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News for Next Season

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News for Next Season

English 21.09.2021 20:02:11
Some long-awaited things are finally coming to MRC! Read on to know more.

Older users will remember Racing Clubs and their long preparation period. Some tests were carried out internally, and it has been decided now that Racing Clubs will be launched next season as a beta version.
This means that Clubs will be available for everyone but bugs might still appear and it's the MRC Team's wish to iron them out during the season with the collaboration of everyone. So... finally we get to see Clubs!

Main features include:

-Clubs will have up to 16 members each.

-Challenges can be launched by any Club and they will race up to 3 other Clubs.

-Cards (obtained with coins or voting points) will be the source of improvements for your Club vehicles.

We hope you will enjoy them and look forward to suggestions and improvements on them!


Second driver for licensed users will be available from Day 71 of this season. Here are the main points:

- Available to managers with active license, if license is expired manager will not be able to manage younger driver, until he renews the license.

- Career path of second driver MUST be different than career path of first driver (can be changed but only to the available path, never the same as other driver).

- Age difference between drivers will have to be at least 5 years.

- Single/quick races and custom series for moto and rally will be added.

- Driver can participate in single races, custom series and season series of his own career path only.

The MRC Team has discussed the possibility of having 2nd drivers be different from the nationality of the manager (eg. manager is French, and 2nd driver could be from Monaco). This would cost a variable fee according to the nationality, with stronger countries cheaper than others. It should help fill series and maybe open up a possibility to have more NMA's in Nations Cup. We want to hear your opinions on the topic.


Skills decrease has been discussed and with some real drivers lasting in elite for some years longer, it was felt the system needed a slight adjustment.

Therefore skills will not decrease like now. There will be skills with faster drop and skills with slower drop. All will be based on this table.

Click here to see the table

Now drivers train until the age of 32, then there is one year with no training and then skills starts to decrease at 34. Every day one skill is randomly selected and value to decrease is calculated base on the age.

- Special skills does not decrease now.

- Bravery is decreasing 5 times more often than normal skills.

- Pace, concentration, fitness is decreasing 2 times more often than normal skills.

- Reactions are decreasing 3 times more often

From day 1 of next season, this system will be modified.

- Skills with coefficient = 0 will be possible to be trained regardless of the age with the same speed as it is at the age of 32.

- Skills with coefficient 0 will never decrease.

- Decrease skills system will work similarly as now. Each day one skill will be selected but the probabililty will be based on the table above. That means bravery, reactions and body positioning will be selected with 5 times higher probability than normal skills like ideal line or wet weather.

- Adding special skills to the mix will slow down overall skills decrease in most important attrributes like pace (it will be selected less often), therefore dropping rate of skills will be raised from the age of 37.

- Extra training which is possible until age of 39 will stay untouched.

That basically means that at the age of 33 driver gets to his performance peak, and thanks to the changes it will last a little longer on the adequate level. Then the drop will come later but will be much faster.


Thanks to TrustPay, we have a new payment method available: Google Pay. We hope this eases even more your payments!

As always we are open for any questions, doubts or queries you have in the comments below :)
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21.09.2021 21:24:07 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
For the record - I'm for having different nationalities. I want to have a driver from Andorra!
21.09.2021 21:32:17 - Belgium Thisken - Reply
Reply to: 21.09.2021 21:24:07 - JordiMontané
Great news! Looking forward to what this will bring to the game experience. Just wondering what languages will be allowed on the Andorra forum.
21.09.2021 22:45:46 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 21.09.2021 21:32:17 - Thisken
Hehe I don't think more forums are needed in the case of 2nd drivers...
21.09.2021 23:13:05 - Portugal ClaudioMonteiro - Reply
Fantastic news!
22.09.2021 06:04:17 - United States jcgoble3 - Reply
Yay! A bunch of good news (and only one minor complaint)!

Racing clubs: FINALLY! Good to see that cards can be bought with coins as well as voting points; for a long time I had not been looking forward to having to decide whether to support my F1 team or my racing club. The ability to use coins lets me do both, while the ability to use voting points gives a use for them to those users who do not care about F1 (and indirectly boosts MRC on the voting sites by giving more users a reason to vote regularly), as well as making racing clubs easily accessible to totally free-to-play managers. Smart move.

Second driver: Happy to see this, though not happy about the career path restrictions in terms of each driver needing a different path. It's overly restrictive, especially in the common case where a manager has a driver getting older in F1 and wants to use the second driver to start a new 18-year-old to serve as the older driver's replacement in a few seasons. Perhaps we could change it to allow two drivers on the same path with a larger minimum age gap between them (let's say, 10 years) to ensure they aren't on the same level (and maybe add a restriction that they can't both be in the same season series)?

Different countries: I'm all for this, with the caveat that a manager must always have a driver from their own country. If they retire a driver from their own country and have a second driver from another country, give them a grace period (maybe 48 hours) to create a new home country driver before they lose access to the foreign driver (in the same manner as an expired license).

Skill decrease: Well, that saves me the trouble of recording data on skill drops 10 seasons from now to try to deduce the relative rates. Super nice to have specific rates, and good to see that skills immune from dropping can continue to be trained (realistically, they make sense).

Google Pay: Nice to see more options that are well-recognized in the United States. I have been using PayPal since I already have an account there and they allow me to disable the currency conversion on their end. (I have a US credit card that does free currency conversion with no fees or spread, so I prefer to charge that card directly in euros or whatever currency the vendor uses and let the bank perform the conversion.) However, it seems Google Pay charges that way by default, and so I may switch to using that (as PayPal requires multiple annoying clicks to disable their own conversion fees on every transaction).

(As a side note, I sometimes wonder where I rank in terms of real-money spending on MRC. I usually spend about €40 to €80 each year, although a couple of months ago I spent €100 in one go to buy out a fellow Mercedes shareholder. In most freemium games I am hardcore free-to-play, but here and in Pokémon GO, I spend way too much.)
22.09.2021 06:11:55 - Canada Deuce - Reply
Love this! one question..
"This would cost a variable fee according to the nationality, with stronger countries cheaper than others."
isn't this backwards from what makes sense, does this help smaller countries?
22.09.2021 06:38:44 - Portugal Alexthebest - Reply
Nice!! Thanks guys!
22.09.2021 11:46:36 - Latvia ArtisMAKANS - Reply
About another nationality: If the second driver will have a different career path than the first one (and the first driver will have a Circuit Racing), but in the Nations cup is only Circuit Racing, then it will make little sense for that driver for the Nations cup (This was pointed out as one of the pluses)!
22.09.2021 12:01:48 - Finland Sir_ErikSalama - Reply
I love the 2nd driver idea, Hmm i don´t think Finland has any neighbors who speak same language as Fin´s ahaha, so don´t know what nationality 2nd driver will get , but awesome idea
22.09.2021 12:47:30 - Czech Republic FBednar - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 06:11:55 - Deuce
hi, i have same opinion, and i added one think - lets make a proposal and with more managers join an small country and make for example Vatican great NMA.... so i was against 2nd driver with different nationality
22.09.2021 12:58:41 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 12:47:30 - FBednar
On the fee idea - a country such as the Vatican would have a fee of 600 coins per driver created, while popular MRC countries like Portugal, Spain, Czechia, Russia, etc have a 50 coin fee.

1) Is it really worth to spend 550 more coins and

2) People never agree on anything, would so many top managers agree to create a Vatican association?

and 3) would it be legal to create a Vatican association by 10 foreign managers? I wrote it in the News item as Debik wrote it to me but maybe it actually can't happen.
22.09.2021 13:02:16 - Latvia ArtisMAKANS - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 12:01:48 - Sir_ErikSalama
Finnish and Estonian are very similar, that's why Estonians can easily learn Finnish!
22.09.2021 13:03:10 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 06:04:17 - jcgoble3
Second driver path restriction was thought that way in order to promote more competition in moto and rally series. Right now my wife with zero rally training is regularly finishing 7th or 8th in WRS... So having more drivers everywhere should equalize the path difficulty.
Suggestion will be taken on board nonetheless.

As for different country drivers, I think the main driver must always be from the country of the manager. But I'll seek clarification from Debik on the 2nd point.
22.09.2021 13:11:03 - Finland Sir_ErikSalama - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 13:02:16 - ArtisMAKANS
I still speak english to Estonian´s in my city lol ahah, but there are some who can speak finnish
22.09.2021 13:11:07 - Czech Republic FBednar - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 12:58:41 - JordiMontané
1) no problem i think
2) i did not asked, but why not?
3) i see no problem or restriction now why it cannot happen
22.09.2021 13:20:09 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 13:11:07 - FBednar
3) is for Debik to decide. I've asked him about it. If he says no, then there's no problem with 2 and 1 and no new NMAs will appear.

22.09.2021 14:52:43 - United Kingdom Adamski - Reply
This is great news! Especially the tentative inclusion of second drivers! Looking forward to seeing how the switch between drivers and training etc comes around.

One question though, will each driver have their own finances? I'd hate to see OP managers with well established names feeding their millions into their younger driver
22.09.2021 20:02:28 - Poland komanch - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 11:46:36 - ArtisMAKANS This post was edited - 22.09.2021 20:02:28
Good point!
22.09.2021 18:40:43 - Minalcar - Reply
Can a second Drivers become the first Driver, when i retire the first Driver? So, will the former second Driver gets free from the restricions, he have until then (No single races or private series from another path for example)?
22.09.2021 19:38:28 - Canada Deuce - Reply
Has there been any thought given to employee hoarding? Will it be hard to find employees, will new ones be created? Can we find a way to slow down drivers holding multiple employees for their F1 team?
22.09.2021 20:10:35 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Some of the questions, I don't know the answer to them, so they're being forwarded to Debik.
22.09.2021 20:22:07 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 21.09.2021 21:32:17 - Thisken
Forums are for users, not drivers. So forums will be created when there ise nough managers from certain country.
22.09.2021 20:23:47 - Spain nicorz - Reply
This is nice news!

One question which might be a bit absurd but I ask it anyways... I guess managers with a driver of less than 23 years (+5 from the minimum age, which is currently 18) will have to wait until their driver is 23 to create their second driver?

And the other one is a bit more serious: I also guess that employees from the second driver won't be available to be used by F1 teams, isn't it?
22.09.2021 20:28:17 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 06:04:17 - jcgoble3
Second driver - this is also an option we did not think of. The idea to restrict drivers on career path was clearly to disable having two great drivers in same season series. But we also want to support other racing paths not just classic circuit cars.

Different countries - yes of course if driver fom home country is retired, we will not force to retire second driver with different nationality. But if manager creates second driver when his only country is different nationality, then home country will be forced for him...
22.09.2021 20:32:52 - Belgium Thisken - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 20:22:07 - DebiK
My point is that Nations Cup is a community thing. As will Racing Clubs be. All this little communities need a place to talk tactics, strategy, ...
My opinion on the topic "different nationality for second driver" is that I don't see the point and it might complicate things on the forum.
Especially the national forums are a good place to integrate new players. As far as I know there are no driver forums.
22.09.2021 20:34:46 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 06:11:55 - Deuce
The main goal of different prices for different nationalities is to avoid having too many drivers from rare countries like Pitcairn Islands, Cook Islands or Vatican. It would create unrealistic taste to the game. If there is one such driver then ok, if there are 10 guys from Pitcairn islands and 5 of them in F1, I would say it is trouble. So honestly Pitcairn Islands will cost a lot and the price might grow with number of drivers created with this nationality.
On the other hand, your question about low price for bigger country makes sense BUT I do nto see motivation for managers to create driver with French nationality. The French community is big enough and full of pretty skilled drivers that haning a chance to participate in nations cup for them seems like a tough task. So I do not see why uses would create French driver or driver with other strong nationality... But if they do so, I do not see much of a problem. It will not spoil the realistic feeling for other managers as French drivers are vary common in motorsport.
22.09.2021 20:37:19 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 11:46:36 - ArtisMAKANS
With more drivers participating in Rally and Motorcycles there might be also Motorcycles Nations cup and Rally Nations cup too... But we need to see the stats first.
22.09.2021 20:39:34 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 14:52:43 - Adamski
Each driver will have his own employees and finances... There will be no competitive advantage for second driver thanks to existence of first driver...
22.09.2021 20:41:51 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 18:40:43 - Minalcar
When you retire first driver, your second will become first... THe restrictions you mention will be the same for both first and second driver...
22.09.2021 20:44:04 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 20:23:47 - nicorz
Yes managers with young drivers will have to wait...

Does it matter_ Limit for F1 teams is 10 employees so does it matter whether they comes from 2 drivers of 2 managers or 2 drivers of 1 manager?
22.09.2021 20:46:20 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 20:32:52 - Thisken
Me personally do not see creating new NMAs for drivers only where there are no managers as reasonable option... The preferred goal is to help smaller but existing countries to be more competitive.
22.09.2021 20:51:04 - Belgium Thisken - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 20:34:46 - DebiK
Drivers from Pitcairn Islands will have to wait for a Pitcairn Islands user to become president of the Pitcairn Islands national team.
I think the Motorcycles and Rally Nations Cup might be a better option then to have more "active" countries.
22.09.2021 20:53:58 - Belgium Thisken - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 20:46:20 - DebiK
You could allow smaller countries to join together and form an alliance to start a team?
22.09.2021 20:54:13 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Wouldn't be a bad idea to add a rally and a moto race to the current Nations Cup lineup, and I'd make it free for all, so teams have to choose where to put their top drivers...
22.09.2021 20:55:58 - Belgium Thisken - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 20:54:13 - JordiMontané
Indeed, and this might give smaller countries the opportunity to be strong in a certain area.
23.09.2021 01:12:39 - Canada EugeneBellamy - Reply
All the changes sound great and are certain to enhance the user experience! Just wondering how long it might be until a fee structure for the 2nd driver's country choice might be made available?
23.09.2021 13:43:57 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
From day 1 of next season, this system will be modified.

The link doesn't work.
23.09.2021 16:25:41 - Canada EugeneBellamy - Reply
Another question then springs to mind. Will the fee structure be subject to intermittent change, as the status of performance of individual countries could and should change over time?
23.09.2021 21:01:45 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 23.09.2021 13:43:57 - montoya79
This is not a link, just a phrase underlined.
23.09.2021 21:14:18 - Russia montoya79 - Reply
Reply to: 23.09.2021 21:01:45 - JordiMontané
I clicked the wrong line.
23.09.2021 23:45:03 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
This post was edited - 23.09.2021 23:45:03
What is it for the different carrier paths, if a "moto" driver still can drive in rally series?

Carrier Path doesn't mean anyithing, you can still train any skills and race in any series, so you can still have 2 drivers in the same cathegory.

For example, If I have 1st driver with Circuit Racing carrier path and train circuit racing skills, I can do it with 2nd driver to, doesn't matter the 2nd have Rally carrier path.

If I have a driver with Circuit Racing, block him from moto and rally series, and vice versa.
24.09.2021 08:54:02 - Canada Deuce - Reply
Reply to: 23.09.2021 23:45:03 - Boczy
This post was deleted by a moderator!
24.09.2021 12:31:01 - Canada Deuce - Reply
Reply to: 23.09.2021 23:45:03 - Boczy
- Driver can participate in single races, custom series and season series of his own career path only.

- Career path of second driver MUST be different than career path of first driver (can be changed but only to the available path, never the same as other driver).
24.09.2021 15:03:38 - Indonesia LusianoNg - Reply
Next Racing Team in Next Formula 1:
• Aston Martin
• Alfa Romeo Racing
• Alpha Taurri (changed from Senna Sempre Racing)
• Tesla-Jordan Racing F1 Team
• BWT Racing Point
• Marussia F1 Racing Team
24.09.2021 15:19:00 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 24.09.2021 12:31:01 - Deuce
"- Driver can participate in single races, custom series and season series of his own career path only."

Is this really working? I never tried. :-)
24.09.2021 17:12:37 - Sweden darkwater - Reply
Racing Clubs - can you change clubs?
Do each club get a club chat?
24.09.2021 18:05:45 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 22.09.2021 20:53:58 - Thisken
That is interesting idea, but that also demotivates people from smaller countries to call friends to the game...
24.09.2021 18:07:47 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 23.09.2021 23:45:03 - Boczy
YOu will not be able to join circuit series with moto driver
24.09.2021 18:08:38 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 24.09.2021 15:19:00 - Boczy
It will from new season...
24.09.2021 23:38:20 - Hungary Boczy - Reply
Reply to: 24.09.2021 18:08:38 - DebiK
Ok, thanks. :-)
26.09.2021 17:13:24 - NavelPossession14045 - Reply
That means, the manager is from Taiwan, while the 2nd will become from British Virgin Island
28.09.2021 12:07:26 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 26.09.2021 17:13:24 - NavelPossession14045
This is an option we are discussing.
05.10.2021 06:45:55 - TerryWilson - Reply
Nation cup series should be considered Nuetral so second drivers can help thier Nation in that series.. So Moto and Rally drivers can particapate in Nation cup..

This would strengthen Nation cup racing for all nations.. But helps the smaller nations as..

I believe having a second driver just 5 seasons after the first fills the incentive to retains not only veterans of game but new players as well. So Good Job Debik and MRC Family
05.10.2021 09:48:29 - TerryWilson - Reply
One more minor little problem that seems to have been overlooked with second drivers.. Not enough season series races for all the second drivers coming to 2 very narrow paths.. Moto has only 5 season series.. Rally series has only 3.. if Half of the circuit races makes second drivers alot second drivers will be stuck in rookies series..

May we should add a 3rd category career path.. closed wheel career and rename open circuit racing to open wheel.

Just a thought
08.10.2021 11:12:33 - fredyflojd - Reply
With 2nd driver now some managers can have even more drivers than they have now.
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