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Supercars series ending moments of season analysis

English 25.02.2022 - The season in Australian Supercars series has been really challenging and entertaining so far, and as now there are still 5 more races to drive there is still lot happening in the standings. Already interested how next season will look as Salo and Lehto jr. are both leaving series. Will Räikkönen and Carlotti stay in V8 and be the lead contenders? Anyway, let's take a look how things look in the final week of season 45:

LEADER Jyrki Järvilehto Lehto Jr (Finland)
3516 points
Manager: Sir_ErikSalama
Team: "Holden Title Dream"

"Rookie" has dominated the series with the most balanced overall finishing. He is just way too strong for his attributes in qualifyings and Volvo drivers have not found anything to solve that. When overtaking is really difficult the pole positions and overall strong qualifying performance has assisted Lehto to n:o1 contender for championship. His pace in the race has not been very fast though so there are still questions if he can possibly lose the trophy? Weak physic can really make it hard in the last endurance race.

Should win the trophy this season,
prediction is 1st

Wins: 7 Podiums: 23 Top5: 28 Top10: 29 Poles: 12 Fastest laps: 1 Most laps lead /race: 9

2nd Mikael Salo (Finland) 3452 points
Manager: Petu_
Team: "S45 Champ Volvo Polestar"

After strong start of season Salo had some midseason difficulties, couple of inactive days and just very bad qualifying luck. Salo still has pretty good chance for championship. Has improved a lot in qualifying and now has lot of poles compared to start of season. In the early season he was fortunate on other drivers eating points of each other but later on this season this has turned against him and he has lost a lot of points due to that. Has a little window to attack on Lehto in endurance race that can change the end result.

Predicted ending
position is 2nd

Wins: 8 Podiums: 21 Top5: 25 Top10: 30 Poles: 8 Fastest laps: 11 Most laps lead /race: 6

3rd Paul Carlotti (France) 3261 points
Manager: Sogwil
Team: "#72 Le Mans Afa Compétition"

Has improved a little bit during the season but can't threat on championship anymore. Is slower and slower due to his older age. Will be, however, one of the key person that can effect who will be the champion. He will be pushing hard to finish in top3 and could steal important points from Lehto or Salo to ensure eithers title.

Most likely ending position this season:
3rd if he can finish the endurance race.

Wins: 4 Podiums: 19 Top5: 26 Top10: 28 Poles: 8 Fastest laps: 1 Most laps lead /race: 8

4th Pertti Räikkönen (Finland) 3191 points
Manager: Skinny
Team: "Peran Moottoriurheilu Yritys"

The last 2 seasons Supercars champion Pertti Räikkönen has had his share of problems this season. He has improved a lot during the season but had a season ending DNF in endurance race. Without that he would have been in competition for even championship now. Will try to catch Carlotti for sure. Is it already too late?

Most likely ending position this season: 4th, could be 3rd with win in endurance race and Carlotti having little bit of bad luck.
Wins: 7 Podiums: 17 Top5: 27 Top10: 27 Poles: 1 Fastest laps: 4 Most laps lead /race: 4

5th Mickey Sheahan (Australia) 3024 points
Manager: Mickoz57
Team: "V8AA"

Mickey has profiled himself as wet weather specialist and qualifying surprise. Can be real pain in the back in race and has probably had the best single race tactic this season with his early pitstop in earlier race. Problem is he is brilliant in some races only.

predicted position: 5th

Wins: 4 Podiums: 9 Top5: 24 Top10: 27 Poles: 2 Fastest laps: 7 Most laps lead /race: 3

6th Oiva Haveri (Finland) 2816 points
Manager: lappa
Team: "Crashed Team Racing"

Oiva has improved during the season and can every now and then surprise the top driver. Has not been strong enough to challenge Sheahan this season but I think he will have new chance to do that next season.

Most likely ending position this season:

Wins: 0 Podiums: 0 Top5: 15 Top10: 30 Poles: 0 Fastest laps: 3 Most laps lead /race: 0

7th Miquel Port (Spain) 2565 points
Manager: Miki1972
Team: "S-Port Racing"

Seems to have the correct car number for his 7th position. Port has been danger in some races to the series veterans, is still young driver and could improve next season.

Most likely ending position this season:

Wins: 0 Podiums: 1 Top5: 4 Top10: 28 Poles: 0 Fastest laps: 2 Most laps lead /race: 0

8th Ash Bee (Australia) 2492 points
Manager: agbell79

Bee is still very young Australian driver who will be dangerous in the future. Right now mainly competes against Port, and still has chance to beat him with good luck.

Will end up in 8th position

Wins: 0 Podiums: 0 Top5: 1 Top10: 30 Poles: 0 Fastest laps: 0 Most laps lead /race: 0

Now I increased the analysis to top8. I could probably go on longer but I will only mention that Frankie Kane is 9th with 2143points and Thibau Boutsen jr 10th with 2019 points. They still compete against each other but others below top 10 are so far down they dont posses any threat anymore.

I wish every driver very good luck for the ending of this season and hopefully we will see again next season.

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