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Season 36 News, Changes and Deadlines

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Season 36 News, Changes and Deadlines

English 27.01.2020 10:49:40
Season 36 is less than a week away and here are the changes coming as well as the Season Series Deadlines!
So let's get into it. First, gameplay changes, second the season series deadlines and finally the calendar changes.


1. When starting a new driver, managers have a number of points to distribute. Before, a manager could get one attribute to 100 and spend the rest on other attributes. This has been changed and now you can only give points to a single attribute to a maximum of 98 upon starting.
Now, this doesn't change anything else, managers will still be able to max all their driver's attributes to 100, but a new driver won't be able to start with an attribute at 100.

2. Training speed for all types of training is decreased by 2%. That means if there's an estimated training progress of 30% it will be changed to 29.4% (rounded to 29% but decimals are important during real training). This works with the change above. It's a first step in an attempt to make driver training and driver skills limit more interesting for the future.

3. There will be changes to tyre wear. All these changes should bring more reality to the game and also improve possibility to use tyres from qualification in races.

-QUALIFICATION: First and last lap (times not used) will cause wear with tyre aggresivity 1, last lap will go with 1/2 wear (compared to aggresivity 1).

-RACE: During safety car, tyre aggresivity will be modified to 1. Additionally reduced by 1/2 if time is decreased due to going slowly (first driver or guys behind him).

-EVERY SEASON (FORMULA 1 ONLY): Tyres wear will have same BASE attributes as now, but season after season there will be slight modification to durability for each tyre type. That means that soft tyres will last one way in one season, then slightly different in next season and so on.

4. Tyre behaviour will be slightly modified. In general, tyre performance will be the same as it is now when tyres are 100, 70 or 30, but performance at 85 will be slightly better than it is now and performance at 55 will be slightly worse than it is now. Between condition 20 and 30, performance has a steep drop. From 20 to 0 it will be bad... Change will not be drastic, but skilled managers might be able to find little advantage.

5. We will introduce a new hidden parameter for all cars - CAR SOPHISTICATION. This parameter will determine how difficult is it to understand the car's behaviour and a high value will make it more difficult to reach the perfect setup. This parameter will be first used in F1, and we will use it later in other series. Nations Cup is a strong candidate too.

6. Tyre aggression and other parameters will be used during testing too. Low aggression will not give as many setup advices during testing.

7. Car difficulty calculation will be also modified. That will have a slight influence on the number of errors on track. High maximum speed would increase probability of error independently of other parameters, but acceleration and braking would only add extra error probability if car has low handling.

8. We will copy current real Formula 1 DRS sections to our tracks for next season. In addition to that we will also add DRS sections to tracks used for Nations Cup. It is possible that we will enable DRS for Nations Cup races too in season 37 to prevent boring races with little overtaking.

9. Team rating of 500 will be introduced for F1 teams. Change will not be quick but the rating of weak teams should grow for a few weeks until 500 is reached. Although racing with bad car might be penalized in a different way on sponsor payments more effectively. This will of course affect other teams too. As you know average rating of teams is the same and equals 1000. Therefore if minimum is set, rating of other teams would be lowered little bit… But keep in mind, that even Williams in real F1 do have lots of prestige and is somehow attractive to sponsors.


Day 72
- F1

Day 73
- Indy
- NASC Gold Cup
- World TCS
- TCS Europe
- Formula E
- Formula 2 World
- Moto 1

Day 74
- Indy Junior
- V8 Supercars
- World GT
- 911 Supercup
- Superb Formula
- Moto 2

Day 75
- F3 World
- Moto 3
- Moto E
- NASC Silver Cup

Day 76
- F3 Continentals
- F3 Regionals
- TCS Regionals

Day 77
- All remaining series not already mentioned

As is always the case, if you have not applied for any of the above Season Series for Season 36, then your driver will automatically be entered into the Rookie Series.


-Calendar is amended to 2020 real one with Richmond replacing Pocono.

NASC Silver and NASC Truck:
-Both series will have stage points and playoffs. NASC Silver also gets Indianapolis GP in place of Indianapolis Oval.

Formula E:
-Excel and Seoul replace Zürich and Hong Kong.

Moto1, Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE:
-Calendar is amended to 2020 real one with the addition of the Finnish GP.

F3 British:
-Silverstone National comes in place of Silverstone 2010.

And that is all!
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27.01.2020 22:21:25 - Czech Republic Ludwei - Reply
Oh no. This is a bad horror dream :-(
28.01.2020 02:59:58 - Italy Dorset - Reply
6) I appreciate a lot this change, I just hope it will not be a boomerang causing huge more mistakes.

About tyre wear and fuel consumption, both have to be more effective. I hope that 3) and 4) will not be too marginal.

7) Really interesting. This change could cause a moderate earthquake, if it will be effective. Imho.

Last but absolutely not least. Every competition should have 2 slick tyre compounds.
28.01.2020 11:08:38 - Austria PaleRider - Reply
Thanks for the chances in MOTO 1+2+3+E with adding the Finnish GP!
28.01.2020 12:18:16 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 27.01.2020 22:21:25 - Ludwei
I don't think it will be such, but why not let us see what happens?
28.01.2020 12:19:05 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 28.01.2020 11:08:38 - PaleRider
As soon as good satellite images were available the guys did it so why not add it?
28.01.2020 14:20:18 - Czech Republic Ludwei - Reply
Reply to: 28.01.2020 12:18:16 - JordiMontané

Maybe I'm glad that this change will bring S36. At least that gave me reason to leave MRC after S36. I have been concerned about the MRC Engine for a long time and these modifications would play even more to my detriment and unwillingness to obey the system.
28.01.2020 15:03:38 - RidhalPinkPanda0603 - Reply
When adding the Vietnam GP and Jakarta E Prix ?
28.01.2020 15:10:50 - United Kingdom jonasgudd - Reply
number 2 will be valid only if drivers will not be able to reach all 100 stats, otherwise no point in this...
number 6 tyre aggression and other parameters will have what??? thats just absurd... Driving at with low parameter will be worse, driving with high parameters will be worse, driving with med parameters will be same worse... are you really implementing this? F-3 will be doomed...
28.01.2020 18:41:49 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 28.01.2020 14:20:18 - Ludwei
I fear these are things you must talk to Debik directly, then.
28.01.2020 18:42:13 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 28.01.2020 15:03:38 - RidhalPinkPanda0603
No good image in Vietnam and no track decided in Jakarta.
28.01.2020 18:43:16 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 28.01.2020 15:10:50 - jonasgudd
What's the problem with number 6?
28.01.2020 19:11:00 - Czech Republic Ludwei - Reply
Reply to: 28.01.2020 18:41:49 - JordiMontané This post was edited - 28.01.2020 19:11:00
It doesn't matter anymore. I've played enough here and that's enough. I do not like this news anymore :-)

I wish good luck to the friend :-)
29.01.2020 10:22:19 - United Kingdom Mobeer - Reply
Point 6 on setup will make it more difficult for new players with new drivers to setup their cars.
29.01.2020 18:56:23 - Czech Republic Ludwei - Reply
Point 1: nonsense
Point 2: For God's sake, why?
Point 3: Probably not aware of developers, which many people can not count tires and now it is even more unaccountable. I would know how to do it. it is not complicated, but it is possible that you will have three aggressive steps that will allow you to aggressively attack; Madness
Point 4: I don't understand why, but it can be understood if you don't know the MRC
Point 5: Already the power riders with small skills have problems to finish the training at all and now will be deadly carousel. Catastrophe
Point 6: The team asks to show that you want to wear more tires, you have to be willing to use in the race that you eliminate point 3 :-D I couldn't understand this. :-D
Point 7: a general problem already in the X seasons, just now officially roll
Point 8: Not a bad thing where it is possible that there is no jojo effect like F1, when someone has DRS turned on and overtakes him, or he recovers overtaking him, already overtaken rider, because both riders trying to lag behind.
Point 9: just another bad aspect for the already fatal worst with MRC images
30.01.2020 05:01:03 - proxsor - Reply
I see a lot of nonsense on these changes

6) is specially funny because driving style is grayed out, so you cannot modify tyre aggression during a setup.
30.01.2020 22:11:43 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 30.01.2020 05:01:03 - proxsor
Are you sure? I test during practice with tyre agression 100, 1 and others if needed.
31.01.2020 00:58:42 - proxsor - Reply
Reply to: 30.01.2020 22:11:43 - JordiMontané
Yes, I'm sure.

As you're a developer, I think you'll able to find in the codebase some piece of code like this:

if (!user.hasSuperlicense()) {

And maybe, if it is well done, the backend will only consider those input values if the player has a superlicense.

So for those of you who have no superlicense, good luck trying to get optimal feedbacks.
31.01.2020 09:20:04 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 29.01.2020 18:56:23 - Ludwei
1. does it make sense to have driver mastered a skill at the age of 18?
2. just to lower skills of top future drivers, create little space for difference between top trained driver and 20th or 50th. Currently almost all drivers do have maximum skill in most of important skills for racing. This should give advatage to managers who make really good work...
3.I don`t understand the complain. In real racing qualification driver is warming up the tyres during the first (not measured) lap but he is not taking all what they can offer for fast lap. Therefore tyre aggressivity on this lap should be 1 regardless of what is the aggressivity during the flying lap.
After qualification attempt is done, drivers usually savetyres as much as possible, they do not even try to keep tyres warm, they go really slow and tyres are not getting worn.
In race our current system is not good. Tyre wear during SC depends on tyre aggressivity of driver altough everybody is driving on same pace. Nobody realized until now...
Slight change in tyre durability is also pretty realistic and gives top skilled drivers chance to find little advantage above others during first few weeks of the season. The change of durability will be no more than 1%... So it is nothing super important...
4. Just another way to turn on some analytics and gain little advantage above those who does not do that. Might change some race strategies... but also change is not big at all...
5. I do not understand this complain either. It is too easy to get perfect setup with current F1 cars with so many engineers even with poor technical skills. This should give advantage to drivers with high technical skills. There is no increase to error probability.
6. Good decission will cause less damage in terms of tyre wear before race and ideal setup... IT IS NOT REALISTIC to test with all agressivity 1
9. this is no serious change just gives weak teams some security blanket
31.01.2020 09:21:13 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 31.01.2020 00:58:42 - proxsor
go to page driving style and change your risk/aggresivity setting for all trainings...
31.01.2020 10:12:10 - Spain JordiMontané - Reply
Reply to: 31.01.2020 00:58:42 - proxsor
I don't even remember having no superlicense, so you may be right. In any case, there are many ways to have a superlicense.

Having the developer tag doesn't mean I touch code.
31.01.2020 15:20:47 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 31.01.2020 10:12:10 - JordiMontané
Anyway the problem is not problem... This setting is available in driver style screen...
31.01.2020 21:00:24 - Czech Republic Ludwei - Reply
Reply to: 31.01.2020 09:20:04 - DebiK
1. It made sense for 35 seasons. In the vast majority, the driver's basic instinct will reach 100 intelligence as quickly as possible, and he will continue his journey, which in large cases is the same. So I actually teach all newbies, so theoretically everyone is training similarly. So in my opinion this novelty is nonsense.
31.01.2020 21:01:40 - Czech Republic Ludwei - Reply
Reply to: 31.01.2020 09:21:13 - DebiK
In 3 seasons I did not find the perfect environment in F1 with excellent technical skills and a large number of racing technicians. So if it wasn't possible for me. And now it should be more difficult? Interestingly
31.01.2020 21:02:16 - Czech Republic Ludwei - Reply
Reply to: 31.01.2020 09:21:13 - DebiK
2. There are too many gaps between a young rider who rides in a higher series at the cost of fighting for every ranking, even in the TOP 10, because he wants to race properly and not just drive, with some near-automatic results and the difference between weak small series and good drivers, where you are almost sure of the procedure, so you get a score and thus money and thus further training and in the future a good OA rider. Then the question is, who is a good rider? Ten seasons run somewhere to have so much money and rating (though boring), but in the future it will pay off, or a rider who went to fight with league riders at a price that will be worse in the finals than he just rode. Whoever has the second way is better for me, but here at MRC it will be better in most of those who have easier connections and it's logical. So I would expect rather affected training, according to the age and difficulty of the series.
01.02.2020 00:43:30 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 31.01.2020 21:02:16 - Ludwei
this is a good point. i think next season we will introduce modification to series rating based on signed drivers... i wanted to change series ratings based on votes, but this idea sounds better...
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