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User Press Releases: France GildasLRHushovd

Ils ont remis ca!!!

Français 27.07.2021 - La france de nouveau sur le toit du Monde!!!! Il n'était plus 7 mais 11 mousquetaires pour aller chercher ce titre mondiale. Chloé de Saint Germain, Paul Carlotti, Joe Paulposichon, Corinne de Saint Germain, Dimitri Pironi, Cléa Molette et Diego La... Show full release

La France, meilleure nation mondiale

Français 10.05.2021 - Chloé de Saint Germain, Paul Carlotti, Joe Paulposichon, Corinne de Saint Germain, Dimitri Pironi, Cléa Molette et Diego Lapierre. 7 noms qui ont permis à la France de remporter hier, avec une très courte longueur d'avance le titre de la coupe des N... Show full release

Au Revoir

Français 14.09.2020 - "Amis pilotes, manager, mécanos, staff, je vous dirai simplement merci pour ces 19 saisons passés parmi vous, ma vie n'est désormais plus faite derrière un volant mais bel et bien dans l'encadrement des jeunes de chez Alpine. Je garderai en mémo... Show full release

Coupe des Nations

Français 13.04.2020 - En avant première, la nouvelle voiture pour la coupe des nations de la saison 37!! un énorme merci à Alfanumérix pour son travail puisqu'il est l'auteur de la voiture mais aussi du design!! ;) https://media.di... Show full release

4 pour 1 et 1 pour 4!

Français 14.01.2020 - Les spectateurs et télé spectateurs en sont fou, ils tiennent en haleine des milliers de fans depuis maintenant 2 saisons, 27 meetings, 135 jours!! Blaz Vidmar, Bohumil Steiger Jr, John Barber et Gildas Le Rille ne se lachent plus en Formule E! Pr... Show full release

BREAKING NEWS : Un Francais s'impose au Mans en GT

Français 27.02.2019 - Auteur d'une Qualification moyenne le plaçant en 7ème position sur la grille de départ, Gildas Le Rille a su tiré profit de son expérience en GT et des très longue et piégeuse course d'endurance pour s'imposer dans son pays natal. A la descente de sa... Show full release

Le RedBull Racing Team World GT fait le Show avant Le Mans

Français 10.12.2018 - Bruce Louis et Gildas Le Rille engagé depuis le début de saison en World GT au volant d'une BMW et d'une Mercedes ont remis leur saison sur de très bon rails avant leur course tant attendu à domicile. En effet, Gildas est monté sur la 3ème marche lor... Show full release


Français 05.08.2018 - Au terme d'une saison riche de 10 podium dont 4 Victoires, le pilote Redbull Vaillante remporte la serie à laquelle il avait deja participé en saison 26. Ravi de ce titre, il se prepare pour une difficile saison en World GT Series au Volant d'une FER... Show full release

Lenny Baralair, l'homme au sang Bleu chez les Rouges

Français 30.07.2017 - En direct de Sakhir: Aujourd'hui, nous avons le plaisir de partir à la rencontre de Lenny Baralair brillant Pilote Redbull Vaillante qui a toujours enfile le bleu de chauffe pour défendre la firme au Taureau. Aujourd'hui, il Pilote pour Ferrari... Show full release

Avec Gildas Le Rille Pilote Redbull Vaillante Académie et vainqueur de la F3 Alpine

Français 18.07.2017 - Salut Gildas, Comment vas tu apres cette belle saison? Ca va très bien merci. Je ne suis pas encore en vacances puisque je dispute ma dernière coupe des Nations au Redbull Ring en U21. Tu as eu de bons résultats, raconte nou un peu? La sa... Show full release

Supercars series start of season analysis

English 16.01.2022 - First three weeks of this season is almost done and once again Supercars series have provided entertainment for managers with it's close standings and interesting races. Let's take a quick look how the things are in the standings right now for the to... Show full release

American F4 Series(AF40

English 13.01.2022 - Open invitation to any U21 interested in the American F4 Series.(AF4). Field will be wide open this year as more than 50% of the Top 10 last season have moved up to the U25. Any Racer from last season that is still U21 has recieved an invite to c... Show full release

A livery concept: Ferrari 2022!

English 03.01.2022 - Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce my concept for a 2022 F1 Ferrari livery. It's based on the current Ferrari F1 partners with it's new major sponsor taking center stage. I'm hearing that thw white colour will be featured on the real livery ... Show full release


English 01.01.2022 - PNWR has now been formed the club is for anyone that wants to join Show full release

U22, U26 AND 27+ Challenges!

English 31.12.2021 - First off, season 44's U21 & U26 championship went off really well, and we had some new faces come to the forefront. That being said for this season I have decided to also run a 27+ championship. I cant wait to see who comes out of the woodwor... Show full release

I am Thankful to our Drivers!

English 30.12.2021 - I wish to express my Thanks for our drivers Fedor and Avery. They did a great job for us every season they drove for Chevy. I never was able to give the the cars I hoped for. Never the engines I wished for either. But they went out there and Showed... Show full release

The club Not 2 fast not 2 serious awaits you with open arms

English 28.12.2021 - Dear MRC brothers and sisters, We are waiting for you with open arms, and with pockets full of coins if possible, to accept you in the Not 2 fast not 2 serious club. Visit our site at [URL=https://...]htt... and we will accept the candidates with ... Show full release

waaawaaa waaawaaa F1 Loophole closed and I am Laughing

English 27.12.2021 - Finally coming from LKR I am loving this all of the teams abusing the systems for the last 34 seasons and complaining and I sat their and paid for all share issues for 10+ seasons and took it like a man. I paid to play the game and teams typically w... Show full release

Debik system for is Fair

English 23.12.2021 - I wish to explain something That happen. We did put in a bid for 500 coins on day 71 for the remaining shares. The program at that time said I needed to bid 500 coins for the remaining unassigned shares. So that happened I accepted it. Then wrote th... Show full release

Reaction to TerryWilson

English 22.12.2021 - After considerations I decided to answer here on this channel instead of the forums. I think your understanding is incorrect. Pls read. Show full release

U22, U26 AND 27+ Challenges!

English 31.12.2021 - First off, season 44's U21 & U26 championship went off really well, and we had some new faces come to the forefront. That being said for this season I have decided to also run a 27+ championship. I cant wait to see who comes out of the woodwork. Will we see some young hungry driver take the crown? Or how about some old geezer whose glory days have passed? We will have to wait and see. Alright now to the task at hand. This is how season 44's challenges shook out. U21 first- Part 1... Show full release

Terry's Not Wrong, but this New System Is!

English 21.12.2021 - For once Terry isn't talking nonsense. This new system is entirely unfair. I posted about this when it was suggested but clearly somebody else shouted louder. Any system that charges teams differently to participate in a game where they get an identical experience is in and of itself inherently unfair. What's worse is that those at the bottom arguably get a worse experience due to the nature of a competitive simulation game and are now being charged more for the privilege of being in a game w... Show full release

Also bump fix

English 05.12.2021 - Forgive the spam for homepage fix Show full release

Hunter Becomes 3x WRS Champion

English 29.11.2021 - Twenty five year old Wynn Hunter took to celebrating early this season as he wrapped up his third WRS title with an emphatic tenth win from ten rounds. The victory sees him 104 points ahead of friend-and-rival Visvaldis Ceļš who painfully registered a DNF on the German roads, with four rounds and 100 points left to claim. "I feel awful for Ceļš..." said the Briton, "... He deserves much better than that. We were neck and neck after day 2, just seconds between us and I have to a... Show full release

Oh, Hey There. Remember me?

English 07.11.2021 - It's me, that guy. Used to run the 15-Way Series. F1 Commissioner for something like... 18 or 19 seasons? It was that long ago that I can barely remember a lot of things, but a lot memories still stick with me! There's no script to this press release either, so don't expect something that'll turn me into a professor at Harvard University tomorrow! A couple weeks ago I logged in for the first time since... pfft, maybe Season 34 or 35 as I went through a little bit of a rough time. I was balanc... Show full release

F2 world is totally bugged

English 16.10.2021 - On Wednesday Tex cobb and ScherrII finished the Pole 1 and 2. But In the Race today Tex pole winner started 10th Scher II started 9th. That is a OBvious bug! But it does not end there! went to practice for sundays race there.. It lists a One pit stop race.. Another Obvious Bug.. Still there is more! No new tires we have to practice and race on the Used tires? Houston we Have a Problem! Once again there will be zero compensation for the lost Ratings from this BUG! Coins do not gi... Show full release

Formula 1: Robert the "Usurper" and the three Dragons

English 12.10.2021 - Last Formula 1 season was one of the most exciting in the history of the game: three teams contending the Constructor Chapionship, three drivers competing for the Crown till the end. The driver Championship was conquered by a rookye: Robert (of the House Baratheon) Kubica, the "Usurper". He was able to perform an outstanding season final and to take the Crown from Reb Bull and and Porsche drivers, dominators of the Seven Kingdoms in the last seasons. Now Robert the "Usurper... Show full release

Reeves Callaway & Neil Wilson Statement

English 30.09.2021 - Reeves Callaway: I have thought hard about this decision, but I have decided that the end of this season is the right time to retire as I want to spend more time with my family and interests outside of motorsport. That’s not to say I won’t be around racetracks anymore as I am still passionate about motorsport and I have also made some great friends so it won’t be the last you see of me and I would be happy to pass on my advice and experience to any driver, especially with any new future driver m... Show full release

Best Driver From Each European Country

English 03.09.2021 - Hello again, two things to get off my chest. Holy shoot this took longer than I thought and I can't wait for the Dutch GP this weekend, I reckon the circuit will be stained orange afterwards. Anyway I've done a list of the best drivers in order of their country but I've also thought of an overall rating of each driver from their attributes. This was created on the 40th Day in Season 43 on MRC. Name - Country - Age - WDR - Rating - Average Driver Attributes Aldis Dinga - Albania - 29 - 617... Show full release

Prediction Competition of FRC

English 24.08.2021 - Prediction Competition of FRC I have created series called FRC (Formula Racing Championship) and you (the managers) have a chance to win some coins after every race. Simply put you have to predict the correct Top 3 from winner to 3rd place. Do so and you will earn 25 coins. If more than one person has the same correct top 3 result than 25 coins will be split between those who got the result correct Example 3 people get right result and they each get 8 coins (8x3=24) so try to be crea... Show full release
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