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User Press Releases: Spain Miki1972

Inicio de la temporada 49 para Jan Bonmatí

Español 28.11.2022 - Ya hemos consumido la tercera parte de la temporada 49 y se pueden empezar a sacar algunas conclusiones. La temporada comenzó de una manera optimista. A nivel organizativo y equipo, se mantenía la misma estructura debido al éxito de la temporada ... Show full release

Inici de la temporada 49 para Jan Bonmatí

Català 28.11.2022 - Ja hem consumit la tercera part de la temporada i es poden començar a treure algunes conclusions. La temporada es va iniciar amb prou optimisme. A nivell organitzatiu i equip, es mantenia la estructura de la temporada passada degut a l’èxit que es... Show full release

Llegando al final de la temporada de la F4 Spanish Series

Español 16.10.2022 - A falta de la visita a Jerez, última prueba de la F4 Spanish Series, aún quedan cosas por decidir. Hasta este momento las victorias se las han repartido entre tres pilotos, Rizzo con 8, Costa II con 6 i Pere Calders con tres victorias, pero encabe... Show full release

Arribant al final de la temporada de la F4 Spanish Sèries

Català 16.10.2022 - Amb la visita a Jerez com a última prova de la F4 Spanish Sèries, encara queden coses pendents per decidir. Fins aquest moment, s’han repartit les victòries entre només tres pilots. Rizzo amb vuit, Costa II amb sis i Pere Calders amb tres victòrie... Show full release

Començament de la temporada en la F4 Spanish Sèries

Català 05.09.2022 - Finalment, Jan Bonmatí i el seu equip han decidit que la sèrie de temporada més interessant per debutar i començar a sumar punts de ràting era justament la F4 Spanish Sèries. A dia d'avui, hem tingut tres cites, Barcelona, València i Albacete. En... Show full release

Comienzo de la temporada en la F4 Spanish Series

Español 05.09.2022 - Finalmente Jan Bonmatí y su equipo decidieron que la serie de temporada más interesante para debutar y comenzar a sumar puntos de rating era la F4 Spanish Series. A día de hoy hemos tenido 3 citas, Barcelona, Valencia y Albacete. En este inicio d... Show full release

Nuevo equipo y piloto

Español 07.08.2022 - Este fin de semana ya hemos salido de dudas sobre el futuro de S-Port Racing y el que será el nuevo piloto. Finalmente gracias a un acuerdo a varias bandas, el equipo cambia de nombre y se modifica ligeramente la estructura. BCN Exxon Racing es l... Show full release

Nou equip i pilot

Català 07.08.2022 - Aquest cap de setmana ja hem resolt les dubtes al voltant del futur de S-Port Racing i el que serà el nou pilot. Finalment, gràcies a un acord a diverses bandes, l’equip canvia de nom i modifica lleugerament la seva estructura. BCN Exxon Racing és... Show full release

Jubilación de Port

Español 19.07.2022 - Hace ya 11 temporadas, llegó un nuevo equipo al mundo de la competición, a día de hoy todavía se llama S-Port Racing. Fueron tiempos difíciles ya que ninguno de los integrantes provenía de la alta competición y únicamente compartían una pasión des... Show full release

Jubilació de Port

Català 19.07.2022 - Fa 11 temporades, va arribar un nou equip a la competició. Encara a dia d’avui manté el nom de S-Port Racing malgrat als diferents patrocinadors que han passat. Els començaments van ser temps complicats ja que cap dels integrants venia de l’alta comp... Show full release

Ford needs a Driver for Next Season!

English 01.12.2022 - As per the title, Ford F1 needs a driver to take our second seat next season, and beyond is a distinct possibility. Next season will be an 'interesting' season as a lot of teams are being forced to tank due to the new engine and gearbox both havin... Show full release

Jason Oliver- A rising star!

English 21.11.2022 - Recently, A driver who has been in the sport for 10 seasons returned after a sabbatical, and this sabbatical has helped him get wins and poles! Jason Oliver is a star in the making, 27 years old, he recently said to us: "Sometimes, I wish I coul... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 04.11.2022 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 48: DickDastardly .... coins) torbar4life ... coins) TheBrick ...... coins) ArtisMAK... Show full release

Random allotment is a Nightmare

English 01.11.2022 - I certainly tried several seasons ago to not have the worst possible nightmare happen in one Season. That is to build a new engine from scratch and a gearbox all in same season. This all because some people think it a good Idea to have random allotm... Show full release

Craig Gardner S48 round up

English 28.10.2022 - Much has happened in Gardner's career since he acquired a big brain. Here are the top stories. Asia Pacific Rally campaign After finishing 4th overall with 8 rally podiums in the WRS Junior, Understeer Engineering decided to move up the rally la... Show full release

Hard Work Pays Off!

English 27.10.2022 - Kyle Potter surprises fans as he finishes 14th in the standings in the NASC Truck Cup Series in only his second season of full-time racing. Potter is eyeing a move to the NASC Silver Cup Series. Show full release

My Racing Career Formula 1 S48 New Trailer 40th Golden Anniversary

English 26.10.2022 - New driver and livery at My Racing Career Formula 1 Season 48 when beginning 40th Golden Anniversary Will be started next season. After Woeger II (Ford) and Sandberg (Williams) was retired from race, there're many drivers that I don't said in Form... Show full release

8+ years

English 24.10.2022 - I'm 2 months longer here than you, mate! :) Show full release

Pause - better...

English 21.10.2022 - It's always difficult to me, to write such messages. It was great time in the game. I was pleased to play with you, this is great, when you understand someone. Hope, that you will be having more free time in the future, and return, like me. Best of ... Show full release

Thanks Miller

English 19.10.2022 - I just want to say thanks to a great manager, to a great rival, to a friend. When I started my experience with Audi F1 team (now Ferrari) Miller was my mentor in the starting seasons. He gave me all the knowledge he had and supported me every day... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 04.11.2022 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 48: DickDastardly .... coins) torbar4life ... coins) TheBrick ...... coins) ArtisMAKANS ... coins) Mazinho ....... coins) marceloloeb ... coins) HåkanFerm .... 18.498 * - Porsche Racing shareholder In addition to that we will also reward daniel00cro with 16 coins for his 2.400.000 € donation and hami39 with 17 coins for h... Show full release

The end of Miller's career.

English 17.10.2022 - Hi, friends! Today I discovered that I have been taking part in this game for more than eight years. This is a very long time. During this time, I managed to get married, get divorced, get married again and finally become the father of a wonderful baby at the beginning of this autumn. As for the game, I think I had a very good career, after all, two championships in F1 with different pilots, this is a pretty good achievement. But I realized for myself that I no longer have the same motivation... Show full release

The couple Kubica-Guerra takes the 50th victory in Formula 1!!!

English 22.09.2022 - Statistics are made of numbers, and some numbers are so impressive that can become symbols, especially if they are related to wins in Formula 1. In current Formula 1 is not easy to win GPs due to high competitive level of opponents (we live in a top 5-6 teams age) and variable related to race strategies and random in qualify. For what mentioned above, the target reached yesterday by the couple of two Ferrari's drivers must be mentioned. With the last win in French GP Vasco Guerra reach... Show full release

Super License

English 12.09.2022 - Can anyone grant me 50 coins so I can get super License to do more races I hate that I can only do 2 a day and I have no private cars to race Show full release

Random Series Recap #1 - S48 W3 - F4 British Series

English 05.09.2022 - Introduction As one of the lowest rated racing series, [URL=https://www.myr... Formula 4 focuses in theory on developing young talents from United Kingdom, Ireland and nearby islands. To prove their value, they have to however compete with tough and very experienced drivers like 48-year old [URL=https://www.myr... Barber, or a guest from Iceland and last winner of the series, 31-year old [URL=https://www.myr... Mar Asgeirsson. Every season this series visits 10 British tracks, including legen... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 17.08.2022 - Another year has come and gone, and now it’s time to reward our fans for their support. Here is the list of all voting points donations we received for season 47: Thisken .......... coins) gripy ......... coins) DickDastardl... coins) EugeneBellam... coins) LionKing13 .... (5 coins) HåkanFerm ... 16.085 * - Porsche Racing shareholder In addition to that we will also reward daniel00cro with 20 coins for his 2.748.582 € donation. We will continue to reward coins for your don... Show full release

Porsche's Team Fan of the Year

English 10.08.2022 - We at Porsche Racing have always appreciated all the help we get from our supporters. This is why we started to award coins for voting points donations in the first place. With the introduction of F1 Team Fan of the Year Badge, we have another tool to show respect and honour your support. Each season, we will award a Team Fan of the Year badge to one of our loyal supporters. Unfor... one of our most loyal supporters has quit the game earlier this year. SteveTee has been helping Porsche Rac... Show full release

Porsche's Hot Seat Ranking

English 26.07.2022 - Do you want to race in Formula 1? Is Porsche one of your favourite teams? Well now you can check how close is your driver to a seat in one of the best Formula 1 teams. Twice per season, we will publish a Hot Seat Rankings. This list will feature drivers from Porsche owners, fans and those who support our team with voting points/money donations. Rankings will be influenced by drivers' skills, potential, rating and donations (money/voting points). In the future, we also plan to create privat... Show full release

How F1 teams compare to Ferrari

English 20.06.2022 - Here is how Formula 1 teams compare to the Ferrari if you take away development focus. In this comparison I didn’t include the slowest four teams as it’s hard to predict what development focus they chose. All eleven teams that have already managed to score points can be divided into five groups, and in the first group we have Ferrari. Basically, they have been unteachable when it comes to pace since new engines were introduced. A bit back we have Red Bull and Porsche. Both teams have almos... Show full release

"I thought I was done with school!"

English 04.06.2022 - Craig Gardner heads towards his classroom desk for the 13th day in a row, and breathes a heavy sigh of anguish. "Is this really necessary?" he thinks to himself, as he prepares to be taught once again that 2 x 2 is 4 and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It doesn't make much sense to the 18 year old prospect that being here instead of racing could help him become faster in the future. But the powers that be insist that in order to become an F1 champion, he must... Show full release
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