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S50 Formula 1 Series Lineups

English 10.01.2023 - with only a few days until the start of S50, this is the perfect time to look at the driver line-ups for the upcoming season!

1- Porsche

Alex Cooper / Milan Zakrajsek Jr.

The reigning Constructors Champions have made the obvious choice of retaining their driver lineup for the upcoming season and why wouldn't they, after all Alex Cooper will be heading into the upcoming season as the defending world champion, and while his Slovenian teammate might have only got 5th, he is still a respectable driver, and who can forget his S47 title run

2- RedBull

Corinne de Saint-Germain / Gracjan Wozipiwo

Another team that has kept the same driver lineup is Redbull, with the duo of C. de Saint-Germain and G. Wozipiwo going into their 3rd season together, and having missed out on the Constructors title by only one point, they will definetly be hungry for more in the next season

3- Ferrari

Robert Kubica / Vali Asen

a change that might come as a shock to some, as Ferrari swap out regular front runner Vasco Guerra for 32 year old Alpine Driver Vali Asen, who in all fairness have been having some decent results for the french team, and it will be interesting to watch him race under the prancing horse badge, the other side of the garage will be occupied by the Polish 3-time world champion Robert Kubica II, which comes as no surprise looking back at the shared success he had with the team

4- McLaren

Tony Hoffmann II / Gregory Moore

McLaren will have the same lineup as last season with the talented duo looking to bring McLaren to a top 3 finish in the Constructors Championship for the first time since S42

5- Senna Racing F1

Weronika Psikuta / Braedyn Blake

Yet another team to have the same identical lineup as the previous season, Senna Racing has enjoyed a streak of being a constant top midfield team and it's impossible to deny the incredible abilities of their drivers, and they will be expecting to aim for identical if not better

6- Ford Motorsport

Ralph Scher II / Milan Toth-Fodor

Ralph Scher II has had a fairly decent first season at the top level of motorsport, having finished only a few points behind his more experienced teammate Alexy Miller Jr, the latter having been replaced by Milan Toth-Fodor, while I wish the best for this duo, I do expect Ford to suffer in this upcoming season

7- Alpine

Pedro Dallara / Dmitri Pironi

With the loss of Vali Asen who went to Ferrari, Alpine has signed Porsche Supercup champion Pedro Dallara who will be looking to impress on his debut season, the other seat has been filled with the familliar face of Dmitri Pironi as he heads into his 5th season with the french team

8- Aston Martin

Vasco Guerra / Daniel Da Silva Dias

Aston Martin have signed ex-Ferrari driver Vasco Guerra to replace Maurico Cruz, he will be accompanied by a fellow Portuguese driver Daniel da Silva Dias

9- Pegaso

Samuel Webber / Evgen Brovar

While Evgen Brovar keeps his seat, the same can't be said for Goldberg who has been replaced by Samuel Webber, who did not have a great season with the slow williams car, failing to get a singular point, but he has definetly shown how good of a driver he can be, and now with a better car he would be more than ready to get some solid results to help the spanish team rise up the rankings

10 - BMW

Egor Orudzhev / Jyrki Jarvilehto Lehto Jr

Dexter Morgan's time at F1 has clearly got to an end, and BMW were not blind to this, as they signed Lehto Jr after he had an amazing season in F2 to replace the aging legend that is Dexter Morgan, meanwhile Orudzhev retains his seat after pushing everything he can out of the car, just unfortunate that he couldn't get any points last season

11- Lotus

Mateus Marcal / Verdinho Barrichello

Lotus seem to be going into a downward trajectory, and will be really hoping for a great start to the season from their current drivers who are both staying at the team for another season

12- Chevrolet

Tex Cobb II / Bob Alspach

Nothing much to note here, The same driver lineup as last season

13- Spyker

Janne Hasuke, Benjamin Yacobi

Spyker have changed both their drivers in an attempt to change their position around with the signing of Janne hasuke who has been in promising in the WTCS Series, and Benjamin Yacobi who has finished the season at 3rd place in the Formula 2 World Series

14- Jordan

Miroslav Vlcek / Radek Svoboda

Jordan are still trying to find a way to get back to their golden era, as they haven't got a single point for the last 5 seasons, for the upcoming season they have signed 41 year old Radek Svoboda to replace Vladimir Kobylka, which has been met with some confusion as Svoboda has been out of F1 for a whole season, aswell as the fact that he is not as good as he used to be due to old age, however it will be interesting to see if he can turn things around

15- Williams

Nikola Tesla / Felix Lindquist

after a dissapointing season having finished bottom of the table, Williams will really have to try and do better this season, and it will be significantly harder than last season as ex-Porsche driver Dare Atelsek retires from F1 while Samuel Webber left for a team more suited to his abilities, Williams have signed Nikola Tesla who seemingly had nowhere else to go, aswell as Felix Lindquist who managed to get 3rd in the Superb Formula Series

I have been away from the game for a while now, so I might have missed some details, hope you don't mind :)

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