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Formula 1 Sponsors

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Formula 1 Sponsors

English 16.05.2014 17:05:44
Hi mates! We launched yesterday sponsors for Formula 1 teams and most of you got the first offers today. In this news we would like to tell you more about those offers.
First i want to remind you that every team can have 6 sponsors. One head sponsor, two season sponsors and three short time sponsors. Short time sponsors are with your team only 3 weeks. You will get about 40% of your sponsors income from head sponsor, other 40% comes from 2 season sponsors and rest 20% comes from 3 short time sponsors.

How to get sponsor offers? You need to go to the Manage Team page and change commercial department task to the "Search Sponsors". After this you will receive next day sponsor offers. Search Sponsors task helps you to find new sponsors if you have rejected some of offers. It's also needed when you try to negotiate better offers with sponsors.

What to do with current offers? You have three options what to do if you are team manager. You can accept and then the sponsor is signed and will be with the team on the next season. Team manager can also reject offer and try search new ones on the next day. The third option is to negotiate with the sponsor. If you decide to negotiate then team will get new offer from the same sponsor on the next day. You can negotiate with sponsors every day and at the begin offers will grow up but later after you have made negotiations too long then sponsors will start giving you worse offers than previous offers have been. To negotiate your commercial department task bust be "Search Sponsors".

What kind of things effects to the sponsor offer? One of the biggest things is Commercial department which consists of the headquarters level and employees who are working at there so mainly PR-managers. Also team rating, team popularity, team image and drivers have their effects to the offers.

When the sponsors should be selected? We want that sponsors will be selected on the last day of season or before of it. Because all offers will be canceled automatically at the begining of new season. Also current sponsor offers will be removed after 3 days if there haven't been actions with them so no new negotiations.

What happens if i reject sponsor offers? Then your all negotiation progress dissappears and you start from the scratch. Your season sponsor offers will come from new companies but head sponsor is always same. Of course it doesn't matter what is the name of the company because offers are totally new.

That's all mates! I recommend to follow topic "F1 MRC" on the forum to find our reactions of other managers! :)
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16.05.2014 20:28:55 - sandrez - Reply
great job Devs
16.05.2014 20:52:01 - Lee1950 - Reply
"...If you decide to negotiate then team will get new offer from the same sponsor on the next day. First new offers can be better but after new negotiations had been made then offer will be worse..."

The last 12 words here are very scary!

Are you saying that the second negotiation offer will ALWAYS be worse?
Are you saying that the second negotiation offer MIGHT be worse?

If I understood correctly, you are saying it will be harder to improve the sponsor offer as the offer gets bigger. Yes?

Another way to say it:

The first negotiation will very likely to be successful, but each time you get an improvement in the offer, we are less likely to be successful to get the next increase.

16.05.2014 21:05:37 - Finland Arskap - Reply
Reply to: 16.05.2014 20:52:01 - Lee1950
My bad i will fix it... It means you can make negotians like 100 times and it might grow up like 56 times but then offers suddenlu just start going down. My mistake and those numbers doesn't have anything to do with reality.
16.05.2014 22:20:03 - Finland Arskap - Reply
Reply to: 16.05.2014 20:52:01 - Lee1950
Fixed, hope so it's now more understandable. I wrote the news using phone so that's why there might be some typos
17.05.2014 02:56:30 - Lee1950 - Reply

Thanks for clearing that up!

Voice to text is amazing, but only 98% of the time, lol.
18.05.2014 01:35:28 - United States ArkAngel - Reply
Reply to: 17.05.2014 02:56:30 - Lee1950
voice to text is nice but sometymes you gots to type and when my Fhat fingers on a touch screen who knows what comes out.
18.05.2014 19:13:25 - Finland Arskap - Reply
Added new lines to following chapters about search sponsor task on the commercial department. Just found out that there were some missing info about it:
-How to get sponsor offers?
-What to do with current offers?
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