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User Press Releases: cucak11

opametite se

Hrvatski 08.11.2019 - Ajmo ljudi zar neshvaćate da Daniel je slovaćka marioneta sa njim upravlja DebiK pa da se slovaci osramote iduću sezonu nitko neće prema njima imati poštovanje i zato se daniel kandidirao da bi slovaci opet kontrolirati reprezentaciju glasajte za dan... Show full release

Dosta mi je ovog lika

Hrvatski 06.11.2019 - Ako želite biti ovce slobodno glasajte za mene jer Daniel laže da bi me maknuo sa mjesta predsjednika glasajte za mene ako vam je dosta onih budalaština koje radi govori Daniel i pustite srpsku stranu i poslušajte Talijansku stranu i okonćajmo ovo sr... Show full release

Dosta je ovoga

Hrvatski 06.11.2019 - Ljudi otvorite oći pa zar ne vidite da ovo sve za vrjeme daniela nitko nije smio što reći protiv HMS-a a sad je pušteno pravo glasa. Nebi bilo više našeg bolida da daniel ostane a doveo bi bolid iz sezone 17. Zar ne shvaćate Daniel je samo jako loš... Show full release

Jeli ako si takav

Hrvatski 05.11.2019 - Kao prvo puno sam grješio u prošlosti priznajem. Okrenuo sam se pravoj strani i ostavi sam prošlost iza sebe. Znam da će biti puno ožiljaka od moje prošlosti ali sam se okrenuo poštenju pa mi se oprostilo. Daniel koliko znam i ti si imao svoj jedan ... Show full release

Glasajte za mene

Hrvatski 04.11.2019 - Ako će te glasati za mene riješit ću sve probleme u savezu i više neće biti lošeg vođenja i u svemu će nam pomoći moj podpredsjednik i jedan od glavnih u savezu i glasajte za mene jer sam ja jedini aktivan kandidat dok daniel nije skoro nikad aktivan Show full release

Srbi su nepravedni

Hrvatski 04.11.2019 - Zatvorena je željezna zavjesa među hrv i srb i od sad smo u neprijateljskim odnosima Show full release

Big Protest

English 03.11.2019 - they went out into the streets wrestling looking for the F3 series and they announced strikes and riders angry about having to drive in other countries and everybody wants their series back and everybody wants their series back and that's an angry mo... Show full release

Ljudi su tražili komunizam

Hrvatski 03.11.2019 - Ljudi su izglasali komunizam i mi surađujemo sa RB da bi bolje voodili reprezentaciju pod komunizmom data:ima... Show full release

Ljudi su tražili komunizam

Hrvatski 03.11.2019 - Svi su tražili komunizam a mi surađujemo sa red bull-om koji nas podržava pa glasajte za mene i bit će bolji savez. data:image/j... Show full release

Molim vas dovodite igraće i neka igraju

Hrvatski 26.10.2019 - Ljudi nemamo dovoljno igraća i dovoljno vozaća daniel00cro ako se tako piše nije aktivan a ako mislimo zadržati repku pozovimo igraće koji nisu aktivni jer mi je debiK rekao da trebamo imati svih 6 aktivnih vozaća idću sezonu a ako ih neće biti zatvo... Show full release

Aston Martin Fan Championship - Season 6

English 11.04.2024 - With the sixth edition of the “Aston Martin Fan Championship” having just ended, it is time to summarize what happened. [b]Felipe Campolargo[/b] won his sixth title (obtaining 7 wins, 5 poles and 10 podiums), [u]Cupertino Jarbas[/u] came 2nd (with... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Superlicence for free

English 10.04.2024 - Many seasons ago we have decided to start rewarding our supporters that help us with their activity/voting point donations, and we will continue to reward our supporters in the future too. In fact, we have increased few seasons ago. By regularly v... Show full release

Introducing Close Gap Trophy (Moto Private)

English 07.04.2024 - https://www.myracing... Welcome to the first edition of the "Close Gap Trophy" The championship's philosophy is fair competition between competitors up to 23 years old, motorcycling lovers, whose rider is still evolving, in this trophy ... Show full release

Kirk Breaks the DNF streak with a Deserved Podium.

English 01.04.2024 - Riley Kirk Has now 3 podiums in 5 races, he finished the 36 lap race in P3 after a battle with L. Jameson ends in tears for Jameson after a Collision means he had DNFed, Luckily, Riley and Jameson were far enough ahead that they probably couldve drov... Show full release

C. Kirk Finds his Series

English 31.03.2024 - In some test races C. Kirk came 4th at Road Atlanta and 1st at El Pinar, At El Pinar he came 2 seconds ahead of 2nd position, V. Barrera, at Road Atlanta, he came 1 minute and 6 seconds behind the leader, if not for the wet conditions he would have b... Show full release

Riley Kirk is in a Bad Streak?

English 31.03.2024 - Riley Kirk has now DNFed in 2 races in a row, He has qualified well at Mavo Street Circuit but has of late not finished a race, is this signs to come for his time at the Eastern European Cup? Early practice times show that Kirk is to do well in Qualy... Show full release

Kirk DNFs in Germany.

English 31.03.2024 - Riley Kirk Qualified P3 at Kaufbueren and was Running in P3 until lap 40 where he DNFS. Show full release

Kirk, Miles Behind Rest

English 31.03.2024 - Casey Kirk entered the Jannerrallye and ended up finishing the first stage 5 minutes off first position , stage 2 he was 10 minutes of first position, Ended the rally last on both stages, he should really try something else. Show full release

Riley Kirk to Enter into F4.

English 31.03.2024 - Riley Kirk has been taking F4 by storm in testing and some non-championship events, Coming P3 and P2 in his first races in F4 and he will be hoping to Impress at Lviv for his first ever championship race. He will be driving a TAT chassis car. He has ... Show full release

Craig Gardner wins Bathurst 1000

English 31.03.2024 - A typically tight V8 qualifying session at Bathurst ended with Gardner lined up on the front row, 0.114 seconds behind pole sitter Eric Rosberg. Overnight there was substantial talk of Gardner potentially pulling off a home victory at V8's crown jew... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Superlicence for free

English 10.04.2024 - Many seasons ago we have decided to start rewarding our supporters that help us with their activity/voting point donations, and we will continue to reward our supporters in the future too. In fact, we have increased few seasons ago. By regularly voting and logging in daily our supporters can earn enough points to get enough points to buy themselves a superlicence for the entire season. If you don’t know how to vote, you can check the video tutorial we’ve made: - https://www.youtube.... th... Show full release

Bad crash in Marina bay singapore: Anderson left with career impacting injuries.

English 04.03.2024 - After a major crash in marina B\bay in an f4 race, that saw Cal Anderson skid upside down on his roof into the wall and have the roll hoop cave in on his, with debris flyin everywhere, one piece hit his right eye. Anderson has been reported to sustain a broken wrist and blindness in his right eye along with internal bleeding, and a hemorrhage to his brain (least of the concerns right now). They say Anderson went into a coma. Anderson has yet to wake up but is very likely to survive. The race was... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 23.02.2024 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 54: ArtisMAKANS ...... coins) darklestat .... coins) JMC123 ........ coins) LionKing13 .... coins) UrošJelenko... 3.845 * - Porsche Racing shareholder We will continue to reward coins for your donations for season 54 too: - all donors of 1500+ voting points will receive 120 coins; - all donors of 1250 to 1499 voting point... Show full release

Future Of Mercedes F1 Team

English 30.01.2024 - In season 55 Mercedes F1 Team´s drivers are going to be JJ Lehto Jr & Oiva Haveri. [URL=http... 55 is going to be painful season to witness as this will most likely be our teams worst season since season 49, but it´s not the end of the world as if you want to focus on long term success in Midfield or higher Midfield, then after every Rule Regulation changes for smaller teams (Coin Flips which decide do you have to build new part completely, automatically means that next season at least is... Show full release

Aston Martin Fan Championship - Season 5

English 22.01.2024 - With the fifth edition of the “Aston Martin Fan Championship” having just ended, it is time to summarize what it was like. [b]Felipe Campolargo[/b] won his fifth title (obtaining 7 wins, 6 poles and 9 podiums) the newcomer to the Aston Martin Fan Cup [u]Ash Bee[/u] came 2nd (2 wins, 1 pole and 8 podiums) and [u]Vladimir Romadov[/u] came in 3rd (3 poles and 6 podiums). In 4th place was [u]Julianna Risko[/u] (1 victory and 2 podiums), [u]Noé Nogueira[/u] finished 5th (2 podiums) and [u]Jamie Th... Show full release

NASC driver fined for helmet antics

English 03.01.2024 - Spike Lundberg’s helmet hit his rival’s car three times before bystanders managed to pull him away. The three strikes netted him a $10,000 fine. Lundberg was taken straight to the NASC officials hauler at Daytona International Speedway, where race officials kept him for more than two hours after a NASC Silver Cup race ended. Lundberg finished in ninth place, a lap off the pace of winner Vaclav Raketa. Lundberg was involved in four on-track incidents, including one with Tsuyoshin Nakamoto that... Show full release

Norris Comes From 10th on Grid, Wins at Indianapolis GP Feature Race

English 13.12.2023 - In a thrilling display of skill and determination, American driver Dan Norris delivered a masterful performance at the F4 American Series on the iconic Indianapolis GP track. Starting from 10th on the grid in the feature race, Norris showcased his racing prowess and strategic brilliance, ultimately clinching victory in a race that will be remembered for its intense battles and unexpected twists. As the lights went out, starting mid pack proved to be difficult for Norris to overtake the other ... Show full release

Farewell Message from Juliaph Matterson

English 20.11.2023 - https://i.ibb.co/hyS... racing enthusiasts and supporters, As I bid farewell to the thrilling world of circuit racing, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible journey we've shared. Representing Indonesia has been an honor, and I am proud to have clinched 2nd place in the Formula 3 Central European Series, 2nd place in Street Racers CXVIII (U21) in season 51, and 3rd place in Friendship Cup XVII (U25) in season 53. Joining the esteemed 54 North Motorsports Club added a special chapter... Show full release

Road to next Challenge

English 13.11.2023 - V. Ceļš ended his 8-time winning strike in the WRS Rally Championship with a great win in Japan, only 1 second in front of J. Zhuk. In Season 9 wins was totally fine to win the title again. But… In next season we will have a new and fresh WRS champion. A short conversation with champion Visvaldis Ceļš. Q: How do You feel after finishing this great Win run? A: It’s Amazing after the first 4 titles every next one comes with a new surprise and difficulty level. Of course, all season was unde... Show full release

Spiked: No wins, no baby, no girl?

English 28.10.2023 - When NASC Silver Cup driver Spike Lundberg was ready to talk, the room fell silent. The light-hearted mood of a post-race press conference turned somber, as the 22-year-old subject of international scandal opened up for the first time in nine months. “I want to clear the air with you all, because I know I’ve been blowing off your questions for months,” Lundberg told the reporters in the infield press area at Talladega Superspeedway moments after he qualified seventh for the Alabama 300. “... Show full release
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