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User Press Releases

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User Press Releases: Latvia ArtisMAKANS

Again Latvian in F1

English 16.02.2021 - It has been almost 3 years since the last press release. It also reflects the approximate real-time time it takes for a pilot to be raised to F1. Yes, it has been almost 3 years since I started my second pilot, and this one, like the first, has find ... Show full release

Atkal Letiņš F1

Latviešu 16.02.2021 - Pagājuši gandrīz 3 gadi kopš pēdējās preses relīzes. Tas arī atspoguļo, cik aptuveni reālā dzīves laika vajadzīgs, lai pilotu izaudzinātu līdz F1. Jā pagājuši gandrīz 3 gadi kopš audzinu savu otro pilotu, un arī šis tāpat kā pirmais izcīnijis ceļu lī... Show full release

It is time...

English 06.03.2018 - It's time for legendary Artis Atrumins to retire! Of course a legend he was just for me, because he was my first driver in this game, and for the F1 team Porsche, in which he fight 5 fantastic seasons in F1 level, where have brought both pleasure and... Show full release

Ir pienācis laiks.

Latviešu 06.03.2018 - Ir pienācis laiks leģendārajam braucējam Artim Ātrumiņam doties pensijā! Protams leģendārs viņš bija tikai man, jo tas bija mans pirmais braucējs šajā spēlē, un F1 komandai Porsche, kuras sastāvā ir aizvadītas 5 fantastiskas sezonas F1 līmenī, kas ir... Show full release

However, this has happened!

English 19.10.2017 - Today Ātrumiņš won his first win in the F1 race! This season, Porsche has built an excellent car that is more suitable for slow tracks and excellent handling. We could already confirm that in the season's first race in Australia, where both Porsche ... Show full release

Tomēr tas ir noticis!

Latviešu 19.10.2017 - Šodien Ātrumiņš izcīnīja savu pirmo uzvaru F1 sacīkstē! Šosezon Porsche ir izveidojusi lielisku auto, kas vairāk piemērots lēnajām trasēm un lielisku vadāmību. Par to varējām jau pārliecināties sezonas pirmajā sacīkstē Austrālijā, kur jau kvalifikāc... Show full release

Tik tuvu goda pjedastālam vairs netikt

Latviešu 31.08.2017 - Šodien Ungārijas trasē Ātrumiņš cīnījās par savu pirmo goda pjedestālu. Lielisks sniegums kvalifikācijā: izcīnīta 2. vieta. Startā gan tika zaudētas divas vietas, bet vēlāk viena atgūta un pēc pirmā pistopa Ātrumiņš bija ātrākais tuvojoties līderiem,... Show full release

Ātrumiņš F1 un A1

Latviešu 07.08.2017 - Neliels ieskats notiekošajā uz šo brīdi: F1. Pēc ne visai veiksmīgā sezonas sākuma, Sočos beidzot izdevās tikt punktos, pie tam tas izdevās komandas abiem pilotiem. Nākošajos divos posmos arī vajadzētu tikt punktos, bet tas jau atkal atkarīgs no lie... Show full release

Kāpumi, kritumi

Latviešu 29.06.2017 - Pēc vakardienas fantastiskās kvalifikācijā izcīnītās 3. vietas. Šodien kritums. Uz sacīkstes kvalifikāciju bija uztrenēts sacīkšu simulators līdz 90% un uzkrātā pieredze uz 13%. Domāju ka pateicoties šiem rādītājiem izdevās kvalifikāciju nobraukt be... Show full release

Joprojām par F1

Latviešu 23.06.2017 - Pēc lielāka pārtraukuma (5 sacīkstes) bez punktiem, ir izdevies atkal gūt pāris punktiņus. Kā parasti tas nenācās viegli, jo kā parasti kvalifikācijā tikai pieļauta kļūda (tikai 3 no šībrīža sezonas kvalifikācijām nav pieļautas kļūdas, kā arī vienā p... Show full release

J.J. Yeley

English 28.11.2023 - HE NEEDS SPONSORS He is going to be a top performer in the racing industry. Show full release

What happened to CAR tricon Garage?

English 28.11.2023 - Peoplle are wondering what happened to CAR tricon garage and we have the answer. We have decided to move our entry to start in season 55, in the mean time our driver C. Anderson has been elected as a reserve driver in the NASC silver series, so if a ... Show full release

African Rally Championship begins

English 23.11.2023 - A new continental championship starts today - the African Rally Championship. The series promises to be a real challenge, combining the traditional gravel and loose surface rallies of old, along with asphalt rallies on the islands. The season kicks ... Show full release

There is new alpha in the horde...

English 23.11.2023 - Congratulation to Wolfpack for winning the Club Series season. We tried our best, but the last weeks are showed we can't overtake them. They have better car, better drivers, nearly impossible to beat them. And this is the time, when I need to acce... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 23.11.2023 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 53: Lumicad .......... coins) pisti99 ............ 500 (40 coins) JMC123 ............. Show full release

Mercedes Academy Series Season 54

English 22.11.2023 - 28.11.2023 Starts Mercedes Academy Series for both 18-25 year olds & for the U26+ U25 series can be joined only by the supporters of Mercedes & U26+ can be joined by everyone. If you are interested of joining our academy, write me an m... Show full release

Farewell Message from Juliaph Matterson

English 20.11.2023 - https://i.ibb.co/hyS... racing enthusiasts and supporters, As I bid farewell to the thrilling world of circuit racing, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible journey we've shared. Representing Indonesia has been an honor, and I am proud to ... Show full release

Back in the USA!

English 18.11.2023 - (Seattle, WA, USA) After an extended campaign the Rookie Series, Ashely Hardy is taking her talents to the Formula 4 American Series, due to start November 22 at the Circuit of The Americas. She and the latest incarnation of the "World Wa... Show full release

Season 53 Mercedes Fan Of The Season:

English 18.11.2023 - Season 53 Fan Of The Season award goes to XvitekX XVitekX has been supporting our team ever since he has joined us, and gives us constantly voting points, and is always asking and trying to find ways to help our team in any means necessary. Tha... Show full release

Back Off Track

English 16.11.2023 - It's no secret that veteran manager Adamski has missed the grit and grime of the WRS world, hanging up his muddy boots and pace notes in favour of the comparative glitz and glamour of track racing in recent seasons. With rider Lee Nova and F4/F3 h... Show full release

Road to next Challenge

English 13.11.2023 - V. Ceļš ended his 8-time winning strike in the WRS Rally Championship with a great win in Japan, only 1 second in front of J. Zhuk. In Season 9 wins was totally fine to win the title again. But… In next season we will have a new and fresh WRS champion. A short conversation with champion Visvaldis Ceļš. Q: How do You feel after finishing this great Win run? A: It’s Amazing after the first 4 titles every next one comes with a new surprise and difficulty level. Of course, all season was unde... Show full release

Spiked: No wins, no baby, no girl?

English 28.10.2023 - When NASC Silver Cup driver Spike Lundberg was ready to talk, the room fell silent. The light-hearted mood of a post-race press conference turned somber, as the 22-year-old subject of international scandal opened up for the first time in nine months. “I want to clear the air with you all, because I know I’ve been blowing off your questions for months,” Lundberg told the reporters in the infield press area at Talladega Superspeedway moments after he qualified seventh for the Alabama 300. “... Show full release

F-4 Europe regional series half season review

English 09.10.2023 - season 53 is already in full swing Today about F-4 regional series, which are less discussed. Alpine series F-4 continues to lead as in previous seasons Ramon Haecki II froam Switzerland. He win all Qualification and race. Second Vincent Toutain to France, the third polish Jurek Oprych.Only 10 points separate the second and third places.It's an interesting second half of the season interesting. Balkan series a fierce battle takes place between China Wei Du and American Victoria Eller Cze... Show full release

JJ Lehto Jr To Retire After Season 53

English 21.09.2023 - The Finnish F1 Grand Prix Winner JJ Lehto Jr has decided to retire after season 53 is finished. The Decision was made in the beginning of this season, after one final contract was signed with Jordan F1 Team. The Finn feels that he has achieved everything there is to achieve what there was to achieve with his potential. JJ Lehto wasn´t the best trained driver with many skills being at 50-55 (Overtaking,blocking, etc) but Lehto was able to still accomplish many highlights throughout his virt... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 08.09.2023 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 52: Dyanisus ......... coins) pisti99 ....... coins) EugeneBellam... coins) showthatflop... 5.223 * - Porsche Racing shareholder We will continue to reward coins for your donations for season 53 too: - all donors of 1500+ voting points will receive 120 coins; - all donors of 1250 to 1499 voting points will receive 100 coin... Show full release

Mercedes Thanks Romadov

English 22.08.2023 - Mercedes-AMG Petronas wants to thank Vladimir Romadov for everything he has done for us this season. His performances this season have mostly been incredible, as we don´t have a car what could fight for top 20 on merit, but he has been still able to put our car to Q2 many times this season and in 20 races (so far) he has been able to get himself 11 x on top 20 and 9 x 18th place. His best result this season came in Miami where he got 17th place in the race. -------------... is one of the bes... Show full release

Mercedes Thanks Ernie Beales

English 11.08.2023 - Season 52 will be Ernie´s last season in F1 & in Mercedes team as the 39 year old will focus on Moto racing after this season. Ernie has been a big part of our Mercedes Family and without him the operation behind the scenes would have been harder (Setting up engineers,strategy department knowledge etc) Ernie has performed wonderfully with his driver in the past 2 seasons in F1 with best race finish being 15th in Season 51 Austin . It´s been great to watch Ernie still perform on good le... Show full release

Success in the Rise: Formula 1 Driver D. Stoppe Shows Potential and Improves Performance in the Ongoing Season

English 25.07.2023 - The current Formula 1 season has introduced a promising newcomer in the form of driver D. Stoppe, who has encountered some initial challenges with his team Alpine in his debut season. However, despite the early setbacks, positive developments are now surfacing, promising a bright future for the driver and the Alpine team. Since his entry into the pinnacle of motorsports, D. Stoppe has showcased his impressive skills in the cockpit of the Alpine team. Nevertheless, adapting to the demanding en... Show full release

Russian grid girl to NASC trucks driver: ‘You’re the father’

English 11.07.2023 - The news from Sochi brought the celebration in Tennessee to a full stop. Hours after NASC Truck Series rookie Spike Lundberg won the Bristol Dirt 150 and celebrated in the winner’s circle for the first time in his career, he received word of a pending paternity case from across the world. A Russian grid girl claims a race weekend hookup at the Sochi Autodrom left her pregnant by the American driver. A source close to the woman claims she was a grid girl on two stops in Sochi by the Formula... Show full release

Sorry, I overreacted

English 28.06.2023 - After reading my press release again, I realized I should have used much kinder tone pointing out your mistake. Especially last few lines were uncalled for. I am sorry for that, I overreacted. These days there is so much misinformation on the internet and I get annoyed about that. Otherwise, it was a great interview. I appreciate your passion abut this game. Even though I don’t always agree with your slightly subjective analyses/point of view, I have to admit you have created the best communi... Show full release
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