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2nd Driver Nationalities

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2nd Driver Nationalities

English 26.04.2022 12:43:16
The option to change your second driver's nationality has been added to the game. Read more...
Second drivers have been available to superlicense managers for a while now, but now you will be able to change the new driver's nationality as well.


- Manager must have at least one active driver from his own country.

- If manager does not have a driver from his own country (usually after driver retirement) it is mandatory to have a driver from manager's country.

- Different nationality always costs coins.


The MRC team has wanted to avoid several managers creating drivers from a weird country with no motorsport tradition or real in-game players. To this end, a system has been created:

- Base price for any different nationality is 100 coins

- The less populated a country is, the more expensive it is. For example, France adds 0 coins to the base 100, but Pitcairn Islands adds 300 coins to the base 100.

- The less active managers a country has in the last season, the more expensive it is. Same example, France adds 0, Pitcairn adds 300 coins.

So that would mean that if a manager from Spain wants a French driver, it'll cost 100 coins. But if the Spanish manager wants to create a Pitcairn driver, it'll cost 700 coins.

Moreover, to prevent managers from another nation to "attack" other countries, price goes up 100 coins if 10 managers create drivers from one country, and 200 if 20 managers do. This way, if 10 Spanish managers wanted to create French drivers, the 11th manager would pay 200 coins. And if 20 Spanish managers wanted to create French drivers, the 21st manager would pay 400 coins.

This is a small thing but it may help with managers that have two or more nationalities, or even two countries might help each other...
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26.04.2022 13:04:47 - United Kingdom Mobeer - Reply
Not sure about the references to driver retirement. If I have a UK driver and a French driver, then the UK driver retires, so the French driver has to be changed to UK?

Is this free to do? What happens to the French driver if he is competing in Nations Cup?

Would it not be easier to let the French driver stay French but then insist that if a third driver is created that this driver must be UK?
26.04.2022 14:03:31 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 26.04.2022 13:04:47 - Mobeer
No, I think it means the next driver you create must be UK. I'll ask DebiK however as he sent me the details to publish...
26.04.2022 14:20:19 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 26.04.2022 13:04:47 - Mobeer
If your second driver is French and you retire your first driver, you would be forced to create next driver with Brittish nationality. But there is option to stay with only one driver and that will be french...

"it is mandatory to have a driver from manager's country" should rather have been written as "it is mandatory to create next driver from manager's country"
26.04.2022 17:06:50 - Czech Republic FBednar - Reply
Reply to: 26.04.2022 14:20:19 - DebiK
how about this: one of two managers drivers must be from manager´s country
26.04.2022 18:50:37 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 26.04.2022 17:06:50 - FBednar
Yes but if user have only one driver, after he retired the one from his country, so he is foreigner, it is ok, while he cannot create foreign driver if he creates first driver (because he did not have any drivers before)...
26.04.2022 22:36:22 - Poland beltmann - Reply
Reply to: 26.04.2022 18:50:37 - DebiK This post was edited - 26.04.2022 22:36:22
So here's my understanding: Primary driver must always be a driver from user's country whereas secondary driver might be a foreigner. Furthermore, when you retire your primary driver you don't have to automatically create another driver from your country because your foreign driver will be perceived as a secondary not primary driver. But if you decide to create a driver it must be from your country and will be treated as a primary. So my question is: will it be automated by the system during creation next driver - I mean distinction between primary and secondary - or be checked manually or somehow??

Or maybe my understanding is incorrect, then I have no idea
26.04.2022 22:39:21 - Poland komanch - Reply
Also "The manager must have at least one active driver from his own country" should rather have been written as "The manager must have at least one active driver from his own country, so the other driver can have a different nationality"

this is how I presented it in the Polish version of the news
26.04.2022 22:46:39 - Poland beltmann - Reply
Reply to: 26.04.2022 22:39:21 - komanch
and it's incorrect IMHO as DebiK commented:

If your second driver is French and you retire your first driver, you would be forced to create next driver with Brittish nationality. But there is option to stay with only one driver and that will be french...

So, I have two drivers:

first driver - Tomisław Paskiewicz from Poland
Second driver - Anze Kopitar from Slovenia.

So when I retire Paskiewicz from Poland which is my first, I can still keep Kopitar from Slovenia and play him without creating another driver from Poland automatically or ad hoc but decide when I would like to create another one...

However, if I decide to create another driver, in such a case it must be from Poland. But it's up to you when you want to create such a driver - ad hoc or a few seasons later... at least that's my understanding
26.04.2022 23:17:58 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Apologize for not writing it clear enough!
27.04.2022 20:35:09 - France aspsgge - Reply
I don't really see how this can be useful, moreover if it's cheaper to go to a big country and expensive to go to a small country.

In this game, there is only on the Nation cup that the nationality is really important. Making cheap price for big country can allow them to have even much higher number of driver available for the Nation cup and so being stronger. This will increase the gap of number of potential driver compared to smaller country (which have less drivers and as it will be much expensive, they won't have so many second driver).

For everything else, the nationality is globally useless, your ranking is only affected by your results in your own series, so it doesn't matter if you are French or Pitcairn, you will have the same ranking. Inside your country, you will have maybe a better global position, but it doesn't matter, what matter is your rating. If you have 1.000 of rating and you are first of Pitcairn or 20 in France, it changes nothing for you, you will have the same sponsor. The preffered nationality to access to a serie is not an issue too since there is bots with low rating in all series so I don't think someone lost the access to a serie due to the preffered nationality.

I would find more logical to allow cheaper price for smaller country to give them the chance to be stronger in NC. And some people inside big country could find an interest to go to a smaller country to be able to participate more to the NC if there is too much competition between drivers of their own country.
28.04.2022 23:03:49 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 27.04.2022 20:35:09 - aspsgge
A foreign manager can't be president of a NMA... Existing NMAs with few managers might be helped. But a small country NMA with no managers from there can't happen without a president.

Cheap prices for important nations with many managers will probably make no difference to NC - countries with many managers normally have 3-5 top managers who usually block those places anyway...
29.04.2022 08:41:05 - France aspsgge - Reply
Reply to: 28.04.2022 23:03:49 - JordiMontané
So if it won't change things for big country and smaller country, why is there a difference of price?
29.04.2022 13:05:53 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 29.04.2022 08:41:05 - aspsgge
Because DebiK has always preferred to have the countries with most real managers in the game to be the most important, logically.

Most everyone will have the 2nd driver for free with the same nationality. But if some people want to spend money for coins and do a 2nd driver from a weird country, let them?
12.05.2022 21:07:00 - Slovenia Darac - Reply
Reply to: 29.04.2022 13:05:53 - JordiMontané
I think 21st manager from Spain would pay 300 coins for French driver, but not 400... At least my math knowledge says so.
12.05.2022 22:37:42 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 12.05.2022 21:07:00 - Darac
This is for Debik to answer, but if France costs 100, then it goes up 100 more at the 11th manager and 200 more at the 21st manager, isn't that 400?
13.05.2022 09:15:17 - Slovenia Darac - Reply
Reply to: 12.05.2022 22:37:42 - JordiMontané
I understood differently.

"...price goes up 100 coins if 10 managers create drivers from one country, and 200 if 20 managers do."

Doesn't really matter what number will be the right one, but it just need to be clearified.
13.05.2022 13:48:50 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 13.05.2022 09:15:17 - Darac
Yep, asked DebiK about it.
16.05.2022 11:50:57 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 27.04.2022 20:35:09 - aspsgge
There is nothing ot be useful. Just some people would like a bit of change and chose different nationality.
It just look different. There are just 2 foreign drivers in the game. 1 Pitcairn Islands (my driver) and 1 Andorra...
All countries with reasonable presense in this game cost maximum 200 coins. Actually from all countries where we do have national association, drivers cost 100 coins with exception of 3 countries which do cost 200 coins...
THose really expensive countries are "exotic" only.
16.05.2022 11:52:03 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 29.04.2022 08:41:05 - aspsgge
The high price for exotic countries are to avoid having game full of exotic drivers, which seems unrealistic...
16.05.2022 11:53:49 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Additional thing. THere always have been few managers who attempted to register in foreign country to have driver with that nationality. Not it is possible legaly with user being registered in real country.
16.05.2022 12:00:29 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 12.05.2022 21:07:00 - Darac
to make it absolutely clear
11-20 - foreign drivers raises fee by 100 coins
21-more - foreign drivers raises fee by 200 coins

in the code
if foreign_num > 10 then +100
if foreign_num > 20 then +100 // previous line also applies
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