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Letter to Our Russian Friends

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Letter to Our Russian Friends

English 26.02.2022 20:15:10
Dear Russian friends and also all other managers in this game. Last few days are very tough for me personaly. Not able to stay focused in my job. Not able to stay calm at home. I cried the other night. It is hard to find the right words but I would like to explain some steps and my attitude to the current - very sad situation.
First of all. When you see that me and some other members of the MRC team are showing support to the Ukraine it does not mean we consider you managers from Russia as our enemies. I personaly have few colleagues from Russia and Ukraine in my regular job and we all get along very well. I know that probably most of you does not even support the war in Ukraine and you are not guilty for what is happening (except maybe the possibility that you voted for the guy in charge in your last elections, but that does not matter now).

It is really possible that sooner or later you will not be able to login to the game. Connection to the game from your country might be limited but I would like to let you know that it will be not my plan to close the game for you.
If something like that happens - pls try to send email to support@myracingcareer.com ASAP.
I will try to setup the system to freeze your accounts and avoid penalties for your inactivity in the game, so in the future when you will return back, you will be able to continue where you left.

It is also possible that you will not be able to do any payments to the game. In such case pls contact me too and we will look for the solution in a form of a friendly favour.

There will be some temporary rule changes too:
1. From now it is prohibited to show any support to the war on our forums or other public cases. Supporting end of war is ok.
2. It is also prohibited to send any vulgar or attacking messages to our Russian managers. I believe they are not guilty and they does not deserve to be attacked.
3. If something else which could be considered as wrong behavior come up, I will take the actions to protect innocent.

I hope I explained my attitude well. It is my personal attitude, maybe not all MRC team members have the same (but I hope they do).

In next few days, it will be possible to request the SUPPORT UKRAINE ribbon if you have such design on your helmet.


Thank you for understanding.
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26.02.2022 21:17:38 - Russia Miller - Reply
Hi everybody!

Unfortunately, the last three days have been very shocking for all of us. What is happening now with the relations between my country and Ukraine is a disaster. For many centuries we have been one fraternal people and I consider the enmity to which the politicians of our countries have led a crime. I also ask you not to react to the possible provocative messages of our compatriots, because they are not the position of the inhabitants of the whole country, and there are moral freaks in every nation.
I would also like to say a big thank you to those managers who expressed their support in personal messages, it was very nice!
I hope that peace will come to our homes very soon.

With respect to the participants of the game. Miller.
26.02.2022 22:07:42 - Portugal bornelas - Reply
Agreed, this madness needs to stop...
26.02.2022 22:37:23 - Russia Somebodystopme - Reply
This post was edited - 26.02.2022 22:37:23
This is only politics... Some "rulers of the of the world" are challenging another ones. Whose d*ck is bigger. But that is just a several persons. That could be seen during all history. There were always some crazy or sick persons, who started wars. Some of them wanted to conquer the world, others - to defend, and other to annihilate hole nation, and so on.
But at the end, only ordinary people were suffering, fought and were killing each other for a "great purpose"
I'm sure, it will ends very soon.
27.02.2022 04:45:05 - Italy DorianDarkfire - Reply
In a war (any war) it is always the innocent who have the worst, not the presidents, not the politicians. There are Ukrainian families mourning the loss of their father and Russian families mourning the loss of a child, both victims of the madness of politics.
My solidarity goes to them regardless of the flag and for this reason, my riders' helmets will be in support of PACE
27.02.2022 05:50:18 - montoya79 - Reply
Reply to: 27.02.2022 04:45:05 - DorianDarkfire
Thank you for such an adequate comment, others would also do well to remember what happened there over the previous 8 years. Soon it will all be over and there will be peace and order for everyone.
27.02.2022 06:32:18 - Russia kirix019 - Reply
Thank you for this comment. I, like most Russians, am against war. I do not support the government of the Russian Federation. Propaganda of aggression should not mislead us. A simple person from Ukraine is more important than an official from Russia.

Thanks to this game. MRC reminds us that people from different countries can communicate and create joint projects. We are all people with equal rights and opportunities.
27.02.2022 06:39:14 - Russia XvitekX - Reply
no war! We, ordinary citizens, suffer because of politics.
27.02.2022 08:13:35 - Poppel - Reply
I just want to say that I hope that the war ends soon and I know that most of the ordinary, normal citizens don't want the war. So I won't think different about anyone here than before.
27.02.2022 08:40:35 - Finland Petu_ - Reply
This post was edited - 27.02.2022 08:40:35
Lennon's words make much more sense than ever for me:

"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Livin' life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one"

F*ck countries, without politics we would not have nothing to kill or die for. Real wake up is to see my family crying for Ukraine and Russia. I want everyone to be safe! #Peace
27.02.2022 10:11:39 - Austria PaleRider - Reply
Thanks Debik, very well sayed!
Great comments, stay safe guys!
27.02.2022 20:00:52 - OlegShigorin - Reply
This post was deleted by a moderator!
03.03.2022 12:59:47 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
I hadn't been able to comment until now. As a MRC Team Member I agree with Debik's message.

We may have our own opinions on what's happening but first and foremost, MRC is a game, and a community where we've all met great people from all over the world. Every person's situation is different but empathy towards our friends and competitors always helps.

War is in essence a failure to show empathy for other human beings. Whatever our beliefs are, no one wants to suffer through a war, and it's my hope that politicians will see sense soon.
06.03.2022 23:06:22 - Germany Tom32ms - Reply
thank you Debik for your words. I think we all think the same here, no one wants a war. we are one big family, no matter where we are from, what nationality, religion or color we are.
08.03.2022 10:58:05 - United States Lee1950 - Reply
Well thought out, and well expressed, Debik. 100% support your sentiments.

I live 9 time zones away, and cannot imagine what my friends in Eastern Europe are trying to cope with. Please know you are in my thoughts. God bless.
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