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User Press Releases: Belgium Thisken

Vous souhaitez participer à la 15-way series avec la Belgique ?

Français 12.09.2023 - Est-ce qu’il y a des gens qui sont intéressés à participer avec la Belgique à la série 15-way? Voir sujet sur le forum mondial: https://www.myracing... s'agit d'une série de séries privées, organisées par les utilisateurs, où les pays se font concurr... Show full release

Met België naar 15-way series?

Nederlands 12.09.2023 - Zijn er mensen geïnteresseerd om met België deel te nemen aan de 15-way series? Zie onderwerp op het wereldwijd forum: https://www.... is een reeks van privé series, georganiseerd door gebruikers, waarbij landen tegen elkaar strijden. Elk deelnemend... Show full release

L'équipe belge à la recherche de sang frais

Français 12.06.2023 - Bonjour à tous Comme dans la vraie vie, les Belges de MRC vivent actuellement une population vieillissante. Cela garantit qu'il n'y aura pas assez de jeunes pilotes en Coupe des Nations la saison prochaine pour être sélectionnés en U21. Pour ... Show full release

Belgische ploeg op zoek naar vers bloed

Nederlands 12.06.2023 - Hallo iedereen Net als in het echte leven, hebben we bij de Belgen in MRC momenteel te maken met een veroudering van de populatie. Dit zorgt ervoor dat er volgend seizoen in de Nation's Cup onvoldoende jonge coureurs zijn die geselecteerd kunnen w... Show full release

Belgische activiteit gespot op MRC

Nederlands 21.01.2023 - Enkele gepensioneerde managers kwamen de voorbije maanden al eens piepen en twee van hen (Daventry en Thibautboutsen) zijn momenteel ook weer rondjes aan het rijden. Deze Belgische coureurs waren actief de afgelopen week: Aylaronan Dubuisso... Show full release

NMABEL Nations Cup - Dit was seizoen 48

Nederlands 31.10.2022 - Het seizoen zit erop! Na een eerder matig seizoen 47, schrijven we in seizoen 48 ons resultaat al voor de vierde keer met vier cijfers: 1.016 punten, dat is de derde Belgische teamprestatie ooit en slechts 46 punten verwijderd van het Belgisch record... Show full release

NMABEL Nations Cup - Dit was seizoen 45

Nederlands 13.03.2022 - Het Belgische resultaat kunnen we, met een 24ste plaats en 607 pt., eerder als gemiddeld bestempelen, maar alweer blijkt dat we kunnen rekenen op een brede kern. Helaas zagen we Hugo Vercammen uitvallen ten gevolge van corona. Hopelijk raakte hi... Show full release

Eén reglement zegt meer dan negenennegentig woorden

Nederlands 30.08.2021 - Hoe je kan winnen in de persberichtencompetitie staat duidelijk beschreven in de spelregels van MRC, kijk maar eens onder het boekje. Niet alleen heb je drie likes nodig, er moeten ook minstens twee verschillende deelnemers zijn tijdens de uitre... Show full release

We spraken met ... de nieuw verkozen voorzitter

Nederlands 08.08.2021 - Thisken is al de vierde van deze generatie managers die de eer kreeg voorzitter te worden van de National Motorsport Association of Belgium (NMABEL). Voorzitter is, naast een eretitel, vooral ook selectieheer. Het is hij, of zij, die telkens de pilot... Show full release

Proficiat Hugo!

Nederlands 12.07.2021 - Het zat er al een tijdje aan te komen en na de laatste klassementsaanpassing is het ook eindelijk zover. Hugo Vercammen werd op 30-jarige leeftijd de Belgische coureur met de hoogste ranking sinds de start van dit klassement. Illustere figuren als Ro... Show full release

Filipino Racer Matthew Jamiel Balita Makes Memorable Debut in Formula 4 at Pecs, Hungary

English 21.02.2024 - Pecs, Hungary - [S55 Day 16] Matthew Jamiel Balita, the promising Filipino racer, made an impressive debut in the Formula 4 championship at Pecs, Hungary, on S55 Day 16. Despite facing unexpected challenges, his determination and skill shone thr... Show full release

Mercedes Race In China

English 19.02.2024 - Yesterday in China we got our seasons best result with Haveri being 20th and JJ Lehto 21st. Good overall race where we were able to keep cars behind us and retirements infront have helped us to score better results than we were expecting. Overa... Show full release

Nothing more than position 4 - Australian Formula 4

English 18.02.2024 - The race week in Melbourne is over and while the Australian Formula 4 in Adelaide has been an up and down ride for Raphael Weber, the week in Melbourne was much better for the young German. In race 1 Weber started the race in 4th position and fini... Show full release

Mercedes Race in Suzuka + Summary

English 17.02.2024 - In the Suzuka race, Haveri and Lehto were nearly at the bottom of the race standings for almost the entire race. The rain that came at the end of the race saved it, and both drivers went to the pits to switch to intermediate tires six laps before... Show full release

Young Bucks Racers U22 - Clow and Mairesse surprises in San Carlos

English 16.02.2024 - The second half of the Young Bucks Racers U22 Series opened and Fabricio Ze Cruz took the lead over championship leader Janos Toth-Fodor. Ze Cruz on pole position, Toth-Fodor only on 7th at the start, host Raphael Weber only from position 15th. ... Show full release

Jordan F1 Team..... What will be next?

English 16.02.2024 - We interviewed the owner of the Jordan F1 Team, manager deka96, to whom we asked questions about this F1 season and their progress. What can we prepare for and what are the immediate goals of the team that they would like to achieve in the near futur... Show full release

Mercedes Race In Melbourne

English 15.02.2024 - Race in Melbourne finished better than we expected again. Good strategy, staying out of trouble and couple of retirements from others helped our drivers in finishing 23rd & 24th in yesterday´s race. Very good job from Haveri and Lehto. Race... Show full release

2.Young Bucks Racers U22 will start on February 27th

English 15.02.2024 - Half-time in the Young Bucks Racers U22 and Raphael Weber has announced that the series will resume after a three-day break. From February 27th, the series will start its second season at Brands Hatch and will run over 10 races. The division betw... Show full release

Smidl is victorious in Melbourne - Young Bucks Racers U22

English 14.02.2024 - Race No.4 took place on the streets of Melbourne's Southbank neighbourhood and the top 2 of the series were not on pole position, it was Michal Smidl from the Czech Republic. Ze Cruz started from position 3, Janos Toth-Fodor from position 7 and host ... Show full release

Mercedes Race In Jeddah F1

English 12.02.2024 - Race in Jeddah was good in one end, but bad on the other. Haveri´s 20th place was more than welcome in yesterday´s race. But the con is that Chevy got better result with Hunt´s 16th place result so they jumped us on Constructor´s. But we can´t ... Show full release

Future Of Mercedes F1 Team

English 30.01.2024 - In season 55 Mercedes F1 Team´s drivers are going to be JJ Lehto Jr & Oiva Haveri. [URL=http... 55 is going to be painful season to witness as this will most likely be our teams worst season since season 49, but it´s not the end of the world as if you want to focus on long term success in Midfield or higher Midfield, then after every Rule Regulation changes for smaller teams (Coin Flips which decide do you have to build new part completely, automatically means that next season at least is... Show full release

Aston Martin Fan Championship - Season 5

English 22.01.2024 - With the fifth edition of the “Aston Martin Fan Championship” having just ended, it is time to summarize what it was like. [b]Felipe Campolargo[/b] won his fifth title (obtaining 7 wins, 6 poles and 9 podiums) the newcomer to the Aston Martin Fan Cup [u]Ash Bee[/u] came 2nd (2 wins, 1 pole and 8 podiums) and [u]Vladimir Romadov[/u] came in 3rd (3 poles and 6 podiums). In 4th place was [u]Julianna Risko[/u] (1 victory and 2 podiums), [u]Noé Nogueira[/u] finished 5th (2 podiums) and [u]Jamie Th... Show full release

NASC driver fined for helmet antics

English 03.01.2024 - Spike Lundberg’s helmet hit his rival’s car three times before bystanders managed to pull him away. The three strikes netted him a $10,000 fine. Lundberg was taken straight to the NASC officials hauler at Daytona International Speedway, where race officials kept him for more than two hours after a NASC Silver Cup race ended. Lundberg finished in ninth place, a lap off the pace of winner Vaclav Raketa. Lundberg was involved in four on-track incidents, including one with Tsuyoshin Nakamoto that... Show full release

Norris Comes From 10th on Grid, Wins at Indianapolis GP Feature Race

English 13.12.2023 - In a thrilling display of skill and determination, American driver Dan Norris delivered a masterful performance at the F4 American Series on the iconic Indianapolis GP track. Starting from 10th on the grid in the feature race, Norris showcased his racing prowess and strategic brilliance, ultimately clinching victory in a race that will be remembered for its intense battles and unexpected twists. As the lights went out, starting mid pack proved to be difficult for Norris to overtake the other ... Show full release

Farewell Message from Juliaph Matterson

English 20.11.2023 - https://i.ibb.co/hyS... racing enthusiasts and supporters, As I bid farewell to the thrilling world of circuit racing, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible journey we've shared. Representing Indonesia has been an honor, and I am proud to have clinched 2nd place in the Formula 3 Central European Series, 2nd place in Street Racers CXVIII (U21) in season 51, and 3rd place in Friendship Cup XVII (U25) in season 53. Joining the esteemed 54 North Motorsports Club added a special chapter... Show full release

Road to next Challenge

English 13.11.2023 - V. Ceļš ended his 8-time winning strike in the WRS Rally Championship with a great win in Japan, only 1 second in front of J. Zhuk. In Season 9 wins was totally fine to win the title again. But… In next season we will have a new and fresh WRS champion. A short conversation with champion Visvaldis Ceļš. Q: How do You feel after finishing this great Win run? A: It’s Amazing after the first 4 titles every next one comes with a new surprise and difficulty level. Of course, all season was unde... Show full release

Spiked: No wins, no baby, no girl?

English 28.10.2023 - When NASC Silver Cup driver Spike Lundberg was ready to talk, the room fell silent. The light-hearted mood of a post-race press conference turned somber, as the 22-year-old subject of international scandal opened up for the first time in nine months. “I want to clear the air with you all, because I know I’ve been blowing off your questions for months,” Lundberg told the reporters in the infield press area at Talladega Superspeedway moments after he qualified seventh for the Alabama 300. “... Show full release

F-4 Europe regional series half season review

English 09.10.2023 - season 53 is already in full swing Today about F-4 regional series, which are less discussed. Alpine series F-4 continues to lead as in previous seasons Ramon Haecki II froam Switzerland. He win all Qualification and race. Second Vincent Toutain to France, the third polish Jurek Oprych.Only 10 points separate the second and third places.It's an interesting second half of the season interesting. Balkan series a fierce battle takes place between China Wei Du and American Victoria Eller Cze... Show full release

JJ Lehto Jr To Retire After Season 53

English 21.09.2023 - The Finnish F1 Grand Prix Winner JJ Lehto Jr has decided to retire after season 53 is finished. The Decision was made in the beginning of this season, after one final contract was signed with Jordan F1 Team. The Finn feels that he has achieved everything there is to achieve what there was to achieve with his potential. JJ Lehto wasn´t the best trained driver with many skills being at 50-55 (Overtaking,blocking, etc) but Lehto was able to still accomplish many highlights throughout his virt... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 08.09.2023 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 52: Dyanisus ......... coins) pisti99 ....... coins) EugeneBellam... coins) showthatflop... 5.223 * - Porsche Racing shareholder We will continue to reward coins for your donations for season 53 too: - all donors of 1500+ voting points will receive 120 coins; - all donors of 1250 to 1499 voting points will receive 100 coin... Show full release
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