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Press Release

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US Open Challenge

English 11.10.2021 - The US U21 Open Challenge is back for season 44, and it brought a U26 series with!

Season 43 was a great success under the U22 age group, but I have now decided to split the groups. We will run a U21 AND a U26 series for season 44, and onward until I reach 27 with my own driver. Then which I will then begin running a 27+ series along with the U21 and U26 series.

The championships will stay the same as a worldwide invitational to all drivers from the globe to go head to head on some of the US's most prolific racing circuits. From street courses to superspeedways your drivers will be tested beginning the 15th of October. We will take our normal break in between, but that does not mean we still wont have part 2 later in the season.

That being said season 43 had some great racing between some of the best U22 drivers around. I tallied the points this morning, and your overall champion is for season 43 is,

Isidre Llach!

Huge congrats to user albgim96. Llach kept themselves close enough in the fight during part 1 that their dominance in part 2 propelled them to the overall title with 1,419 points.

A strong challenge just behind Llach was actually a tie. Both Felipe Campolargo, and Alvaro Cobos managed 1,377 points, and so I will be sending them the same prize for doing so. Congrats to Alexthebest, and Nicorz for rounding out the podium, and making me double check, my double check of the numbers for season 43.

The next couple of drivers have been staples in Open Challenge since I started it. They being Vivianne Guerin, and Paul Thomas.

RichardRafi19 stumbled in part 1, but turned on the jets im part 2 to take 4th overall with 1,328 points.

RogerGregory kept their driver steadily in the hunt all season and walked away 5th overall with a solid 1,297 points.

Thank you all for participating, and I cannot wait to race you all this season in U26. I also cannot wait to see who in the U21 field will rise to the occasion, to not only obtain the individual championships, but the overall as well.

See you all on the track ;P

2022 next paint scheme liveries out now

English 04.12.2021 - I have made a beard motorsports, Austin Cindeic, Ryan Blaney, Kurt bush, and custom made one all of them are 15 coins eash Show full release

Please don’t paste long links

English 04.12.2021 - The long links screws with our screens and I have done it my self many times Show full release

American Formula 4 Championship

English 03.12.2021 - Total Forgot to Paste the link to the standings: https:... Show full release

American Formula 4 Championship (U 21)

English 03.12.2021 - Mikaela Shiffin Brings home the title for the Americans!! After 8 rounds Shiffin had only been on the top spot of the podiumm 1 time. In the final 4 rounds Shiffin took fire and won the final 4 races. Taking the win in the championship overall by ... Show full release

Hunter Becomes 3x WRS Champion

English 29.11.2021 - Twenty five year old Wynn Hunter took to celebrating early this season as he wrapped up his third WRS title with an emphatic tenth win from ten rounds. The victory sees him 104 points ahead of friend-and-rival Visvaldis Ceļš who painfully registered ... Show full release

Link to Standings

English 29.11.2021 - Forgot to mention, the full standings can be found right [URL=https://docs.go... Show full release

Tesla Fan Championship - Season 5 Review

English 29.11.2021 - The 5th edition of the Tesla Fan Championship took place during the last 3 weeks. It was the “usual suspect” winning the championship, Nádia Portocarrero took home her 4th title but this time it wasn’t plain sailing as Manuel Vicente had a perfect... Show full release

Tex Cobb races His way into F2 Championship Contender!

English 29.11.2021 - Tex Cobb career has been a major let down since his mid twenties. Nothing has went quite right.. This season alone Me managing this driver the first week was a total disaster. I was even warned by staff to not write articles here becuase of the fir... Show full release

Pushed back by a week or two

English 27.11.2021 - I will be doing the 2022 nascar paint scheme liveries they are pushed back because I am trying to line up the wheel base right now Show full release

American Formula 4 Championship(U21)

English 27.11.2021 - After 8 Rounds and 7 tracks, the series is being topped by Young American Star Mikaela Shiffin. Followed Closely by Paolo Patrese. 3 time winner David-Laszio-Kaposi sits in 7th after a couple of rough races. The Series is in its final stretch of 4 ra... Show full release

Oh, Hey There. Remember me?

English 07.11.2021 - It's me, that guy. Used to run the 15-Way Series. F1 Commissioner for something like... 18 or 19 seasons? It was that long ago that I can barely remember a lot of things, but a lot memories still stick with me! There's no script to this press release either, so don't expect something that'll turn me into a professor at Harvard University tomorrow! A couple weeks ago I logged in for the first time since... pfft, maybe Season 34 or 35 as I went through a little bit of a rough time. I was balanc... Show full release

F2 world is totally bugged

English 16.10.2021 - On Wednesday Tex cobb and ScherrII finished the Pole 1 and 2. But In the Race today Tex pole winner started 10th Scher II started 9th. That is a OBvious bug! But it does not end there! went to practice for sundays race there.. It lists a One pit stop race.. Another Obvious Bug.. Still there is more! No new tires we have to practice and race on the Used tires? Houston we Have a Problem! Once again there will be zero compensation for the lost Ratings from this BUG! Coins do not gi... Show full release

Formula 1: Robert the "Usurper" and the three Dragons

English 12.10.2021 - Last Formula 1 season was one of the most exciting in the history of the game: three teams contending the Constructor Chapionship, three drivers competing for the Crown till the end. The driver Championship was conquered by a rookye: Robert (of the House Baratheon) Kubica, the "Usurper". He was able to perform an outstanding season final and to take the Crown from Reb Bull and and Porsche drivers, dominators of the Seven Kingdoms in the last seasons. Now Robert the "Usurper... Show full release

Reeves Callaway & Neil Wilson Statement

English 30.09.2021 - Reeves Callaway: I have thought hard about this decision, but I have decided that the end of this season is the right time to retire as I want to spend more time with my family and interests outside of motorsport. That’s not to say I won’t be around racetracks anymore as I am still passionate about motorsport and I have also made some great friends so it won’t be the last you see of me and I would be happy to pass on my advice and experience to any driver, especially with any new future driver m... Show full release

Best Driver From Each European Country

English 03.09.2021 - Hello again, two things to get off my chest. Holy shoot this took longer than I thought and I can't wait for the Dutch GP this weekend, I reckon the circuit will be stained orange afterwards. Anyway I've done a list of the best drivers in order of their country but I've also thought of an overall rating of each driver from their attributes. This was created on the 40th Day in Season 43 on MRC. Name - Country - Age - WDR - Rating - Average Driver Attributes Aldis Dinga - Albania - 29 - 617... Show full release

Prediction Competition of FRC

English 24.08.2021 - Prediction Competition of FRC I have created series called FRC (Formula Racing Championship) and you (the managers) have a chance to win some coins after every race. Simply put you have to predict the correct Top 3 from winner to 3rd place. Do so and you will earn 25 coins. If more than one person has the same correct top 3 result than 25 coins will be split between those who got the result correct Example 3 people get right result and they each get 8 coins (8x3=24) so try to be crea... Show full release


English 17.08.2021 - How do I join Show full release

Rookie Larson wins first F4 sanctioned event

English 07.08.2021 - The F4 Mediterranean Series event at Barcelona yesterday ended in a first win for American rookie Cy Larson. A wet start to the day led to several bizarre tactical blunders as the ABRacing driver was one of only 3 cars on the grid with wets. The race was further compounded with blunders as both of the top 2 drivers pitted to take softs midway through the race, opening the door for Larson to cruise to an easy victory on the still quite wet track. "Really cool. Really, really cool"... Show full release

Formula 1 season 43: top 6 teams preview

English 22.07.2021 - Season 43 is coming and all F1 teams are preparing the last details to be ready to start in the Australian GP. Let’s have a look to ambitions of the top 6 teams in ranking. Red Bull: no doubts, it will be the team to beat. In the last season Red Bull broke every possible team record. Car is super fast both in qualify and in race mode. The two drivers are a sort of monsters, Saint Germain and Miller are a mix of talent and experience. JordanF1 is the F1 manager GOAT of this game, management is... Show full release

Nalbandian finishes his journey

English 19.07.2021 - Abu Dhabi was the last competitive race of David Nalbandian. Finishing his career with an F1 championship (both constructors and driver) and also the Champions Trophy is a lot more than what he could have imagined, a lot more than his then newbie manager could imagine when he registered back on 29/10/2017, a good couple hours before creating a young 18 years old driver, David. A four year journey is something hard to summarize, but we can define it as a journey of steady development, of co... Show full release
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