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F1: Car Parts Development

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F1: Car Parts Development

English 27.03.2014 15:08:43
Hi guys, this article is abotu explaining what you can do with your development teams, how should you prepare the car parts and how the system works. See in the article :)
Cars development is important part of the Formula 1 game! Here are a lot of parts to be developed so here are some answers.

What are the key features of the car part?
There is no secret that all parts have attributes for Maximum Speed, Acceleration, Braking, Handling and Reliability. Also every part have also the potential values for these parameters!

How can I develop parts?
The team can do 2 different tasks for every car part. First is to start developing a part from scratch. The result of such development is a brand new version of the part. If you already have one part developed, you can also upgrade this part. The result of the upgrade project will be better than previous version, but never better than the potential of the part. Potential of the part is decreasing during every project so sometimes it is much better to start from the scratch, because any other upgrade of existing part would be worthless.

What affects the quality of the parts and the potential?
Quality depends on employees skills, project budget, days for project and facilities. Every part starts with maximum potential in start from scratch project, all upgrades are also affected by the potential of original part. The potential drops with every mistake in development by your employees which cannot be fixed by any upgrade or so. Knowledge of your designers, which means quality of your previous projects, also comes to the equation and gives small bonus to employee skills. Don`t forget that all parts need a lot of testing, wind tunnel and also testing on your testing rig also provides a lot of feedback and it helps to develop parts better.

How aerodynamic parts development works?
The team should develop the chassis first. Development team will prepare also basic quality of all other parts like front wing, airbox and so on. If you already have chassis, you can start a project to develop better version of the other aerodynamic parts, but this part would be suitable only for that chassis you develop it for. You cannot use front wing suitable for one chassis woth another chassis. If you do upgrade the chassis, you cannot use front wing and other aerodynamic parts of the original chassis for upgraded chassis.

Why I have to set season for chassis, but not for any other parts?
As in real F1 rules are changing every year, especially aerodynamics rules. You can develop chassis for this season or for next season. If you want to use this season chassis during next season, your team would need to do neccessary changes to fit within the rules and the quality of chassis would drop by 20%. So during the curent season you can start working on new seasons car. Other aerodynamic parts are made for the chassis, so front wing for this season cannot be used for next season. Other parts like engine or steering are not affected by chassis so you can use them during more seasons without any penalties.

Any recommendations for you?
Again as previously stated with commercial tasks. Be carefull and dont waste your money!

PS: We are working on new rules for the whole game to be able to solve some trouble cases better. Remember that spamming is not allowed in the game so you are not allowed to spam users with personal messages asking to join the fanclub of your team!
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27.03.2014 19:33:42 - United States Lee1950 - Reply
So every F1 season will have a different chassis, and teams will have to build a new one in the prior season, or modify the existing one (with a -20% performance hit).

Is there any chance you will leave the F1 chassis rules unchanged for two seasons, instead of changing them every season?

We will barely have time and funds to complete a 'Scratch' project on all the parts, and no time to make any upgrades.

27.03.2014 23:57:52 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 27.03.2014 19:33:42 - Lee1950
no, i havent seen sucha thing in real f1 for many years now... rules are the same for everybody, better management wins...
28.03.2014 10:27:26 - Germany Fixboy - Reply
Somehow there is problem with the development of the Chassis. I end up on the onwers employee screen when I try to develop a chassis.
28.03.2014 14:16:36 - KazikluBey - Reply
Reply to: 27.03.2014 23:57:52 - DebiK
KERS is required?
28.03.2014 16:29:28 - Slovakia DebiK - Reply
Reply to: 28.03.2014 14:16:36 - KazikluBey
no, but i would recommend to build at least 1 day for funny budget with small quality... it is better than nothing...
29.03.2014 15:59:03 - United States Lee1950 - Reply
A couple of the other Teams have finished small 1-day Parts Projects for their car.

However, I do not see any change to their Car.

- the car on the Team Profile page continues to have the same characteristics:
Maximal Speed: 100
Acceleration: 100
Braking: 100
Handling: 100
Reliability: 100

- and all of the 16 Parts on the Car page still show " 0% ".

Does that mean the game is hiding car info from the other Teams? Which is cool. Or is there a display bug?


I'm just struggling to understand everything about F1. It's coming at me fast and furious, lol!
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