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Details of F1 Changes

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Details of F1 Changes

English 16.03.2016 21:09:08
Hello managers, this time I have detailed information about the changes we plan to do in Formula 1 and in the game. Some of them are already implemented, some are planned, and some are for discussion because we would like to know some feedbac from you before we will implement that to the game. Read full information in this article!
Here are already confirmed changes:

1. Minimum team value was set to 5000 coins, which represents the value of right to own the team. This is already implemented, and you can see new team value for weaker teams already. Also the infuence of low team rating was changed.

2. Driver contracts for next season can be cancelled before series finalization, but only if driver asks commissioner for this or driver is retired. If this happens commissioner will consider if team was doing everything he promissed to driver prior to contract signing. If not then contract can be cancelled (also if driver retires). In that case team sponsor contracts for next season will be cancelled and signing bonus will be deducted from team account. Team will be able to sign another sponsor contract for next season after that. Commissioner will decide when sponsors will be cancelled to avoid financial troubles for the team. This was already used this season and will be used in similar cases in the future too.

3. If team does not have signed 2 drivers for next season, team is disqualified from the game. New team will be created and shares will be sold in auction. If team signs unknown and weak driver just to have things running and not loose it, we will put a lot of effort to identify possible multiplaying which would be considered as cheating in this case. Team manager will be punished and team will be disqualified from game too.

4. We noticed that some teams decided to save money for the future by downgrading facilities to the bottom and plan to save money for the future. We don`t think this strategy is right. Therefore if team downgrades facilities then:
- team image wll be lowered by 70 points (other teams will have 5 points more to their team image - so the verage of all team images stays at 1000)
- currently signed sponsors - season sponsors for this season weekly payments, short term sponsors weekly payments and next season sponsor weekly payments will be reduced by 5%
- we will lower refund for downgrade facilities from 60% to 50%
- 1 downgrade per season will be without penalty (not one downgrade for each facility)
- this will start in season 19

5. New qualification format will be used next season. 10 drivers will be eliminated after first attempt, another 10 drivers after second attempt and only 10 drivers will fight for pole position in last attempt. Starting order on places 21-30 will be decided based on results of first attempts, positions 11-20 will be decided in 2nd attempts, and 1-10 in 3rd attempts.

6. We will reduce number of tyres driver can use during one formula 1 weekend to 4 softs, 4 hards, 5 intermediates and 5 wets. This would make the game more similar to real F1. Combining with new qualification top 10 drivers might use 3 different soft tyre compounds for qualification only so they will have only 1 unused soft tyre set for race. Also using too much hard tyres in testing would be disadvantage. This would create more excitement for managers, will bring some advantage to lower ranked drivers from qualification. And more strategical decissions - concerning race/qualification preparation... Also it would increase driver technical skills importance. Altough on the other side top 10 drivers will have more limited strategical options for race.

These changes are proposed but we need yoru feedback do do best decission:

7. Because of the current situation we are thinking about changes in issue shares system, at least for teams who possibly intentionally have bad results to be able to get more money from issueng shares. We now have 3 different proposals to solve the issue:
- shares sold through auction cannot be purchased by current team owner (we will also disable possibility to purchase shares by teamowner from user who got the shares in auction)
- minimum accepted bid on auction will be the the current value of team shares
- maximum amount of shares issued by team will be decreased if team do not pass conditions
The conditions can be that a team MUST have more than 50% of qualification times better than 107% of the winning time, and these conditons can be trigger for any of proposed thoughts.
Currently we are not sure yet how to solve this and we would like to hear your feedback. Of course such change will not come earlier than next season.

8. MRC will decide to limit using wrong tyre compounds in testing due to safety reasons - not just for F1 but also for other car types - we will start testing this in private cars as soon as possible. Currently using wrong tyres for testing causes bad feedback. New F1 rules for tyres might force teams to use wrong tyre compounds anyway to save some tyres for races. This will limit such options.
We are not sure if this is neccessary, so we would like to know your feedback. Of course this would be also implemented to all car types not just F1.

9. Revolutionary parts
Every team will be able to start special development project for a revolutionary part (something like real F1 double diffuser, F-duct, S-duct, W-duct, engine mapping). This will be different than normal development project. Because this requires revolutionary idea, the result of this will be that team developed something or nothing and just wasted money and resources for this project.
Based on the effort (money and designers quality) put into this, there will be a formula which will decide the probability of the positive result... It will be between 1% - 25% probability that project was successfull... So not many teams will be able to develop its own revolutionary part...
Also based on the effort there will be estimation of the potential of the new part (using the part will add some extra points to car attributes), and current the quality of currently developed part. Team will be able to start projects to upgrade this part.
Other teams will be able to copy this of course and they will be able to start project to build the part after first team used it for the first time in the race/qualification/testing. This will be cheaper than what it cost to the first team because they don`t have to invest resources to invent something new. Altough they will have disadvantage on the track during first few weeks when they don`t have the part.
Part can be used for season when it was used for the first time, and then for full next season. after that FIA(MRC) will make this part illegal.
Only one revolutionary part can be used at the same time.
This will shuffle the team strengths a bit, but only for some shorter time. Teams which takes risk can gain teporary advantage.
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16.03.2016 21:38:09 - Poland komanch - Reply
Nicely messed up
16.03.2016 21:47:01 - United Kingdom thedonz - Reply
I think the revolutionary parts idea is great

Some warning on the change in facilities downgrade would have been nice tho. Big changes like this need to be accounted for in plans that can be over a whole season but changing this hurts the teams in poor financial situations without allowing them to plan for the change. Suggest this should be postponed until the start of the new season.
16.03.2016 22:00:57 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
New qualy looks particularly interesting even more considering that there'll only be 4 sets of tires to choose from.
Glad to see the wheels moving when it comes to preventing extreme stashing as well, team image and sponsors cuts are a nice touch although some teams don't care about the team image already so this wouldn't apply effectively to all teams.

7. First 2 proposals don't make much sense, looks like an unrealistic attempt at preventing shareholders to pay for the issued shares just because. Right now shareholders have no other option but to issue shares and so spending coins or loosing control of the team, this proposal would take the first option off and so take even more liberty from the shareholders to play F1.
As for the 3rd proposal, yeah I agree but I still think a simple 15M roof (arguable value) would be better. It'd cover both scenarios, no longer a team would lean on the issuing shares to survive and thrive and the extreme tanking would become much more difficult to work.

8. YES, I see lots of people doing this on private series in long races, takes some fun out of it.

9. Wow wasn't expecting such a thorough change, A+ for creativity mate. If it's only doable on one season then the part becomes illegal then yeah I'm all up for it. It could channel out some money from higher teams, at least 3 out of 4 in average would fail and the one that succeeds is just for one season so I think this would work yeah, it's a well thought idea
17.03.2016 07:31:40 - Nightwolf13 - Reply
My opinion about 7-9:
7) I think we need only second statement:
- minimum accepted bid on auction will be the the current value of team shares
Because 1st is unessecary in case of 2nd.. because owners will not be able to pay smaller amount, so why we can deny them to go to the auction.
3rd statement doesn't look good...
8) Yes! i absolutely agree.. I think we have to make more and more penalties for using wrong type of tyres. As variant maybe add some additional risks of mistakes and crashes in case of using for example wet tyres on dry track (i think this will be better then simply reduce the quality of settings).
9) Also yes! I like this idea..
17.03.2016 11:22:31 - toturi - Reply
Excellent addictions! Absolutely love the revolutionary parts. Awesome idea!!! The new qualification mixed with less tyre sets will bring more excitement to F1 as well. All new regulations addressing the exploitation of rule gaps to stash money are very welcome as well.

Regarding 7. I really don't think the first 2 options are good choices. I see nothing wrong in shareholders participating the their own team auction. The problem lies elsewhere and first 2 options don't really address the real issue. I'd go with option 3 (that forces teams to try to be competitive instead of just skipping seasons) or with a value cap like Blaze suggests.
17.03.2016 12:17:49 - Portugal bornelas - Reply
Good ideas overall which should make F1 more unpredictable and give managers more things to worry about!

About nr 7, option 3 seems like the more balanced idea and without side effects if the percentages are well studied.

Options 1 and 2 won't really solve the "problem", given that share issues are essential for any team, except the very top teams of course, to stay competitive in MRC, the team that downgrades its results will do share issues regardless of whether downgrading their performance or not and if they do so they'll actually pay cheaper because their rating and therefore value is dropping. Those options will only contribute to severely increase the cost of owning an F1 team.
17.03.2016 13:16:49 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 16.03.2016 22:00:57 - blazefp
7. First proposal allows teams to purchase coins directly at standard price, but now some teams started to speculate to put shares on auction to purchase it cheaper, and some already used tactics to demotivate other interested managers bu sending messages to them... Second proposal would only disable this cheaper way to purchase shares... Third one is the one i like the least, because it can hurt weak teams... Only one of them should be implemented...

9. Any team will be able to develop the same part once they can see it on other car... So this can be advantage for 2 seasons at maximum, if you use it at the begining of one season for the first time. Then all teams can match the part in few weeks and they might even develop better version...
Overall I believe good teams will still be good in long term, but in short term, some teams might get advantage for shorter time, but they will have to pay more... So it will just give some additional excitement.
17.03.2016 14:24:16 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
Reply to: 17.03.2016 13:16:49 - DebiK
7. I know but this wouldn't solve it, teams would still gather other guys/friends and help them get the shares for smaller prices. I for one have no problem with shareholders trying to keep the team among them and not have 20 inactive shareholders on the team, I get that. I just don't agree with taking even more options from shareholders in the issuing shares issue.
The 107% rule is actually a real rule (albeit this one's adapted) so I could live with that, currently only Mercedes would fall into this conditions although LKR and Trabant are pretty close to it.

9. Sounds good. Could the teams develop more than one project per season and then use just one part or could they get 3 teams to work in 3 revolutionary parts at once so that the chances of success are higher? And if they got 3 teams working on the same revolutionary part would the chance of success be higher as well?
17.03.2016 15:16:39 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 17.03.2016 14:24:16 - blazefp
The 107% can be trigger for all 3 possibilities of solution.
17.03.2016 15:38:42 - PouretteF1 - Reply
Many good ideas in this project. Tyres and qualifications, I like. Everybody in the same conditions, it's good.

9) On this point, I am much more reluctant because it is like lottery. If we want to play poker, we can make it in another game. There is certainly better to find.

I think the most important is that each team can not see the way of evolutions of each others. In real F1, we can't see a man of Ferrari in the box of Mercedes.

By the fact, why not restart, only for cars not for installations, all from the beginning. Debik can modify some spare parts as batteries, turbo, etc. Evolutions will be keep secret. This rules will be blocked for 5 seasons for exemple look like in real F1.
All this news will be ok for season 20. That's my way of thinking.
17.03.2016 18:14:31 - PouretteF1 - Reply
season 19 and not 20, sorry.
18.03.2016 03:29:46 - Lee1950 - Reply
I've been wondering about this sentence, in section #8:

......Currently using wrong tyres for testing causes bad feedback......

I've been using Wet Tires on dry tracks during practice for almost my whole time in the game. Based on this, it seems I should never use Wet tires on a dry track because the feedback will be bad.

Is this accurate currently? If it is I need to change my practice routine immediately, lol.

(It would explain why my driver seems to underperform, though!)

18.03.2016 09:26:29 - havox - Reply
ive read point 7 so often, amd im still not sure if i get it right
so this point is basically just to avoid that team members might get their shares cheaper over auction
it does not affect the usual way of issuing shares where the members can buy them correctly?

if all these conditions above are true then im for point 1 - because when it comes to the auction the teammembers already revoked their right to get these shares
18.03.2016 10:12:02 - Rafarato - Reply
Many good ideas,i definetely liked that idea of team been desqualified and the creation of new teams.

That would be very interesting!

Anyway,i would also like to see teams being relegated and also going to f1,like to don´t see the same teams,we must have two divisions but i know my idea isn´t very good.

Nice job!

Just keep up the great work!
18.03.2016 12:48:14 - Czech Republic FBednar - Reply
ad 7) some performance restrictions with 107% limit are necessary, and yes money for underlimit teams could be lowered, maybe team sponsors can cut their money drastic...

8) disagree with only this... look at some races, for example our CZ/SK private cup... we have 3 Q laps, and need pit in first race with same tires. So we must now use only 2 fresh tyres in Q and deflate 1 lap to have fresh race tyres. Or only train with wets... Without using wets we cannot exist i think.
But in some track with big tyre wear in some private races, i used more than 50% for 40laps with agresivity 1, so how could we get setup if for Q and race we need 5 tyres?
I suggest to index all track according to tyre wear. And for higher tyre waer track we should get more tyres if point 8) comes to game....
18.03.2016 14:35:58 - Mal1234 - Reply
My opinion the proposed changes.

7 Don t like any of those options that are presented.

8 Don t think it will do much for the game after week of going live everyone will be coping each other and no driver will really get an advantage from it.

9 Not sure on this one may just make the top 4 teams harder to catch its hard enough trying to complete a car as it is.

18.03.2016 16:00:53 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 12:48:14 - FBednar
first of all that was my mistake I wanted the first race to be a sprint without stop but set too much laps... it will not happen again

second of all if they want us to use slicks for testing then give us more sets it is that simple
if there were enough slicks set noone would use wet tyres
devs should decide what they want us to do cause right now we have to use slicks to save fresh sets for quali and race
18.03.2016 16:39:58 - Invictus - Reply
7. There should be a money-limit for the 2nd shares issue. And the sponsors should reclaim 5% of their money if both drivers don’t reach the 107% (20 races --> 5% per race)

8. I don’t think this is necessary, although that this rule would be good for a driver like Rapido with very high technical skill.

9. I am totally against this idea. Good management should make the difference between victory and defeat and not luck! There is already enough luck in the game.

Basically I would welcome some innovation for the F1, but there are many other things that should be done in advance.

For example the overtaking problem. At many races it is impossible to overtake (has often been addressed in the forum, have a look at the F1 race at Barcelona). Why not implement a kind of DRS at F1 races? That means sections on each track, where overtaking is easier.
And why we don’t have more dry-weather compounds? In real F1 there are 5 compounds: ultrasoft, supersoft, soft, medium, hard.

Both suggestions would give the managers many more strategy options and the result would be more thrilling races. And this wouldn't be an artificially created excitement like this revolutionary parts, from which only 1 team could profit.
18.03.2016 18:30:25 - havox - Reply
im against a money cap for the 2nd share issue
because this way the gap between backmarkers and midfielders would be bigger and bigger

as a backmarker you dont have any other chance to get money
18.03.2016 19:21:52 - Russia Somebodystopme - Reply
8) +1, nice idea, because this is too easy now. Skilled drivers would be in favour, but that is a good way, one of the steps to have all the best drivers in F1

9) Another brilliant idea. Random? Some kind of, but the reachest teams would have more chanses to built unique part. Another thing to worry about...

And please, do something with overtakes, like Rocco wrote...
18.03.2016 19:38:23 - looni - Reply
This post was edited - 18.03.2016 19:38:23
I disagree STRONGLY on the 7th point. Why should it be more expensive for the team owners to buy the shares of their own team? More logical way would be to automatically put the shares in auction available for everyone and not trying to artificially make the shares more expensive for the people who have built all that value that the team has. The real market price of the shares is defined by auction and if 9% of a team goes for 10 C it shouldnt be team owners problem. The problem is elsewhere and it definitely is not the team owner.

For example if we want to keep the shares for ourselves we would need to pay whopping 60 € per season for them. What if we cant afford to pay 60€ many times a year for the shares and them someone buys 9% of the team for 1 C in the auction? How is that fair? After a couple of season the future of the whole team could be compromised by incapable and unmotivated shareholders.

On the other hand if someone competes for the shares against the current owners and wins, I am all in for that. At least he proves himself motivated enough and will probably be an advantage to have him in the team. Not just extra weight.

EDIT: yeah... No somebody says that dont issue shares. At the current state of the F1 itnis downright impossible to keep up with the rest if you dont, so...
18.03.2016 20:47:54 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 03:29:46 - Lee1950
#8 you got much less advices with wet tyres on dry conditions than if you used slicks...
18.03.2016 20:50:16 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 03:29:46 - Lee1950
And of course setting for wings and gears varies dependng on downforce... wrng tyres = worse downforce -> different ideal settings for that than if you used correct tyres...
18.03.2016 20:57:59 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 09:26:29 - havox
Exactly. Normal way to purchse shares directly using the current team share value is not affected...
Reasons for this proposal are.

1. there were some teams underperforming intentionaly to have really low rating to be able to purchase issued shares for extremly low price... normal way...
- we solved this partially with setting the minimum team value

2. even if the price of share is on some level, sometimes shares on auction were sent under price... this was partially affected by activity of current team owners to demotivae others to purchase them... this is difficult to solve, obviously...
18.03.2016 21:02:40 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 12:48:14 - FBednar
7. I am scared that team might get into this situation by some bad luck or so, thus this penalty would lead to getting into even deeper hole..
8. this is not the way this game is ment to be. if track is dry, and you use wet tyres, it is bad... I would preffer managers use 1 set of tyre for whole testing... Only few laps to do in every stint... anyway same conditions are for everybody... maybe we might not implement this restriction for f3 and private cars... this would solve private series... Or we need to force series creators to lower number of laps for first race after Q.
18.03.2016 21:04:51 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 16:00:53 - wandaL
The trick part of the game with not enough tyres is, that technical skills would be more important to have better setup... Part of the game... But if you can compensate this using wet tyres, or e allow use more tyres, then it would be worthless....
18.03.2016 21:29:59 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 21:04:51 - DebiK
Yeah I get it but I think it is enough now.

In many private races I have to use two sets of wets and then two sets of slicks to save four sets for quali and race.

In motorbikes I have to use two sometimes three sets of wets to save two fresh sets for quali and one fresh set for race.

In F3 I have to use three sets of wets and then only one sets of slicks...

What do you want? Force us to test only on wet sets?
18.03.2016 21:52:34 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 21:29:59 - wandaL
NO I would like to force you to use only slicks on dry track...
18.03.2016 22:05:28 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 21:52:34 - DebiK
Then I shall repeat what I wrote... not enough sets...
Maybe we should leave the number of sets as it is but instead of 6 sets of "softs" in private races we may get 4 softs and 2 hards or something like that and in F3 too
It would force us to use slicks for testing only and bring new strategies to actual race
Also with this comes the many times requested tyre agressivnes setting for each stint
If I would be able to set thing like this I may test on softs only and then use quali sets for race
18.03.2016 22:24:35 - Czech Republic FBednar - Reply
Reply to: 18.03.2016 21:02:40 - DebiK
7) i think everybody except merc fulfill 107% in Q if team has weak car with weak driver, it is not a bad luck, but bad mananager
8) sure, do not use wet tyres on dry tarmac. But how will our setups look with only few test laps? archived setups will be very big advantage. And in rookies, ne wmanager has no chance against manager with restarted driver with setups.. in some track. This is not a problem in private series, but everywhere
19.03.2016 14:39:32 - United States ArkAngel - Reply
As the principal of HamrHedZ I agree with almost all Debik has intended for F1 and other series.
The only exception I take is where it was mentioned about using lower rated drivers in F1.
I will just use 1 driver for an instance . Rafarato.
1st,He would not leave me alone for at least 2 seasons about driving in F1 . In a cursory look I could see he only had a few seasons in MRC so I knew his skills were real low at that time .But no other driver was approaching and other drivers that were contacted were either not interested in F1 or were going to other F1 teams. So I decided to give this schoolchild in 7th grade a chance . HamrHedZ was in no position to compete for points but felt it was a good opportunity for all to learn more about F1. Rafarato was not a "Bad" driver just untrained .
now there have been a few seasons we also used lower rated drivers and again it was mostly because there again was no drivers ,also I dont sign contracts in the middle of season I do mostly somewhere in the day 60-65 range ,so when a driver that is fairly well qualified contacts me that he wants to be considered for a seat and he does it at day 70 we have already made a decision long before that day .
So I take it that we werent "Intentionally" trying to sign lower rated drivers although I agree that situation "could" happen across any team . As MRC can see PM's across the board , if it can find collusion that some team intentionally avoided any good rated driver to be a low scored team than I agree with the decision of taking action against the team and serving a penalty. but not in a case as I mentioned that happened to HamrHedZ
19.03.2016 15:18:42 - Portugal bornelas - Reply
Still about 7), if the problem with the current share auctions is owners demotivating bidders then the obvious solution is to make auction bids anonymous until they're over.

Otherwise it's like looni explained perfectly, either shareholders are willing to pay that much to keep the team or we'll end up with some teams leaving up the shares for auction anyway and since they won't be bidding, the auctions will be less competitive and therefore cheaper. Also in my opinion it will not solve the "urge" to devalue the team to get more money from share issues...
19.03.2016 19:17:01 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
I don't understand why would anyone use wet tires on practice, I almost always get enough sets of slicks for both quali and race using max laps on practice. Only exception was when I drove in Rage's series a while back but it was actually more fun to save the slicks for the race. Sometimes I had to use the same set in 2 stints on the race and adjust the tire aggro, I'm fine with that, pitstop strategy gains more relevance.

But other than that I really don't see why anyone would use wets on practice specially in F3 where it's always the same thing every race, worst case scenario 2 sets for practice, 2 for quali (or just 1 for both attempts) and 2 for the race (1 might be a bit worn from the quali but in 95% of the tracks it's in 90%+ conditions). Private cars have one more set to use so even if the practice takes one more set the rest remains the same.

Archived setups aren't a big advantage, I've only started training technical skills (relevant to feedback ofc) this season and I never had problems in getting a nice setup using slicks on practice except in very long tracks like Le Mans or Nordschleiffe. Then again even if it was an advantage so what? Non-superlicensed users can keep record of their setups manually if they want, it's only natural that a driver that raced in a track before is more familiar with it than one who's driving for the first time.
20.03.2016 14:09:01 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 19.03.2016 19:17:01 - blazefp
We want to lower number of available tyre sets for F1 races... So we want to disable possibility to cheat system and use wet tyres to have really enough for race...
20.03.2016 14:12:20 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
Reply to: 20.03.2016 14:09:01 - DebiK
I know I'm agreeing with you mate hehe Only very rarely have I ever used wet compounds on dry practice
20.03.2016 17:37:09 - havox - Reply
Reply to: 20.03.2016 14:09:01 - DebiK
then increase the degradation of wet tyres when used in dry conditions
and thats realistic, because they are softer than the softest dry compounds
21.03.2016 09:13:22 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 19.03.2016 19:17:01 - blazefp
try motorbikes then and then say how you do it
when one set of slicks last for two stints out of four and you have to do 3 quali laps and then have one fresh set for race...
21.03.2016 12:16:50 - Portugal bornelas - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 09:13:22 - wandaL
And why do you need a fresh set of tires for every qualifying run?

Apart from really long tracks like AVUS, I've never had any problem managing the tire sets we have available right now...
21.03.2016 12:25:56 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 12:16:50 - bornelas
for the best possible time ofcourse?
21.03.2016 12:52:43 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 09:13:22 - wandaL
Like bornelas said, use 1 set for qualifying. Or use 2 in really short tracks and use a worn one for race. Lower TA in case it's needed. There are only 4 sets in motos but there also only 4 practice laps... That's how I do it
21.03.2016 13:07:03 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 12:52:43 - blazefp
I never saw you in a motorbike race so you kinda seem like you do not know what you are talking about sorry...

Lower TAs...
Used tyres for race...


With lower TA why to do that attempt anyway?

With used set for race... did you ever noticed how much those tyres degrade in qualifing attempt?
(again so we should lower the TA for that set we want to use in race and we can throw another attempt right in the hole)

So you suggest either to throw one attempt away so we can just reprogramme the game to give us only two or one attempt
OR use worn out tyres jeez.

I do not want to repeat that B word I used before...

The only thing I agree with is Bornelas comment that in private races and in F3 races we can use qualifing tyres. But in motorbikes that does not make any sense.
21.03.2016 13:22:31 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 13:07:03 - wandaL
Seriously Wandal, more than 2000 races with 2 drivers on my pocket and you think I don't ever raced in bikes? 1 qualifying lap takes 3 laps so in a track like bristol or idk Copenhagen the tires aren't that worn out that you can't use it on a race.

Come race in Losail and Oliver's Mount with me, a medium-long race and a short one, you use wets in practice if you want, I use slicks. It's perfectly doable
21.03.2016 13:30:48 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 13:22:31 - blazefp
I just said I never saw you

I am not saying it is impossible just non-logical.

Correct me if theese are old rules but when I followed MotoGP IRL they had 22 dry tyres to use. That is 11 sets we have only four sets. Of course there were softs and hards but come on.
Are we riding the pretencious wave of ecological nonsense here in the game too?
21.03.2016 13:34:48 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 13:30:48 - wandaL
I wouldn't know, I don't follow MotoGP irl. If that's the case then ok we could be less eco friendly hehe
Although imo takes some fun out of it. If we had even just 6 slicks it'd become really simple and automatic to do the setup for bikes
21.03.2016 13:38:34 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 13:34:48 - blazefp
I am not talking about giving us more sets.
I am talking about that for motorbikes it is okay as it is now.
And if we do some changes we should add softs and hards and the possibility to set front and rear tyres differently which should add a lot of tactics for testing and for racing. This would add more of funfactor and managing challenge to motorbikes.
21.03.2016 13:42:47 - Portugal blazefp - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 13:38:34 - wandaL
Agree with everything except your second sentence. There's no reason to use the wrong set of tires right now so if there's an increase of punishment for doing that for other series I don't see why bikes should be an exception
21.03.2016 13:46:08 - Czech Republic wandaL - Reply
Reply to: 21.03.2016 13:42:47 - blazefp
With softs hards and extended settings for each axle then I see no problem with that.
24.03.2016 07:26:58 - Invictus - Reply
There is a new tyre rule at real F1. Why don't you implement something like this instead of limiting wrong tyre compounds? By this way there would be many strategy option for the managers! More strategy options = interesting races
25.03.2016 09:06:00 - Slovenia Darac - Reply
cnacel warm-up for F1 - there isn't one in real F1. Just make settings before qualy and that's it.
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