look very nice! :-)
08.08.2022 12:39:19 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 12:32:46 - Boczy
End of season 48 you mean?
08.08.2022 13:00:55 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 12:39:19 - JordiMontané
That would be not fair, we spent activity points and coins for cards what we used this season for nothing?
08.08.2022 13:10:16 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:00:55 - Boczy
Every club spent activity points and cards...
Also, I told you in PM already Debik counted S47 as a test season.
08.08.2022 13:19:58 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:10:16 - JordiMontané
How many rating points will the winner of the club race receive?
08.08.2022 13:20:16 - United States jcgoble3 - Reply
Happy to see the lapped cars fix. I wonder how this will reflect on the broadcast?
08.08.2022 13:22:02 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:10:16 - JordiMontané
I know it and I understand, even if I don't like, because there was no problem, bug or any problem that would have made us win.

I think it's just not fair to no count this season. :-(
08.08.2022 13:23:48 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:19:58 - montoya79
This is for DebiK to answer and I will ask him.
08.08.2022 13:25:48 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:23:48 - JordiMontané
Waiting for information.
08.08.2022 13:25:51 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:22:02 - Boczy
I do think your Club is still the most powerful and anyone would be foolish to bet against you...
08.08.2022 14:50:36 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:25:51 - JordiMontané
You can't be sure, and if you are right, we still used more than 9(!) ultimate cards for nothing.
08.08.2022 20:36:56 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 14:50:36 - Boczy
after reconsideration, I will award trophies for this season series... they are not ready yet, but once i prepare them for next season, I will award them for this season too...
08.08.2022 20:38:48 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 13:25:48 - montoya79
there will not be any rating change for final standings, but it will be based on results in each race... winner of the race will get something like 30pts, and these points will be valid for
3 seasons, similar to driver rating from season series.
08.08.2022 20:51:51 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 20:36:56 - DebiK
Thank you very much! :-)
08.08.2022 20:59:40 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 20:38:48 - DebiK
30 points for one win is a lot. Now it turns out that you can buy a rating for yourself by spending coins on cards to pump the car.
09.08.2022 10:58:27 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 08.08.2022 20:59:40 - montoya79
Are you talkiong about club rating? CLubs are based on spending coins on cards, or at least voting points.
09.08.2022 13:26:24 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
Reply to: 09.08.2022 10:58:27 - DebiK
I thought it was about the rating of pilots. In any case, it is your right.
09.08.2022 15:52:11 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 09.08.2022 13:26:24 - montoya79
Rating of pilots is changed after every race, including this.
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