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User Press Releases: Germany Tom32ms

Deutscher Rennsport Bund

Deutsch 07.06.2021 - Ich möchte als Präsident des DRB einmal ein Lob an alle Fahrer der letzten Saisons aussprechen. Leute ich bin stolz darauf, wie Ihr Euch jede Woche wieder ins Zeug legt um ein gutes Ergebniss zu erziehlen. Ich weiß das es nicht immer einfach ... Show full release

Fahrer im Gespräch #7

Deutsch 12.05.2021 - Hallo zusammen, heute eine neue Folge meiner Serie Fahrer im Gespräch. Diesmal im Gespräch Vincent Ritter(38 Jahre alt F1 Pilot bei Alpine F1 Team). TD: Hallo Vincent. Schön das Sie dieses Interview mit mir machen. VR: Hallo Tom, es ist mir e... Show full release

Driver talking # 7

English 12.05.2021 - Hello everybody, today a new episode of my series drivers talking. This time talking Vincent Ritter (38 years old F1 pilot at Alpine F1 Team). TD: Hello Vincent. Nice that you do this interview with me. VR: Hello Tom, it's a pleasure TD: V... Show full release

Wittmann startet in der Formel für Alpine

Deutsch 12.05.2021 - Nach einer doch ehr Durchwachsenden Saison in der Indy Serie hat Wittmann den zuvor angepeilten 8 Platz zwar erreicht, Wittmann meinte in einem Interview: "Es wäre sogar P6 möglich gewesen, ich muss unbedingt an meiner Performance in der Qualifi... Show full release

Wittmann wechselt von der Indy Junior zur Indy Serie

Deutsch 17.02.2021 - Jetzt ist es Amtlich, Michael Wittmann wechselt mit sofortiger Wirkung von der Indy Junior Serie zur Indy Serie. Wittmann der die Indy Junior Serie nach 2 DNF leider nur mit einem 5ten Platz in der Endwertung abschließen konnte wird mit dem Team Alp... Show full release

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

English 24.12.2020 - The Alpine F1 Team wishes all managers and the team of the MRC a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, which we hope will not be as crazy as 2020. Good health and happiness to you all. Gezur Krislinjden Zorionak eta Urte Berri On! Tchestita Ko... Show full release

Talking to driver # 6

English 18.12.2020 - Hello everyone, today a new episode of my series Drivers in Conversation. This time in conversation with LePrez (team manager of the Alpine F1 Team and manager of Francky Kowalski) and Francky Kowalski (34 years old F1 driver at Alpine F1 Team). ... Show full release

Fahrer im Gespräch #6

Deutsch 18.12.2020 - Hallo zusammen, heute eine neue Folge meiner Serie Fahrer im Gespräch. Diesmal im Gespräch LePrez (Teammanager des Alpine F1 Teams sowie Manager von Francky Kowalski) und Francky Kowalski (34 Jahre alt F1 Pilot bei Alpine F1 Team). TD: Hallo LeP... Show full release

Entretien avec un pilote n° 6

Français 18.12.2020 - Bonjour à tous, aujourd'hui un nouvel épisode de ma série Entretien avec un pilote. Cette fois-ci, c’est une rencontre avec LePrez (directeur de l'équipe Alpine F1 Team et manager de Francky Kowalski) et Francky Kowalski (pilote de F1 de 34 ans ch... Show full release

Fahrer im Gespräch #5

Deutsch 11.11.2020 - TD: Heute haben wir eine Sonderrunde, einen jungen Manager, hi Limes und seinen jungen Piloten hi Cassius Miles (18 Jahre / Formula 4 Balkan Series). Ich freue mich, Sie zu diesem Interview begrüßen zu dürfen. L: Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns eingelad... Show full release

Race 1 of RSS is complete

English 27.07.2021 - WHAT A RACE! With the first race of the RSS2 in the books, the field now sets their eyes on Nikko, a short Road course. however let's talk about the RSS2's season opener. Top 10 1. Leo Halle 1:33:41.20 2. Philip Goldberg III +0.231 3. Wolf R ... Show full release

Best Drivers Each Age From U18 To U35

English 27.07.2021 - Hello again this is Hunter. Today I will be listing off the best drivers aged from 18 all the way to 35. How this will be formatted is by Name, Country, Age, Rating, World Ranking, National Ranking. This was created Day 1 Season 43 in MRC. I hope you... Show full release

FIA prize ceremony for season 42

English 26.07.2021 - https://i.imgur.com/... One Drivers champion: D. Nalbandian Team champion: Red Bull Racing Vaillante F1 https://www.fo... prize: "The 'follow me' ": C. de Saint-Germain with 10 pole position "The flash": D. Atelsek with 5... Show full release

Monster Energy Racing Team to Debut

English 24.07.2021 - Team Manager Christopher Clary announced Saturday the debut of Monster Energy Racing, a US based driver development program for the NASC series. Clary stated that the team would focus on younger, American Talent in the stock car series while wor... Show full release

US U21 Challenge Recap

English 22.07.2021 - The inaugural US U21 Challenge was quite an interesting one. Bonus payments have been delivered to those who earned them, so congrats to them, and thank you all for competing. The Top 3 Drivers From Part 1 Were, Vivianne Guerin 809 points Jake W... Show full release

Formula 1 season 43: top 6 teams preview

English 22.07.2021 - Season 43 is coming and all F1 teams are preparing the last details to be ready to start in the Australian GP. Let’s have a look to ambitions of the top 6 teams in ranking. Red Bull: no doubts, it will be the team to beat. In the last season Red B... Show full release

Changes to the NASC series

English 22.07.2021 - How will the new changes affect the standings and how managers strategy in the NASC series. With the extra overtakes it will change and make space awareness more important to train. Also if they add the draft to Talladega and Daytona it will cause bi... Show full release

US U22 Open Challenge

English 21.07.2021 - The US U22 Open Challenge is now open. The prize pool has been boosted, so top 3 now earn 30, 20, and 10 respectively. Again I will keep track of the points with the intent on handing out end of the season bonus payouts. Good luck to everyone, and ra... Show full release

Hardy Adds To Team

English 20.07.2021 - A 7th place finish in the most recent Formula 3 North American Series has Braden Hardy looking to take his skills to the next level. The addition of Driving Coach Elton Pinari should help the Cameron, North Carolina, driver improve his skills as... Show full release

Mercedes Reaches a Milestone!

English 19.07.2021 - Mercedes under new management reached a Milestone! We are Back as team competitive enough to finish in top 10 in constructors series. Mercedes did finish 10th in season 42 without scoring a point. While its is bad we did not get a single 10th place ... Show full release

Nalbandian finishes his journey

English 19.07.2021 - Abu Dhabi was the last competitive race of David Nalbandian. Finishing his career with an F1 championship (both constructors and driver) and also the Champions Trophy is a lot more than what he could have imagined, a lot more than his then newbie manager could imagine when he registered back on 29/10/2017, a good couple hours before creating a young 18 years old driver, David. A four year journey is something hard to summarize, but we can define it as a journey of steady development, of co... Show full release

The Best U21 Drivers From The Top 20 Countries

English 05.07.2021 - This press release is the best under 21 drivers for 20 countries in MRC. This was actually cool to make and i'm happy to make more like this if you guys want. This was made 57th day Season 42 on MRC. I'm going by Country - Name - Age - Rating - National Ranking. Poland - Krzysztof Holek - 21 - 1,114.232 - #23 USA - Brandon Snyder Jr - 21 - 1,595.129 - #12 Italy - Mario Lavaggi - 21 - 1,155.018 - #19 United Kingdom - Cameron McPherson - 21 - 1,168.769 - #20 Brazil - Vivianne Guerin - 21 -... Show full release

Kman is back and so is robert

English 02.07.2021 - He sorry I have been inactive. Now I am going to be active so watch out Show full release

Season 43 Formula 1 Drivers and Teams

English 22.06.2021 - So far only nine teams have signed both drivers for season 43. Out of those nine teams only Ford will have the same driver line-up as this season.  It also seems that it’s time for next generation to shine. So far teams have signed six rookie drivers and with ten Formula 1 seats remaining this number will probably go up. Red Bull Racing Vaillante F1 -       ... Chloe de Saint-Germain -  ... Alexey Miller Jr. https://www.myr... F1 Team -      ... Dare Atelsek -     ... Philip Goldberg III... Show full release

Porsche Racing: Coins for Voting Points

English 08.06.2021 - Dear Fans, A few seasons ago we have decided to start rewarding our supporters that help us with their activity/voting point donations. We really appreciate every single donation, no matter how big or small. At the end of the season: - all donors of 700+ voting points will receive 25 coins; - all donors of 350 to 699 voting points will receive 15 coins; - all donors of 150 to 349 voting points will receive 5 coins. In one season you can earn up to 350 activity points per season just ... Show full release

did it charge you for my series and not let you run in it?

English 31.05.2021 - if so maybe we can goto help forums and get you your entrance fee back. im not sure why it would do that to you, so hopefully they could figure it out. Show full release

not showing up for me

English 18.05.2021 - Funny it is not showing up on my available choices they charged me coins for the series i ran also and i never saw it listed never got to drive in it either lol Show full release

Driver talking # 7

English 12.05.2021 - Hello everybody, today a new episode of my series drivers talking. This time talking Vincent Ritter (38 years old F1 pilot at Alpine F1 Team). TD: Hello Vincent. Nice that you do this interview with me. VR: Hello Tom, it's a pleasure TD: Vincent, you drove for the Alpine F1 Team (formerly Skoda) for a long time, I think it's been 8 seasons now, at the end of this season you will hand over your cockpit to Michael Wittmann. What are the reasons for this change. VR: I'm now quite old ... Show full release

Thank You note

English 07.05.2021 - As a new season approaches, Jarbas already misses the F1 circus frenesim. After awesome 5 seasons with Ferrari, and what glorious 5 season they were, the time to part ways as arrived. "Red Snake Jarbas" as affectionately was known among the Ferrari krew, would like to thank with all his hearth to all Ferrari family (Owners, managers, team mates, krew and sponsors) for the support he allways got. After greeting the team mates he had the pleasure of working with (Lumi Vaara - vo... Show full release

Tesla Fan Championship - Season 2 Review

English 17.04.2021 - The 2nd edition of the Tesla Fan Championship ended last week with a first title for Nádia Portocarrero! It wasn’t an easy win though, up until race 7 Johnny da Costa III was having a dream run with 3 wins out of 7 races and a 20 point advantage over Nádia but then came 2 very bad races for Johnny that turned the championship around in favour of Nádia who won 2 of the final 3 races, the final gap 78 points between these drivers. Bartolomeu Jarbas actually started the championship in great for... Show full release
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