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User Press Releases: Brazil And75Verdin

Oi! Eu sou R. Barrichello

Português, Brasil 16.03.2023 - Verdinho Barrichello, piloto da Equipe Lotus de F1, através de uma assessoria muito cuidadosa, já vinha acompanhando de perto este jovem! Sua passagem pelas categorias menores foram avassaladoras... Mas agora, é o mundo do MRC, outra realidade pa... Show full release

"Barrichelando" por ai, de novo...

Português, Brasil 03.02.2023 - Mais uma nova temporada, tudo igual! O que isso quer dizer? Simples! A Equipe Lotus está passando por um processo, natural, de transformação. Momento, onde resultados não são a prioridade, mas sim, o progresso e desenvolvimento do projeto. Seguindo... Show full release

“Barrichelando” por aí...

Português, Brasil 17.11.2022 - Olá! Uma nova temporada da F1 se iniciou... Cinco corridas já se foram e dois DNF chegaram. No Bahrain Q3 e P20 na corrida; Arabia Saudita Q2, mas na corrida DNF; Australia Q2, novamente, e na corrida P19; Portugal Q2 (parece ser a glória da ... Show full release

O primeiro a gente nunca esquece!

Português, Brasil 01.11.2022 - Olá Nação Lotus!! O primeiro a gente nunca esquece! Com esse pequeno “mantra”, podemos dizer que assim foi a sensação deixada pelo piloto brasileiro Verdinho Barrichello em sua primeira temporada completa de F1. A primeira metade da temporada ... Show full release

Barrichello na F1 (Sakhir e Jeddah)

Português, Brasil 21.08.2022 - Após muitas expectativas, Barrichello, enfim, estreou na F1. Seu contrato traz algumas coisas interessantes e outras nem tanto. Contudo, o que vale mesmo é o fato de estar na promissora equipe Lotus.... sim, promissora, já que a equipe BRASILEIRA... Show full release

Barrichello na F1.

Português, Brasil 09.08.2022 - (sim, sim, hoje sim!!) Passado da meia noite, enquanto tomava um gostoso vinho tinto, Barrichello e seu staff debatiam estratégias para a parte final do campeonato World GT Series, onde liderava com folgas, quando o telefone tocou: - Barrichello?... Show full release

MUDANDO DE ARES - V. Barrichello

Português, Brasil 25.06.2022 - Olá! Verdinho Barrichello, em conjunto com seu staff, optou por trocar de categoria. Deixou a 911S para ingressar na World GT. E essa mudança fez muito bem (obrigado!) ao piloto brasileiro. Na World GT Series, vem fazendo uma temporada como nunc... Show full release

Entrevistando: parte IV (ASDRUBAL PINTO)

Português, Brasil 25.05.2022 - Nessa quarta parte do entrevistando, vamos conversar com o piloto ASDRUBAL PINTO. O piloto e sua assessoria nos recebeu gentilmente em seu escritório. Olá Pinto! Vamos iniciar pedindo que você fale um pouco de você! Quem é o Pinto? - Aliás a min... Show full release

Enquanto isso na 911 S...

Português, Brasil 11.05.2022 - Era uma vez! Era uma vez um mundo perfeito. Esse mundo era cheio de brasileiros competitivos. Pilotos deveras bem treinados que adoravam dominar a categoria 911 S. Esses pilotos venciam corridas, faziam poles e mais poles, voltas rápidas atrás ... Show full release

Entrevistando - Parte III

Português, Brasil 29.04.2022 - E o nosso astro da vez é: Diogo Schwinn Fale um pouco sobre Diogo Schwinn... - Um cara que gosta desses joguinhos, casado, caseiro e pai de 3 meninas lindas, que largou das tretas por elas. hehe Para começar, como você chegou ao MRC? Ou foi o ... Show full release

JJ Lehto Jr To Retire After Season 53

English 21.09.2023 - The Finnish F1 Grand Prix Winner JJ Lehto Jr has decided to retire after season 53 is finished. The Decision was made in the beginning of this season, after one final contract was signed with Jordan F1 Team. The Finn feels that he has achieved eve... Show full release

NASC gold cup driver C. Anderson interview!

English 13.09.2023 - NASC gold cup's own Cal Anderson sat down on wednesday september 13th with Jamie Tall to talk about the NASC gold cup: JT: It is nice to have you here first I needed to ask you: When you are not on the track, What do you like to do CA:For me, strai... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 08.09.2023 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 52: Dyanisus ......... coins) pisti99 ....... coins) EugeneBellam... coins) showthat... Show full release

Weird mistake guy

English 08.09.2023 - V8 Melbourne qualifying highlights: It looks like Andy Blackgrove made a small mistake in Lakeside Drive! It looks like Oiva Hamays made a small mistake in Lakeside Drive! Andy Blackgrove made a noticeable error in Lakeside Drive! It look... Show full release

Hardy Runs For a Cause

English 02.09.2023 - (Seattle, WA) Ashely Hardy's progression continues with her entry the the [URL=https://www.myr... World Peace Tour CXXVI, due to start on September 4th in Suzuka, Japan. The series will take the young driver to each of the six populated continents. ... Show full release

Luka Jerman wins maiden F1 Championship

English 28.08.2023 - Luka Jerman became F1 world champion in a thrilling finale at Yas Marina. The Slovenian led the championship from teammate Moore by a mere 10 points going into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with the stage set for an exciting finale to a season that ha... Show full release

Craig Gardner is sick of being blamed for DNF's that aren't his fault

English 27.08.2023 - For the fourth time this season, alleged teammates Escalada and Gardner collided in a way that caused the latter to retire from the race, costing them what should've been an easy 7th in the championship to Trintignant. Anyone with a working pair of ... Show full release

Mercedes Thanks Romadov

English 22.08.2023 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas wants to thank Vladimir Romadov for everything he has done for us this season. His performances this season have mostly been incredible, as we don´t have a car what could fight for top 20 on merit, but he has been still able to ... Show full release

NASC star breaks silence on Russia scandal

English 18.08.2023 - His face still wet with energy drink from a celebratory shower, NASC trucks points leader Spike Lundberg finally acknowledged an international scandal involving his time spent off the race tracks in Russia. Lundberg went 14 races without talking a... Show full release

Rally Driver Sergej Fährlich Clinches Title in the American Rally Series Ahead of Three Remaining Races, Gears Up for the World Rally Series

English 14.08.2023 - In an impressive feat, rally driver Sergej Fährlich secured the coveted title in the American Rally Series (AMRS) with three races to go. This marks his third consecutive championship win in this prestigious series. Establishing himself as a stalw... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 08.09.2023 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 52: Dyanisus ......... coins) pisti99 ....... coins) EugeneBellam... coins) showthatflop... 5.223 * - Porsche Racing shareholder We will continue to reward coins for your donations for season 53 too: - all donors of 1500+ voting points will receive 120 coins; - all donors of 1250 to 1499 voting points will receive 100 coin... Show full release

Mercedes Thanks Romadov

English 22.08.2023 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas wants to thank Vladimir Romadov for everything he has done for us this season. His performances this season have mostly been incredible, as we don´t have a car what could fight for top 20 on merit, but he has been still able to put our car to Q2 many times this season and in 20 races (so far) he has been able to get himself 11 x on top 20 and 9 x 18th place. His best result this season came in Miami where he got 17th place in the race. -------------... is one of the bes... Show full release

Mercedes Thanks Ernie Beales

English 11.08.2023 - Season 52 will be Ernie´s last season in F1 & in Mercedes team as the 39 year old will focus on Moto racing after this season. Ernie has been a big part of our Mercedes Family and without him the operation behind the scenes would have been harder (Setting up engineers,strategy department knowledge etc) Ernie has performed wonderfully with his driver in the past 2 seasons in F1 with best race finish being 15th in Season 51 Austin . It´s been great to watch Ernie still perform on good le... Show full release

Success in the Rise: Formula 1 Driver D. Stoppe Shows Potential and Improves Performance in the Ongoing Season

English 25.07.2023 - The current Formula 1 season has introduced a promising newcomer in the form of driver D. Stoppe, who has encountered some initial challenges with his team Alpine in his debut season. However, despite the early setbacks, positive developments are now surfacing, promising a bright future for the driver and the Alpine team. Since his entry into the pinnacle of motorsports, D. Stoppe has showcased his impressive skills in the cockpit of the Alpine team. Nevertheless, adapting to the demanding en... Show full release

Russian grid girl to NASC trucks driver: ‘You’re the father’

English 11.07.2023 - The news from Sochi brought the celebration in Tennessee to a full stop. Hours after NASC Truck Series rookie Spike Lundberg won the Bristol Dirt 150 and celebrated in the winner’s circle for the first time in his career, he received word of a pending paternity case from across the world. A Russian grid girl claims a race weekend hookup at the Sochi Autodrom left her pregnant by the American driver. A source close to the woman claims she was a grid girl on two stops in Sochi by the Formula... Show full release

Sorry, I overreacted

English 28.06.2023 - After reading my press release again, I realized I should have used much kinder tone pointing out your mistake. Especially last few lines were uncalled for. I am sorry for that, I overreacted. These days there is so much misinformation on the internet and I get annoyed about that. Otherwise, it was a great interview. I appreciate your passion abut this game. Even though I don’t always agree with your slightly subjective analyses/point of view, I have to admit you have created the best communi... Show full release

Power Rankings - MRC Bahrain GP

English 22.06.2023 - The first race of the season is done! Let’s have a look at who I think did very well in the season opener. Comment below if you disagree or agree. 1. Luka Jerman - What more can be said? The 32-year-old Slovenian former IndyCar champion started his season in the best possible way with pole followed by a win ahead of teammate Gregory Moore. A fantastic weekend for the Porsche driver. Rating : 9.6/10 2. Gregory Moore - Jerman’s Porsche teammate, Moore, also did extremely well. Off the bac... Show full release

Mercedes Family: United We Stand

English 31.05.2023 - [URL=https://...][ur... we gather here to celebrate the relentless pursuit of excellence, the embodiment of precision and performance, and the indomitable spirit of competition. Welcome to the world of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team! At Mercedes, we believe that greatness is not merely achieved; it is earned through dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. For over a century, our iconic three-pointed star has symbolized engine... Show full release

Mercedes Wants You!!!

English 21.05.2023 - [URL=https://...][ur... picture says more than any words can. When you think of Mercedes you know it breeds success. If Mercedes starts a journey you know it will not only win but dominate for years to come. The biggest brand in F1 of all time. Bigger than Ferrari,bigger than Williams,bigger than Red Bull & McLaren This is the only team in F1 what has been able to win 8 Constructors Championships in a row (2014-2021) Only team to win 7 Driver´s World Championships in a row (2014-... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Superlicence for free

English 12.05.2023 - A few seasons ago we have decided to start rewarding our supporters that help us with their activity/voting point donations, and we will continue to reward our supporters in the future too. In fact, we are increasing our rewards from this season onward. By regularly voting and logging in daily our supporters can earn enough points to get enough points to buy themself a superlicence for the entire season. If you don’t know how to vote, you can check the video tutorial we’ve made: - https:/... Show full release
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